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Gracia CC 80/5 (10 ov)
Hira CC Sabadell 84/9 (8.3 ov)
Hira CC Sabadell won by 1 wickets
That boundary seals it for HCSS. A most emphatic conclusion to a T10 game. After a major hiccup at the rear-end of the innings, HCCS have crossed the victory line with a wicket in hand and 1.3 overs left to be bowled. 

It could have been a far more comfortable victory as most would not have predicted HCSS to lose 9 wickets along the way after getting off to a sensational start. It was Bakhtair Khalid who came out with an all-guns-blazing approach and amassed 22 runs in the very first over of the run-chase. GCC's skipper, however, pulled things back in the very next over as he scalped two HCSS batsmen. The balance further shifted in GCC's favor as they managed to see the back of two more batsmen and restricting HCSS to a troubled position - 35/4 in 3.

Ikram ul Haq and Harjot Singh then stringed together a partnership, milking the ball into the gaps and taking advantage off any loose deliveries on offer. HCCS were cruising along and needed just a couple of runs from the last overs with four wickets in hand when things took the most dramatic shift of the game. They lost three wickets in the eighth over and still needed a run when the last man strolled into bat. Thankfully, Harjot Singh had the strike and he saw them off with a stylish boundary.

That's that from Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ECS Barcelona T10 match between GCC and HCSS. Ciao from Gaurav and Momin!
8.3 Kulwant Singh to Harjot Singh, FOUR! HCCS have won it in style! The ball was pitched outside off and the batsman swung hard at it! The ball was up in the air for the point fielders to catch but they missed it and it raced away to the rope!

HCCS win in the end by 1 wicket!
8.2 Kulwant Singh to Harjot Singh, short and outside off as Singh misses the line and another dot ball there for GCC!
8.1 Kulwant Singh to Harjot Singh,DROPPED! Short and outside off as Singh has a big swing and the man at the point region has dropped the catch there!
It's still not over yet! Somehow, HCCS find themselves 80/9 with two overs left to be bowled. They were 79/6 not so long ago. A nerve-wracking finish to this game as HCCS still need a run to register a win.
7.6 Bikramjit Singh to Mehmood Akhtar, OUT! MORE DRAMA! Singh has breached the defence of Akhtar here and got the ninth wicket of Hira CC! The batsman swung hard but the pace beat him and Hira CC are struggling to get the one winning run here!
7.5 Bikramjit Singh to Mehmood Akhtar, angled at the pads as Akhtar is not able to connect there again
7.4 Bikramjit Singh to Mehmood Akhtar, dot ball to start off for Akhtar as he defends the ball outside off back to the bowler
7.3 Bikramjit Singh to Harjot Singh, RUN OUT! What drama is unfolding here! Chattha plays the ball pitched back of the length and the pair take an unnecessary run as the new man is run out at the keeper's end!
7.2 Bikramjit Singh to Sharanjit Singh, Short and straight aain but Sharanjit does well to push that down to long on for a single.

Scores are level now!
7.1 Bikramjit Singh to Fakhar Chattha, OUT! That one was banged in short from Bikramjit as Harjot had a swing at it but missed the timing and the bowler takes an easy catch! Seven down for Hira CC!
6.6 Kulwant Singh to Fakhar Chattha, single to end the over as the batsman punches it with a deft touch to the mid off region
6.5 Kulwant Singh to Fakhar Chattha, FOUR! Short and outside off from Singh as the new man has smacked that one through the covers for a boundary beating the deep fielder to the rope
6.4 Kulwant Singh to Fakhar Chattha, slower one outside off and Fakhar gets bat on ball but no run taken
6.3 Kulwant Singh to Fakhar Chattha, outside off and the batsman tries to cut it again but misses the line and a dot ball for the bowling side
6.2 Kulwant Singh to Fakhar Chattha, outside off and Chattha stabs at it with not much footwork on display there but gets it in the gap and the pair run two to cut the deficit
6.1 Kulwant Singh to Harjot Singh, short and outside off as Harjot runs it down to backward point to start the over with a single
A couple of wickets in that over for GCC but at the cost of 13 runs. HCSS have raced off to 71/6 and need just 10 more from 18 deliveries. Is there another twist awaiting us, though?
5.6 Mukhtiar Singh to Adnan Abbas, OUT! LBW! The ball was straight at the stumps and Abbas tries the heave over the leg side but is caught plumb there and has to depart! 
5.5 Mukhtiar Singh to Adnan Abbas, FOUR! That one was banged in short and outside off as Abbas smacked it back towards the bowler but he missed the catch and the ball runs down to the rope!
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