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Salt Pond Breakers 92/5 (10 ov)
Grenadines Divers 87/5 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers won by 5 runs.
What a match that was! Salt Pond Breakers hold on in the end. 5-run win to strengthen their position at the top. This was a good fight from the Grenadines Divers but it ends in defeat. The fight for fourth place is going right down to the wire and it will be sorted only on the final day of the league phase. 

That said, the Salt Pond Breakers will be heaving a sigh of relief after it went down to the last ball. We, as commentators, are also heaving a sigh of relief that it did not go into a Super Over. Gives us a little time before we can come and bring you the last game of the day. Join us as we take your through all the action between La Soufriere Hikers and Botanic Garden Rangers.
9.6 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, O! My word! In the slot and asking to be hit onto the nearby beach. But, McCoy looks to hit that one a little too hard and ends up missing it altogether. Dot to end the innings! SPB breathe a huge sigh of relief!
9.6 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, DRAMA! Strough bowls a wide! Would you believe it! 6 off 1 now!
9.5 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, thigh high full toss outside off but McCoy can only belt it to mid-wicket for two. 

We're one sunset smasher away from a Super Over. Will we see it happen?
9.4 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, yorker outside off and the batsmen complete a brace courtesy an inexplicable fumble by the keeper at the striker's end. That should've been the end of McCoy but the West Indian pacer still lives on. He has nine lives, I tell you!
9.3 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, full on middle stump and McCoy drills it down the ground for a brace. 11 needed from the last half-over of the match. Probably too close for either team's liking.
9.3 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, ANOTHER WIDE! That is criminal at this stage!
9.2 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, DROPPED! My word! O, Lord! A comedy of errors right here! McCoy mistimes his slog and the ball goes miles up in the air towards the keeper. The keeper then makes a hash of it and fails to get even a hand to it. In the meantime, the batsmen try to run two and Obed awkwardly makes his ground via a dive that leaves him on all fours.

14 more needed of the last 4 balls here.
9.1 Wesrick Strough to Obed McCoy, full and angled across the batsman. That's the right delivery to bowl as Obed looks for the expansive slog over the leg-side. Dot to start the final over. 

The Divers need to make sure they do not play out too many dot balls. Each dot is worth a wicket at this stage of the game.
The ninth over ends with the score at 77/5. The Grenadines Divers need 16 off the last one. High-pressure situation for both teams here. High-pressure situation for us commentators as well. Can you feel that tension? Phew!
8.6 Delorn Johnson to Romano Pierre, another short delivery outside off and that catches Pierre by surprise. He swings at it but fails to make contact.
Richie Richards perishes. Delorn Johnson has turned this over around. 16 still needed off the last 7 balls now.
8.5 Delorn Johnson to Richie Richards, OUT! Back of a length delivery outside off and Richards looks to clatter it over the point fence for a maximum. He gets decent enough contact but he manages to pick out the only fielder on the off-side boundary. Thomas does the rest and Richards is gone for a golden duck.
8.4 Delorn Johnson to Romano Pierre, length delivery that is dragged to mid-wicket for a single.
That's the end of Shem Browne, bringing Richie Richards out to join Romano Pierre in the middle. 17 required off 9 deliveries.
8.3 Delorn Johnson to Shem Browne, OUT! Johnson angles this one across the batsman as Browne looks to replicate his shot off the previous delivery. This time though, the angle forces the batsman some discomfort and he can only top edge it towards covers. Massive wicket for the Breakers. Browne was looking dangerous.
8.2 Delorn Johnson to Shem Browne, SIX! That is huge! In the slot and Browne absolutely massacres it over mid-wicket for six. 

10 runs of the first 2 legal balls. 
8.1 Delorn Johnson to Shem Browne, length outside off and Browne swings himself off his feet only for a brace to third man courtesy an outside edge that drops just short of the man at the boundary.
8.1 Delorn Johnson to Shem Browne, ANOTHER WIDE!
8.1 Delorn Johnson to Shem Browne, wide to start off the over.
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