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Ajman Alubond 147/5 (20 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 17 runs.
Player of the match: Usman Khan
That brings us to the end of our coverage of match No.14 from the Dream 11 Emirates D20 league. Hope you had a good time. We have the final game of the day coming your way in a bit! Stay tuned for all the action from that game as well. For the moment, this is Rishab, with my colleague, Sameer, taking your leave! 
A really good effort there from Fujairah to come out and defend a score of 165! They started well with the ball, got that early breakthrough and kept the scoring real low and pressure high at all times. Their spinners did a fabulous job in the middle! Kept it nice and tight and got timely wickets too. It was those middle overs where they really managed to gain the upper hand and there was no looking back. Brilliant bowling from Ahmed, the skipper, Rohan and Sabir as well. Akif and Luqman were good at the top too. A complete bowling effort helping them defend this total in the end. 

Ajman needed to start well. They did not as they lost a wicket early and couldn't score much in the powerplay. By the halfway mark they hadn't even managed to score at a run a ball and then the pressure of the scoreboard, along with good bowling obviously, saw them losing wickets. They did get s few good overs, but were just good and really not good enough leaving too much for the end! Maybe a little more intent after the powerplay overs to get some quick runs would have helped them. But it wasn't meant to be their night. 

A clinical performance from Fujairah. They would have felt they were 15-20 runs short after the first innings the way they were going. But 165 is always a modest and a tricky total. Teams find it difficult to chase such scores down and we've seen it happen again in this game. A good win in the end for Fujairah and they will be mighty pleased with their effort on this occasion! 
And that's the game for Fujairah! Some lusty blows in the end from Amjad! Good intent but wasn't anywhere enough tonight. It's been a really good performance from Fujairah to come out and defend this total. They maintained pressure all through the innings with some really good bowling from both the pacers and spinners, and deservingly walking away with a good win tonight! 
19.6 Akif Raja to Amjad Khan, FOUR! Short ball outside off dragged into the gap at deep mid-wicket to finish off the game with a boundary!

FPV win the game by 17 runs!
19.5 Akif Raja to Amjad Khan, SIX! Raja bowls it full on the pads and Amjad Khan whips it with intent over cow corner to reduce the margin of their loss!
19.4 Akif Raja to Nasir Aziz, shortish delivery over the off-stump cut to point along the ground
19.3 Akif Raja to Amjad Khan, full delivery just outside off hammered to the man at long-off for just another single
19.2 Akif Raja to Amjad Khan, ducks under the short ball angling into the righrt-hander
19.1 Akif Raja to Nasir Aziz, charges down the track and hoicks the back of a length delivery off his body to deep mid-wicket
Well bowled from Laqman under the circumstances. He's kept it tight and not given the batsmen much off a chance to go after him here. It's been a really good spell from him this. That should pretty much be the game for Fujairah. It's 31 needed off the final over
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 1 2 1 2 4 Bowler: Score: 0/0
18.6 Luqman Luki to Amjad Khan, FOUR! Full delivery outside off carved away behind backward point for a four to finish the penultimate over!
18.5 Luqman Luki to Amjad Khan, full delivery on off-stump hoicked straight down the throat of the man at long-on, who's DROPPED a sitter!
18.4 Luqman Luki to Nasir Aziz, low full toss on off-stump. Aziz manages to get it to deep mid-wicket but there's a man to cut it off
18.3 Luqman Luki to Nasir Aziz, shuffles across his stumps and digs out the wide yorker past extra cover with a couple of runs
18.2 Luqman Luki to Amjad Khan, full delivery outside off punched on the bounce to long-off. The fielder came in pretty fast and restricted the batsmen to just one!
18.1 Luqman Luki to Nasir Aziz, short and wide outside off. Aziz cuts it to deep point to the fielder in the deep for just a single
Rohan coming in and bowling out his over really quick there. He's got the blockhole so consistently and it's been a very good spell from him this. Runs coming off that over but not as many as Ajman would have liked. It's 42 off 12 now and pressure on the batsmen! 
Over: 18 | Summary: 0 4 0 1 6 0 Bowler: Rohan Mustafa Score: 123/5
17.6 Rohan Mustafa to Amjad Khan, darts the short ball well outside off and Amjad Khan leaves it alone. The latter is unhappy with the umpire not ruling it a wide
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