Bogliasco 111/3 (10 ov)
Fresh Tropical 114/4 (8.5 ov)
Fresh Tropical beat Bogliasco by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Imran Muhammad
Right then, do join us for the finals of the ECS T10 Milan in some time as Soorya, my co-commentator and I, Sudheer, bid goodbye for now. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates and match coverage from around the globe. Cheers and have fun. 
What a show that was from Fresh Tropical batsmen, winning the match convincingly in the end with 7 balls to spare. They have a very good top order and they did the job as usual in almost finishing the match. Amir Sharif got out cheaply but the pair of Zain Naqvi and Muhammad Imran didn't disappoint as they made sure that their team is in safe situation before the partnership was broken. Muhammad Imran was the highest scorer for them with 37 runs from 24 balls. Bilal Hamid played a wonderful cameo of 30 runs from just 14 balls and helped his team big time to cross the line without much difficulty.

Bogliasco bowlers didn't really have any answer to Fresh Tropical blitzkrieg. No bowler really threatened the opposition with quality bowling performance and that ended in losing the match for them. Though the picked wickets in between but it didn't really help the cause as the batsmen got the measure of them. With this win, Fresh Tropical are into the finals to face Bergamo United of the ECS T10 Milan coming up shortly. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 6 1 W 4 Bowler: Upul Nandana Score: 0/0
8.5 Upul Nandana to Bilal Hamid, FOUR! GAME, SET AND MATCH TO FRESH TROPICAL! Doesn't quite hit the yorker in the channel as Hamid drills it over the umpire who just about evades it; the ball rockets to the fence as Fresh Tropical seal the game by 6 wickets with 7 deliveries to spare! They stroll through to the final where they will play Bergamo United CC in a little while from now!
8.4 Upul Nandana to Muhammad Imran, OUT! In the slot around off, clears his front leg and swings high but can only go as far as the man at mid-on! The skipper departs!
8.3 Upul Nandana to Bilal Hamid, DROPS SHORT! Banged short outside off, Hamid swivels in his crease and top-edges a pull that goes very high but deep square leg misjudges it as the ball drops short of him
8.2 Upul Nandana to Bilal Hamid, SIX! ANOTHER ONE! HAMID IS PLAYING A BLINDER HERE! Goes short around off, powers a pull that goes high and over fine leg; another hit away are Fresh Tropical!
8.1 Upul Nandana to Muhammad Imran, short outside off, gets across and smothers a pull on one leg to the man covering up at deep mid-wicket
Bilal Hamid smashed couple of boundaries and brought the required runs down to 10 from the last two overs. This is very good contribution from his to complement and take some pressure off Muhammad Imran.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 4 6 2 0 0 Bowler: Niranga Malameege Score: 102/3
7.6 Niranga Malameege to Bilal Hamid, plays all around the heave at the stumps as he toe-ends it onto his boot before the ball rolls into the off-side
7.5 Niranga Malameege to Bilal Hamid, right into the blockhole on leg-stump, an inch-perfect yorker which is jammed back to the bowler
7.4 Niranga Malameege to Bilal Hamid, DROPPED! SUMS UP THE DAY FOR BOGLIASCO! Short again from Malameege, Hamid miscues a pull over mid-wicket and the man in the deep runs to his left before spilling it on the tumble!
7.3 Niranga Malameege to Bilal Hamid, SIX! THE BIGGEST OF THE DAY! THAT'S GONE MILES! Dropped short again and Hamid hammers a pull behind square and clears the ground! IMMENSE POWER!
7.2 Niranga Malameege to Bilal Hamid, FOUR! A touch short outside off, gets across and powers it over the top and threads the converging fielders at long on!
7.1 Niranga Malameege to Muhammad Imran, short and wide outside off, cut straight to backward point who fumbles on the fall to his right and allows a single 
Malameege is back into the attack. 

10 runs from that over and Fresh Tropical will be happy with that as they need 23 runs more in 18 balls.
Over: 7 | Summary: 2 6 0 0 2 1w Bowler: Upul Nandana Score: 89/3
6.6 Upul Nandana to Bilal Hamid, swing and a miss off a length outside off!
6.6 Upul Nandana to Bilal Hamid, WIDE! Too straight on a length, goes down leg to the keeper!
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