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Fresh Tropical 85/8 (10 ov)
Albano 88/2 (9.1 ov)
Albano won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Bharti Bangar
Ram with the bat and Bangar with the ball - Two outstanding performances saw Albano ease past Fresh Tropical comprehensively. After not getting many runs on the board, Fresh Tropical added more misery by bowling too many extras at the start of play. in fact, 23 extras were bowled in an 85-run chase is hard to digest. Ram and Jorawar were never put under any pressure by the FT bowlers as they kept the scoreboard ticking with boundaries at regular intervals. Cheema bowled a fantastic first over but Ram charged him for 12 runs in his second over and in the end, the better team reigned supreme. Fresh Tropical team have to regroup and come up with a much better performance when they take on MCC in exactly 15 minutes time from now. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and until then this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my colleagues Sooryanarayanan and Pratyush Rohra. Cheers
Over: 10 | Summary: 4 Bowler: Suliman Hakimi Score: 0/0
9.1 Suliman Hakimi to Jorawar Singh, JORAWAR SEALS THE DEAL IN STYLE! Short outside off-stump, Singh stands tall and creams it over cover and the ball races away to the fence! Albano are into the second round!

Albano beat Fresh Tropical by 8 wickets.
Just 2 needed from the final over. Hakimi to bowl

This is heading towards the last over. A timely wicket off Ram coming in the first ball and things would've been interesting had Ali been dismissed in the first ball
Over: 9 | Summary: W 0 1 1 0 1 Bowler: Muhammad Imran Score: 84/2
8.6 Muhammad Imran to Jorawar Singh, tossed up on the stumps, Singh sweeps it towards deep square leg, for a single. Only 2 needed in the last over.
8.5 Muhammad Imran to Jorawar Singh, full delivery darted into Singh, who digs it out back to the bowler
8.4 Muhammad Imran to Asim Ali, tossed up on the stumps, Ali whacks it towards deep mid-wicket, only for a single
8.3 Muhammad Imran to Jorawar Singh, DROPPED! A touch short on the leg side, Singh rocks back and pulls it towards deep backward square leg, who puts down a sitter. Single taken.
The new batsman is Asim Ali
8.2 Muhammad Imran to Jorawar Singh, huge shout for lbw. Pitched way outside leg and turned to rap Singh on the pads. Umpire nods his head
8.1 Muhammad Imran to Satwinder Ram, OUT! CAUGHT! Tossed up outside off, Ram goes for another slog sweep but gets a top edge this time and the fielder at mid-wicket takes a good catch running forward!
5 runs needed from 12 balls. Imran to bowl his second over
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 4 4lb 1 1 Bowler: Bilal-Hamid mohammad-Nawaz Score: 0/0
7.6 Bilal Hamid to Satwinder Ram, good length delivery outside off, Ram steps forward and whacks it towards long-on, to end the over with a single
7.5 Bilal Hamid to Jorawar Singh, good length delivery outside off, Singh drives it on the up, for a single towards sweeper cover
7.4 Bilal Hamid to Jorawar Singh, FOUR MORE! Leg byes this time. A touch short and down the leg side, clipped of Singh's pads to race away to the fine leg boundary
7.3 Bilal Hamid to Jorawar Singh, FOUR! Back of a length delivery down the leg side, Singh helps it on it's way to find the fine leg fence! Albano are cruising away now!
7.2 Bilal Hamid to Satwinder Ram, another full delivery on the stumps, Ram works it towards deep mid-wicket, for another single
7.1 Bilal Hamid to Jorawar Singh, full delivery angling in, Singh flicks it towards deep mid-wicket, for a single
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