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Gemcon Khulna 146/6 (20 ov)
Minister Rajshahi 147/4 (17.2 ov)
Minister Rajshahi won by 6 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting Bangabandhu T20 contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.
Electing to BAT first, Gemcon Khulna did not get a good start. Losing Imrul Kayes in the very 2nd over of the innings, Gemcon Khulna managed 37/2 from the first 6 powerplay overs. Anamul Haque contributed 26 runs from 24 balls while Shakib Al Hasan gave hope and departed scoring 12 runs. Reeling at 63/5 after 12 overs, Ariful Haque and Shamim Hossain held the batten and led the team to a decent total. Shamim scored a blazing 35 runs from 25 balls while Ariful remained unbeaten on 41 runs from 31 balls. Shahidul also chipped in with a useful cameo of 17 runs from 12 balls at the very depth. From the bowling department, Mukidul Islam took 2 wickets while Ebadat Hossain, Mahedi and Arafat struck a blow each. Gemcon Khulna toiled hard and finished on 146/6 from their 20 overs.
Chasing 147, Rajshahi got off to a decent start with 45/1 after the first 6 powerplay overs being led from the front by skipper Hossain Shanto. Shanto played a blinder of an innings and scored 55 runs from 34 balls. Rony Talukder also added some useful 26 runs to the scorecard along with his skipper. But in the end, it was Mohammad Ashraful and Nurul Hasan who batted sensibly and guided their team home. Nurul remained unbeaten on 11 runs from 7 balls while Ashraful used all his experience and class to dominate the proceedings and took his team home remaining unbeaten on 25 runs from 22 balls. From the bowling department, Rishad Hossain took 2 wickets while Al-Amin Hosain and Shahidul Islam struck a blow each. None of the bowlers were able to restrict the run flow. Rajshahi deservingly reached 147/4 from 17.2 overs with 16 balls to spare.

Rajshahi thus complete a resounding performance and win the match by 6 wickets while recording their 2nd victory of the tournament in as many matches.
End of the innings
Minister Rajshahi 147/4 from 17.2 overs

Rajshahi win the match by 6 wickets 
17.2 Shamim Hossain to Mohammad Ashraful, FOUR! GAME OVER! Tossed up, it was touch full and Ashraful plays a late dab and runs it past the short third-man fielder for a boundary and brings a comprehensive victory for Rajshahi in this match! Back to back wins for them!
17.1 Shamim Hossain to Nurul Hasan, flighted delivery, outside off, Nurul pushes it towards deep covers for a single
End of the 17th over
Minister Rajshahi 142/4
5 runs needed from 18 balls
16.6 Shahidul Islam to Nurul Hasan, full, wide outside off, Nurul runs it down to third-man for a single to end the over
16.5 Shahidul Islam to Nurul Hasan, SIX! KABOOM! Short delivery into Nurul, he gets on top of that, swivels across and pulls it away with authority and POWERED it over the deep mid-wicket fielder for a maximum, gets the runs needed into single digits now! Rajshahi are cruising towards victory.
16.4 Shahidul Islam to Mohammad Ashraful, touch short, outside off, Ashraful stays back and guides it down to third-man for another single. It is a delight a watch Ashraful bat in this fashion. Sensible and yet dynamic.
16.3 Shahidul Islam to Nurul Hasan, OH DEAR! That was a slower one, short on the leg stump, Nurul swivels across to help it along fine-leg but doesn't get any bat on it, takes off for a quick leg bye in the end
16.2 Shahidul Islam to Mohammad Ashraful, slower one, outside off, Ashraful places it towards deep cover for another single
16.1 Shahidul Islam to Nurul Hasan, on the good length, 4th stump line, Nurul taps it under his eyes and takes off for a quick single, brilliant running
At the end of the 16th over
Minister Rajshahi 131/4
16 runs needed from 24 balls
15.6 Shakib Al Hasan to Mohammad Ashraful, right on the money this time, on the good length, middle and off, Ashraful on the front foot, defends it to keep it on the ground, no run
15.5 Shakib Al Hasan to Mohammad Ashraful, FOUR! Similar shot, this time places it away from the fielder, that races away to the deep backward point region for a boundary. Ashraful is back to his old-time best. What a delightful cut shot!
15.4 Shakib Al Hasan to Mohammad Ashraful, tossed up, outside off, it wasn't that short but Ashraful looks to run it past the short third-man, couldn't get through
15.3 Shakib Al Hasan to Mohammad Ashraful, tossed up, outside off, Ashraful taps it on the off-side, no run
15.2 Shakib Al Hasan to Mohammad Ashraful, on the good length, middle and leg, Ashraful defends it under his eyes, no run
15.1 Shakib Al Hasan to Mohammad Ashraful, FOUR! Concedes a boundary of the first delivery, that was tossed up, it was full, in the slot, Ashraful leans forward and drives it beautifully and gets away from the deep cover fielder for a boundary Ashraful shows his class again!
End of the 15th over
Minister Rajshahi 123/4
24 runs needed from 30 balls
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