Sharjah Bukhatir XI 124/2 (8.1 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Vriitya Aravind
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator Soorya Sesha from this exciting finale. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda's live coverage of more such fantastic tournaments down the line.
The skipper collects the trophy and heads out to share the moment with his teammates! The celebrations begin at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium!
Fayyaz Ahmad (Sharjah Bukhatir XI Captain): We wanted to restrict them somewhere in the 110-120 range but we conceded around 10 runs extra. We had to go hard and Vriitya was clear in coming out and expressing himself. He has played very well right through the tournament. 123 isn't an easy target in the T10 format. We are looking forward to prepare well and perform well in the D20 tournament that is coming up soon.
The ECB Hawks are presented the trophy for lifting the one-off Women's Challenge game that just preceded the final.
Ahmed Raza (Fujairah Pacific Ventures Captain): When you lose early wickets it is really hard to come back but credit to Chirag Suri - he batted out of his skin. It was defendable but we can't take anything away from Vriitya who batted brilliantly. This tournament has been a wonderful platform for new players and those making a comeback. Credit to the ECB for organizing such a competition. I would like to congratulate Sharjah for winning the tournament. I would like to credit our owners as well who have kept backing us throughout. We had a great tournament - we lost just three games. We hope we can cross the finish line next time around.
Waseem Muhammad is the Player of the Tournament. Again, not a surprise given the stellar tournament he has had.

Waseem Muhammad: The team has played really well this tournament. Our skipper, coaches and owners have supported us really well throughout. Hopefully next time we can cross the finish line.
Vriitya Aravind is the Player of the Match (Was that ever in doubt though?)

Vriitya Aravind: I had to finish on a high (he says as he departs to the UK to resume his higher studies)
Time for the presentation ceremony...

It begins with the medallions being presented to the match officials.
THAT IS IT!! Sharjah Bukhatir XI are the Emirates D10 Champions!! They have sealed this tournament after lifting the Emirates D20 tournament too. A chase of 124 should not be easy but Sharjah have made a mockery of that score. The prodigious Vriitya Aravind started the assault with some mesmerizing strokes off the extra cover region. Soon, the team's skipper Fayyaz Ahmad also joined the party with some stylish shots. 

Zahoor Khan did dismiss Fayyaz for a well-made 14-ball 32 in the fifth over but Rohan Mustafa came in and looked positive from the word go. At the other end, Vriitya continued to blaze around and brought up his fifty off just 21 balls. Mustafa got run-out with the winning line in sight but his dismissal didn't matter as Vriitya played some gorgeous shots off the eighth over bowled by Zahoor. With just a run required, Kashif Daud glanced it fine to seal what has been a comprehensive and professional chase in this pressure game. 

It will be a difficult decision to decide the Man of the Man as both Vriitya Aravind and Junaid Siddique performed exceedingly well. While the young Vriitya smashed 66 off 27 balls, Junaid only conceded 15 runs and picked up two wickets off his two overs while the rest of the Sharjah bowling attack traveled amidst some carnage by the duo of Chirag Suri and Alishan Sharafu.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 Bowler: Ahmed Raza Score: 0/0
8.1 Ahmed Raza to Kashif Daud, THERE IT IS! SHARJAH BUKHATIR XI ARE THE CHAMPIONS! What a professional run chase! An absolute clinic which ends with a single towards fine leg off a length ball that angles in as Kashif walks across and tucks it fine to seal the deal! The celebrations begin - what a performance from Sharjah! They win the Emirates D10 League 2021 by 9 wickets with 11 deliveries to spare!
The promised land is almost here. Absolute masterclass from Vriitya Aravind and Sharjah only require one run from 12 overs.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1W 1 5nb 1 6 Bowler: Zahoor Khan Score: 117/2
7.6 Zahoor Khan to Vriitya Aravind, FOUR! LEVELS THE SCORES! They are cock-a-hoop in the Sharjah dugout! Short and wide and Vriitya cuts it powerfully through point and penetrates the boundary! All a matter of a solitary run now!
7.5 Zahoor Khan to Vriitya Aravind, DROPPED! TOUGH CHANCE! Short outside off, cuts it over point who leaps and parries it over his head before the batsmen charge back for a second; can Vriitya finish it off the next delivery?
Earlier, I said Fayyaz Ahmad played the shot of the final. Vriitya Aravind has just bettered it. Short of a length delivery, Vriitya with an audacious back-foot lofted drive over long-off for a six.
7.4 Zahoor Khan to Vriitya Aravind, SIX! HE'S GETTING BETTER AND BETTER AS THE INNINGS HAS PROGRESSED! A nothing delivery from Zahoor, in the slot on fifth-stump and Vriitya lifts it on the up and over wide long off to clear the fence in some fashion!
7.3 Zahoor Khan to Kashif Daud, short of a length around off, chops it back into the pitch before they charge across for a single; Zahoor has a shy at the non-striker's end upon picking up the ball but the throw was wayward
7.3 Zahoor Khan to Kashif Daud, FOUR! NO BALL! IS THIS THE GAME? Zahoor oversteps as he sends down a back of a length delivery outside off, Kashif gives himself room and lofts it from the crease over extra cover and picks out the ropes!
7.2 Zahoor Khan to Vriitya Aravind, full outside off, inside edge a drive towards short fine leg before the batsmen scamper through for a single
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