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Gracia CC 140/5 (10 ov)
XI Stars 64/4 (6.5 ov)
Gracia beat XI Stars by 29 runs (D/L method)
Player of the match: Kuldeep Lal
That's it from myself, Sarthak Karkhanis and my colleague, Navjeevan Rajput. Hope you enjoyed the coverage of the this game and stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live updates of the ECS T10 games.  
So the Gracia CC register a victory in this rain-curtailed game and they always looked comfortable in the chase. The XI Stars kept losing wickets at regular intervals and other than Tanveer Shah, none of the batsman got going in the chase. Hussain was at the crease for a long time but couldn't get the momentum as he batted at a strike rate of under a run-a-ball. Among the bowlers, Trilocharan Singh was the pick of the bowlers with a couple of wickets and bowled at a parsimonious economy rate of 4.3. With 76 needed off the final 3 overs, win was almost out of question of the Stars, but rain had the final say. 
XI-S needed 94 runs at this stage of the match and as they are currently at 64 runs, they lose this match by 29 runs based on D/L Method.
Stay tuned as we shall keep you posted with all the updates to follow!
It is going to be tough for XI-S as it will be crucial to know what the par score was and have they managed to get past it? Given the score, GRA has posted the chances of them getting past the par score seem slim and this match might definitely go to GRA if D/L Method comes into play.
Unfortunate scenes here as the match has been STOPPED due to RAIN at Montjuïc Olympic Ground, Barcelona
6.5 V Kumar to A Hussain, WICKET! length ball outside off and tries to loft it but taken by the fielder. Hussain on this occasion tried to play the inside-out shot over the covers region but ended up being too early into the shot and skied it high in the air and straighter. And the sweeper in the deep pouches that catch with ease.
6.4 V Kumar to A Mehmood, single taken off the length ball
6.3 V Kumar to A Mehmood, outside off on the good length and misses it completely
6.2 V Kumar to A Hussain, outside off and again punched for a single
6.1 V Kumar to A Mehmood, length ball outside off and chipped down the ground for a single
Scoring has really slowed down for XI-S since the departure of Tanveer who was finding the boundaries consistently. XI-S at this stage will need someone to take on the onus and find the boundaies as the required run rate is creeping up. XI-S need 80 runs in 24 balls!
Over: 6 | Summary: 2w 1 1 W 1 1 1 Bowler: Vijay Kumar Score: 61/3
5.6 V Kumar to A Mehmood, overpitched on the middle stump, driven down the ground for a single
5.5 V Kumar to A Hussain, length ball outside off and pushed down the ground for a single
Asif Mehmood is the new batsman in for XI-S
5.4 V Kumar to A Mehmood, length ball outside off and pushed for a single
5.3 V Kumar to M Zaheer, length ball on the middle stump, misses it completely and it crashes into the stumps. Zaheer tried to play a cross-batted shot to a well-paced length ball.  The ball did not bounce much to his surprise and continued to be straighter in trajectory as it went on to hit the stumps.
5.2 V Kumar to A Hussain, Yorker-length on the middle stump and punched for a single
5.1 V Kumar to M Zaheer, too full outside off and punched down the ground for a single 
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