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Gemcon Khulna 86/10 (17.5 ov)
Gazi Group Chattogram 87/1 (13.4 ov)
Gazi Group Chattogram won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Mustafizur Rahman
That's the end of our coverage of this game in the Bangabandhu T20 Cup. Stay tuned for more live updates and match commentaries! This is Rishab, along with my partner Karthik Raj, signing off
A brilliant unbeaten fifty from Liton Das sees Chattogram romp to victory! It's a comprehensive win this. They weren't chasing a lot but they still had to get them. The openers got them off to just the kind of start they would have liked to get. They almost finished the game without losing a wicket until Soumya Sarkar got out. But he left ensuring they were in touching distance. Liton Das was the highlight of this run-chase. It was one over where he smashed four boundaries off consecutive deliveries and there was no looking back. Quite a superb knock from him as he played anchor to this chase. All in all they made light work of this chase, and it's a terrific performance from Chattogram. 

Khulna couldn't have done really much. When you are defending as low a score as that in a T20 game wickets is the only way you can fight and survive! They just got one, that too when the game was as good as done. A tough ask from the bowlers. If there's somewhere they lost the game, it's been their batting. Not one batsmen took responsibility of batting through and they just fell like a pack of cards. The bowling was exceptional from Chattogram. They were just all over the batsmen, and it was a scintillating spell from Mustafizur! 

Khulna got outplayed in all departments and this a game that they would want to forget overnight, put it behind and regroup soon. However, they do have things to ponder upon and set right. They've just got to accept this defeat and learn from it. 

Chattogram can be a very proud bunch with this kind of performance! Not one moment in the game where they let the opposition get above them. Absolute domination in every aspect. They bowled really well to set this up. And when you have two of Bangladesh's present best batsmen as your openers, you know the game is as good as done once you've restricted the opposition to that total! Certainly a confidence booster and a memorable game for them
And that's the game for Chattogram! A convincing victory this. They've won with over six overs and nine wickets to spare! It's been a wonderful innings from Liton Das that has guided them in a relatively easy run-chase 
13.4 Rishad Hossain to Liton Das , full outside off, Liton drives it to the sweeper for a single. That is it. Chattogram win by nine wickets with 38 balls to spare.
13.3 Rishad Hossain to Mominul Haque, slightly short, Mominul cuts it to deep point for a single.
Ands fifty! It's been a beautiful knock from him. Although the target wasn't a lot, he's anchored this chase quite well. Just a hit away from sealing this one now! 
13.2 Rishad Hossain to Liton Das , full on the pads, Liton flicks it towards mid-wicket for a single.
13.1 Rishad Hossain to Mominul Haque, full on the stumps, Mominul flicks it to the leg-side for a single.
Over: 13 | Summary: 1 1 0 1 0 1 Bowler: Score: 0/0
12.6 Mahmudullah to Mominul Haque, full on the stumps, Mominul hoicks it towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
12.5 Mahmudullah to Mominul Haque, nearly a leading edge from Mominul Haque.
12.4 Mahmudullah to Liton Das , full and quick outside off, Liton drives it to long-off for a single.
12.3 Mahmudullah to Liton Das , slightly slow and short, Liton turns it towards square-leg. No run
12.2 Mahmudullah to Mominul Haque, full outside off, Mominul drives it past Mahmudullah for a single.
Almost looked like they got Liton Das! Not to be though. He inches closer to a half century. The win is in a touching distance
12.1 Mahmudullah to Liton Das , length ball on the pads, Liton plays it backward square-leg for a single.
Over: 12 | Summary: 0 0 1 2w 1 1 1 Bowler: Rishad Hossain Score: 79/1
11.6 Rishad Hossain to Liton Das , full toss, Liton plays it to long-off for a single.
11.5 Rishad Hossain to Mominul Haque, single as Mominul Haque plays the ball towards mid-wicket.
11.4 Rishad Hossain to Liton Das , slightly short, Liton plays it to the sweeper for a single.
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