Grenadines Divers 114/3 (10 ov)
Botanical Garden Rangers 43/1 (2.3 ov)
Botanic Garden Rangers beat Grenadines Divers by 9 wickets (D/L method)
Botanic Garden Rangers have won this match by 9 wickets and 3 balls to spare! (D/L method)

Right then this has been quite an interesting first match from the Caribbean. Grenadines Divers put to bat struggled at the start but later with the help of Tyrone Therophile's 61 off 28 posted quite a challenging total for Botanic Garden off 115 runs.

As the first innings ended we witnessed slight drizzle and thus this match was shorted to just 3 overs in the second innings. The revised target for Botanic was 41 runs off just 18 balls and it looked quite an uphill task given the fact that the nature of the pitch was on the slower side.

With that revised target, Grenadines definitely looked favorites to win this match but Emmanuel Stewart had other plans as he turned it on for his side by going ballistic in the penultimate over bowled by Obed McCoy.

Stewarts collected 23 runs from that over and brought the match in his side's favor and in the end finished if off in another couple of boundaries with 3 balls to spare.

Stewarts managed to score 33 runs off 12 balls which included 3 sixes and 3 fours!! 

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Grendines Divers and Botanic Garden Rangers. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
2.3 Asif Hooper to Emmanuel Stewart, SIX! Charges down the track and dispatches the short ball well over long-on for a huge six! Stewart finishes off in style for BGR and has won it for them with 3 deliveries to spare!
2.2 Asif Hooper to Emmanuel Stewart, FOUR! Gets an outside edge on the big heave outside off and the ball rolls over to the third man fence for a boundary! down to just 4 runs!!
2.1 Asif Hooper to Emmanuel Stewart, gets an inside edge on the slap outside off and the ball shoots into the keeper's boot
At the end of the 2nd over BGR are 32/1. A massive over and the momentum has swung. A really bad penultimate over by Obed definitely something he would want to forget as soon as possible. 22 runs off the previous over! BGR needs just 8 runs off 6 balls to win this match!
1.6 Obed McCoy to Emmanuel Stewart, finishes the over with a tap to point for a single
1.5 Obed McCoy to Emmanuel Stewart, SIX! Stewart continues the hammering to McCoy and smashes the full delivery over long-off! Down to 9 of 7!!
1.5 Obed McCoy to Emmanuel Stewart, sprays one wide outside off-stump, called wide! Obed under the pressure is failing to deliver!! Down to 15 runs of 8!!
1.5 Obed McCoy to Emmanuel Stewart, FOUR + NO BALL! Stewart gets a faint edge on the short ball outside off and the ball runs away to the third man boundary for four runs! The bowler has overstepped! Down to 16 of 8 and will have rebowl that one!!
1.4 Obed McCoy to Emmanuel Stewart, leaves the slower bouncer off-stump
1.3 Obed McCoy to Emmanural Stewart, SIX! Stewart has absolutely muscled this big hit over the bowler's head for a huge six! Stewart has turned it on and a much-needed down to 21 runs of 9 balls now!! Can he continue on with the fireworks!!
1.2 Obed McCoy to Emmanuel Stewart, FOUR! McCoy drops one short and Stewart cuts it past the fielder at point for a cracking boundary! Down to 27 runs off 10 now!! This is the over for BGR to capitalize on as leaving more for the last over won't help!
1.1 Obed McCoy to Emmanuel Stewart, shuffles across his stumps and misses the scoop on a full delivery
At the end of the 1st over BGR are 10/0. A tough ask coming into bat for just 3 overs for BGR! BGR needs 31 runs in 12 balls!
We are experiencing some technical issues with the steam due to which we are unable to bring to you the live commentary. We will be back with live updates once the stream resumes. So Stay tuned
There is a reduction in the target as the game has been shortened! BGR needs to chase down 41 runs in 18 balls!
Some good signs as the covers are coming off and looks like the drizzle has stopped. The match will resume in the next 10 minutes so stay tuned.
Update: Just what a cricket fan does not want when the cricketing action is at its peak. A rain shower has just started at the St. Vincent and there will be a slight delay to the start of the chase. Stay tuned as we keep posting all the updates whenever received!
BGR needs to chase down 115 runs!

A dramatic first half of the match comes to an end. Initially, the GRD batsmen just dealt in boundaries at the start as the first 18 runs were scored in boundaries and a six! BGR although were definitely on top as their starters continued to get wickets till the third over.

Later on, Tyrone Theophile and Wayne Harper got their side out of the pickle and had a 95 run unbeaten stand. As after settling in they took apart the rest of the BGR bowlers.

In the end Tyrone posted an unbeaten 61 runs off just 28 balls and managed to get the first half-century for the tournament whereas his partner Harper scored 32 runs off 22 and helped GRD post a competitive total of 114 runs on this slow wicket.

Can BGR come with a strong reply?
Stay tuned to find out as we will back shortly with live-action!
9.6 Donald Delpleche to Wayne Harper, SIX! Harper gets under the ball outside off and smacks the length ball over deep mid-wicket for a maximum!
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