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Grenadines Divers 87/6 (10 ov)
Botanic Garden Rangers 88/6 (10 ov)
Botanic Garden Rangers won by 4 wickets
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Do join us in a while for the final game of the day! Till then, this is me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal signing off! Goodbye!
Rangers just about get across the line!
Akin to the Divers, the Rangers got off to a disastrous start as they lost the likes of Oziko Williams and Browne in the opening couple of overs. Post that, Shallow was also sent back to the pavilion in the 5th over with the Rangers still needing more than 50 runs. However, Kenneth Dember, in partnership with Kevin Abraham indulged in some manic hitting to bring the required run rate down. Though there was a slight wobble towards the end, Dember and Welcome ensured that they got across the line and won the encounter by 4 wickets. 

As for the Divers, they would be upset that they could not make the most of the impressive start they had gotten in their bowling innings, especially with the way they let a dismal misfield hamper their pursuit of victory. And, courtesy that, their hopes of reaching the semi-finals still hang in the balance. 
9.6 Braxie Browne to Joey Welcome, Oh, MY! What a costly mistake from Browne! Full ball outside off was driven to the man at covers who threw it straight back to Browne. The bowler fails to collect the ball cleanly and allows an extra run! Talk about drama! All Browne had to do was hold the ball in his palms and we would have gone to a Super Over! The Divers have lost that one and they only have themselves to blame! They have literally shot themselves in the foot!
9.5 Braxie Browne to Kenneth Dember, length ball on the stumps, knocked to the man at covers for a single! 2 required off the last delivery now. Super Over anyone?
9.4 Braxie Browne to Joey Welcome, length ball tucked away to short fine leg by Welcome. 3 off 2 now, with Dember on strike.
9.3 Braxie Browne to Kenneth Dember, length ball sliding onto the pads, leg bye taken to point. 4 off 3 now and Dember is off strike.
9.2 Braxie Browne to Kimali Williams, OUT! Williams holes out! Both more importantly, Dember is on strike for the Rangers. Woeful from the batsman. All he needed to do was give Dember the strike. 5 off 4 now.
9.1 Braxie Browne to Kimali Williams, length ball just above the stumps, wild swing and a miss from Welcome. 5 off 5 now.
8.6 Obed McCoy to Kevin Abraham, OUT! McCoy strikes! Length ball outside off and again without pace, Abraham skied it high up in the air and Pierre took a good catch right beside the stumps. 
8.5 Obed McCoy to Kevin Abraham, off pace ball outside off, Abraham looked to poke it to third man but the ball spun past his bat. 5 off 7 now.
Can Abraham and Dember finish things off in this over?
8.4 Obed McCoy to Kenneth Dember, length ball on the stumps, Dember gets an inside edge onto his pads and batsmen sneak a quick single. 5 off 8 now.
8.3 Obed McCoy to Kenneth Dember, SIX! 'Kember' Dember smashes it way over the square leg boundary and that's hit the roof! My word! Dember is pulling off some pyrotechnics here and the Divers have simply not had any answer to his sensational batting. 6 off 9 now. 
8.2 Obed McCoy to Kenneth Dember, way too outside off and McCoy is flustered. His team isn't helping him out, to be very honest.
8.2 Obed McCoy to Kenneth Dember, FOUR BYES! Extremely poor from the keeper. McCoy yorked Dember outside the off stump but Harper let it through his legs. Dire from Harper.
8.1 Obed McCoy to Kenneth Dember, length ball in the slot, Dember attempted to loft it over long on but the lack of pace on the ball worked out for McCoy
The Rangers require 17 runs off 12 deliveries and with Dember and Abraham in such touch, they seem to be favourites. However, McCoy is slated to bowl one of the remaining overs and the match could be decided in that over.
7.6 Razine Browne to Kevin Abraham, ugly shot to follow from Abraham. Full ball outside off, Abraham moved away to the leg side and looked to drive it over cover but missed the line of the ball completely. 
7.5 Razine Browne to Kevin Abraham, SIX! Pulverised over mid-wicket! Short and outside off, Abraham arched back and pulled it away powerfully over mid-wicket for a maximum! Abraham is getting into the act now! 17 off 13 now!
7.4 Razine Browne to Kenneth Dember, short of length ball outside off, Dember knocks it to the man at cover and crosses for a single
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