Salt Pond Breakers 84/7 (10 ov)
Grenadines Divers 82/6 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers won by 2 runs.
Salt Pond Breakers have won this match by 4 runs!

What a nail-biting contest, in the end, this turned out to be. The question at the halfway stage of this match was will Breakers manage to make this into a low scoring thriller and they definitely just did that.

Coming into the second innings, Grenadines Divers looked favorite to win this match they were curing through this with the chase courtesy of the 2 openers at the start Shem Browne and Asif Hooper the skipper who set the tone by keeping the scoreboard ticking.

A carbon copy from the first innings, in the fourth over Browne (19 off 17) was sent back into the hut and in the next over the skipper, Asif Hooper departed for 12 off 8. Tyrone Theophile kept the momentum going as he scored a quickfire 17 off 10 balls kept his side in the hut for this chase. 

A twist in the tale occurred when Delorn Johnson took back to back wickets, 1st of the dangerous Tyrone who was followed by Kadir Nedd. It looked like the experience of Wayne Harper would come in handy as he would be able to take his side through the finish line.

This did not turn out to be the case as could not hold on to his nerves and back his abilities and lost his wicket as well. This caused them to drag the match to the last over and they probably left a bit too much to do towards the end.

Talking about the winning side, with the ball all their bowlers just took the onus and delivered. the pick of the bowlers was Delorn Johnson who took a couple of wickets to his tally followed by skipper Sunil Ambris and Javid Harry who added 1 wicket each to their tally. Every bowler proved to economical as they averaged around just 7 runs in their spells.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Grenadines Divers and Salt Pond Breakers. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Abhinav Singh signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Jeremy Layne to Kevin Abraham, SIX! BUT TOO LITTLE TOO LATE! overpitched delivery on the offstump line and Abraham once again came out of the stump line and played an exquisite inside out shot over extra cover for a huge MAXIMUM to finish an otherwise insipid inning!
9.5 Jeremy Layne to Kevin Abraham, full length delivery outside off, the batsman walked across his stumps and cut the ball to deep backwards point for a couple of runs only! That surely is curtains for GRD!
9.4 Jeremy Layne to Razine Browne, RUNOUT! fuller length delivery on middle and off stump line, Browne tried to clobber the balldown the ground but miscued the shot and the fielder at deep threw the ball quickly and the keeper whipped the bails off ina flash to send Browne packing! 
9.3 Jeremy Layne to Razine Browne, low fulltoss bowled outside off, batsman reluctantly has a prod at it and gets an under edge back to the keeper who jumps high and collects the ball. DOT BALL!
9.2 Jeremy Layne to Razine Browne, slow full pitched delivery pitched on the sixth stump line, the batsman stuck in his crease tries to go over the top, only to miss the line of the ball!
9.2 Jeremy Layne to Razine Browne, bowled way outside off, WIDE called by the umpire! Down to 10 runs of 5 balls!
9.1 Jeremy Layne to Obed McCoy, overpitched delivery on the middle stump line, the batsman dragged the ball to his legs to short leg for a quick single! Down to 11 runs!!
At the end of the 9th over GRD are 73/5. GRD now need 12 runs of the final over. This has now turned out to be a low scoring thriller indeed!

GRD have dragged this game a bit too much as the match has entered the final over of the innings, they definitely were the favorites to win but SPB bowlers have clawed their way back into this match bowling tight deliveries and creating pressure on the GRD batsmen.
8.6 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, fuller pitched delivery outside off a nd the batsman is not able to meet the ball whilst attempting an almighty hoick!
8.5 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, fuller length delivery in the blockhole, the batsman hit the ball straight down the ground for a single! But McCoy called for the second and the fielder threw the ball from the deep to the bowler but he clipped the bails beforehand, allowing batsmen a couple of runs
8.4 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, overpitched delivery on the offstump line, the batsman goes back in the crease and hits it powerfully but only straight to extra cover for no run!
8.4 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, AHH! POOR BOWLING! another wide outside off delivery! Umpire once again raises her both arms! Pope clearly feeling the pressure here!
8.4 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, another fuller length delivery bowled wide outside off, WIDE called! Third of the over! 12 runs needed from the last 9 balls! Will need to control himself here!
8.4 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, pitched really wide outside off this time, WIDE called!
8.3 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, full, wide, outside off, the batsman came down the ground to slap the ball to offside but missed it by the sheer pace of the ball
8.3 Tijorn Pope to Razine Browne, bowled way outside off, WIDE signaled by the umpire!
8.2 Tijorn Pope to Obed McCoy, fuller length delivery bowled outside off on sixth stump line, batsman got the inside half of the bat to short fine leg for a single
8.1 Pope to Razine Browne, full length delivery outside off, hit down the ground for a single
At the end of the 8th over GRD are 68/5. They now need 17 runs in 12 balls!

A tight over from Ryan and Harper started to feel the pressure there. The pressure causes him to make an error as he gets his partner McCoy runout. A decent over from Ryan as just 7 runs were scored off that over. This match is defiantly wide open now as the Breakers are now getting in command of this match. Who can get on top towards the end of the match?
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