Ajman Alubond 115/5 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures 116/2 (7.5 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Usman Khan
At one end Ajman struggle to find their rhythm, whereas on the other end Fujairah execute their plans almost perfectly. This D10 tournament is heating up really nicely for a spicy contest as we approach of the league stages. Fujairah looking to finish at the top, and Ajman looking to reduce the deficit between them and the top 3. That's all from now, but do join us tomorrow for another action packed day in Sharjah as we continue to bring you all the live action. Stay safe and sleep tight, as I, Ankit Sharma, on behalf of myself and Nikhil Kulkarni, bid you farewell. 
Ajman needed to start off well with the ball, pick up early wickets and put pressure on the batting side, but they have failed in doing all of those things. The bowlers executed their deliveries poorly, letting the batsman get comfortable in the middle and letting them score runs easily. If Ajman are to qualify and then compete for the trophy they really need to up their game and execute their plans. Their batters too, need to strategize their approach and build their plans around Asif Khan. He alone cannot be enough to win the games for them. Their bowlers too, need to find the right lengths and the right combinations to pick up early wickets to put the oppositions under pressure. Ajman has some work to do, but surely they can improve and even surprise the table top teams. 
Chirag Suri, the Fujairah skipper who was patiently watching the innings from the dugout, walked in at 3 and was the one who wrapped up the chase quickly in the 8th over itself. He had seen how the pitch was behaving, where the bowlers were bowling, and he was all ready to go ablaze. He was gifted a free hit first up, that was plummeted over deep mid wicket for a maximum, and to follow that were a couple of cheeky scoops to pick up the remaining 8 runs in 2 balls. All credits to Fujairah who have shown their dominance, their class, and their ability with both bat and ball. They are the team to beat in this tournament, and are sheer favourites to win it too. 
If the batting from Asif Khan in the first innings was something to ponder over, the opening partnership in the second innings has been exemplary. Usman Khan and Waseem Muhammad, the stars of the show, got going right away in the first over picking up boundaries, and scoring runs for fun. Before the bowlers could realize what's happening, the Fujairah openers had already scored 50 runs inside the powerplay. From there with the field opening up, one would have thought the batsmen will take it slow, but these two had no intentions of slowing down today. Usman raced away to 50 before being run out, thanks to some quick thinking by the keeper, because there was no other way he was giving away his wicket. He almost saw the game through, as he fell in the last over of the game. Waseem Muhammad who had taken a back seat in the middle overs was beaten by a peach of a delivery from Danish Qureshi who bowled the former, and forced him to walk back. In 6 overs the score was already close to 100, so the wickets then did not really matter. 
The skipper wastes no time to win this game, as Chirag Suri executes the scoop shot perfectly on a couple of occasions to seal the deal for Fujairah who has chased 116 in under 8 overs. Usman Khan was dismissed early in the over, thanks to some smart thinking from the keeper, throwing the ball between his legs behind onto the stumps, something we've seen from a certain someone with the initials of MSD. But overall Fujairah put in a fantastic performance and deserve to win this game. Fujairah win by 8 wickets. 
Over: 8 | Summary: 2 W 2nb 6 4 4 Bowler: Ameer Hamza Score: 0/0
7.6 Ameer Hamza to Chirag Suri, FOUR!!! Chirag finishes off the innings in style!!! A touch fuller outside off and Chirag goes for the scoop shot again as he moves across and hits it behind the keeper to seal the win for his team.
7.5 Ameer Hamza to Chirag Suri, FOUR!!! Full length ball on the off stump, moves across and scoops over the keeper for a boundary.
7.4 Ameer Hamza to Chirag Suri, bangs in short on the middle stump and it has been dispatched over the deep mid-wicket region for a six.
7.3 Ameer Hamza to Yasir Kaleem, Ameer oversteps and it's called a no-ball. Length ball on the middle stump and Yassir guides this one to the off side for a single. Free hit coming up
Yasir Kaleem, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
7.2 Ameer Hamza to Usman Khan, OUT!!! Length ball on the off stump, Usman makes room and cuts this one straight to the point and sets off for the run. The point fielder fires in a throw and the keeper throws it back to the stumps between his legs and it was a tight call but he has been adjudged run-out. Ajman is back in this game a bit. They will need the wicket of Chirag Suri!!
7.1 Ameer Hamza to Usman Khan, full length ball outside off, skips down the pitch and drives it in the air one handed towards the cover region. Two runs.
Ameer Hamza, back into the attack. 
Danish Qureshi has done the improbable, gets the ball to dip into Waseem Muhammad who did not pick up the ball, and had his stumps rattled behind him. A wicket for Ajman, as late as it may be, a wicket has come for them. Danish Qureshi does well to dismiss the well set Waseem Muhammad just before the 100 run stand, and to also restrict the run flow in the over. Usman Khan meanwhile brings up his half century by taking singles off the over and picking up a few runs. Run a ball needed from here for Fujairah. 
Over: 7 | Summary: W 1 0 1 1 1 Bowler: Danish Qureshi Score: 98/1
6.6 Danish Qureshi to Usman Khan, bowls in an yorker outside off, digs it out towards cover and takes a single. Usman gets to his 50 off 23 balls!
6.5 Danish Qureshi to Chirag Suri, slower length ball outside off, opens the face of the bat and guides this one to third man for a single.
6.4 Danish Qureshi to Usman Khan, length ball on the off stump, makes room and cuts it towards the third man region. 
6.3 Danish Qureshi to Usman Khan, full length ball angling into the middle stump, driven back to the bowler.
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