Choiseul Clay Pots 116/2 (10 ov)
Gros Islet Cannon Blasters won by 5 wickets
Gros Islet Cannon Blasters win by 5 wickets!

This brings us to the end of this game from the St. Lucia T10 Blast between the Gros Islet Cannon Blasters and the Choiseul Clay Pots. That's not the end of the action today from the St. Lucia T10 Blast, as the Micoud Eagles and the South Castries Lions are doing battle. Meanwhile, I, Abhinav Kumar and alongside me, my friend and fellow textpert Soorynarayanan Sesha sign off! Goodbye and please stay safe and stay inside your houses!
Bronte Bess (CCP Captain): To get a score of 117 in ten overs was really good. It was a competitive score. We did well to contain them initially but then there was a rain interruption. We can't blame that though. They batted really well. We know we have three matches in hand now and we have to get three wins. There's not much in this game to work on. We still should have contained them better and it's sad that we lost but we have to come back well.

Kimani Melius (GICB Captain): It was a fantastic win. Kudos to Larry and Dornan towards the end. It was a fantastic finish. I said to the boys that we don't want to be a team that just wins matches but we want to be a team that wins under pressure. We had to go hard initially and play a positive and aggressive brand of cricket and that's what we did.
What a stunning run chase this has been from the Gros Islet Cannon Blasters, as they actually go on to win the game by 5 wickets (via DLS), by chasing the DLS revised target of 78 runs in 5.2 overs and winning the game with 4 balls to spare.

Kimani Melius set the tone up front, by scoring a quickfire 18 off just 5 balls, before a meltdown followed and at 35/4 after 3 overs, when the rains arrived, one felt that the game was in the hands of the Choiseul Clay Pots, but Larry Edwards emerged after the interruption and after his stunning 22 from just 8 balls and Dornan Edward got a couple of boundaries to end the game. Lee Solomon was unbeaten at the other end with 11 runs from 8 balls.

The Choiseul Clay Pots started well but the rain interruption did put them on the backfoot. The pick of the bowlers for them was Clem St. Rose, who bowled just 1 over and had 2/18, while Alvinaus Simon started well but got hit in his second over to end with 2/26 in 2 overs. Bronte Bess bowled just 1 over, but did well to get 1/6 in his 1 over. But the over which changed the complexion of the game was that of Vince Smith, whose 1 over went for 19 runs and turned the game upside down.

This win could really do wonders for the Gros Island Cannon Blasters in the tournament.
5.2 Canice Richardson to Dornan Edward, FOUR! GAME, SET AND MATCH! Edward seals it with a swing over long on. Poor stuff from Richardson as he bowls one right in the slot at the stumps and Edward wastes no time in getting the job done for his side! Gros Islet Cannon Blasters win by 5 wickets with 4 deliveries to spare (via DLS)!
5.1 Canice Richardson to Dornan Edward, FOUR! STARTS THE OVER IN STYLE! Poor delivery, straying too full and on the pads and all Edward had to do was flick it fine of the fielder inside the ring at short 45. Just another hit away now!
What a timely wicket for the Clay Pots, with the dangerman Larry Edwards holing out to the fielder at long-on and after 5 overs, Cannon Blasters are 70/5 and need 8 runs from the last over.

Dornan Edward is the new batsman at the crease. The final over of the game will be bowled by Canice Richardson.
Over: 5 | Summary: 3 1 4 1 1w 6 W Bowler: Alvinaus Simon Score: 70/5
4.6 Alvinaus Simon to Larry Edwards, OUT! CAUGHT THIS TIME! On a length on off, gives himself room and swings high over long on again, this time though, he doesn't get enough distance and long on keeps his eyes on the ball until the very end to pouch it. Edwards has played a potentially match-winning cameo here though!
4.5 Alvinaus Simon to Larry Edwards, SIX! JUST OVER! On a length around off, Edwards swings it way high into the air and he just about clears the boundary rider at long on to pick up another maximum!
4.5 Alvinaus Simon to Larry Edwards, WIDE! HARSH CALL! Googly outside off, spins away past the swing of the blade and spins quite sharply but jeez, that was a harsh call alright!
4.4 Alvinaus Simon to Lee Solomon, on a length outside off, crunches a drive towards long on for a single 
4.3 Alvinaus Simon to Lee Solomon, FOUR! Short and enough room outside off, Solomon thumps a cut through backward point as he picks out the ropes! The Cannon Blasters are blasting their way to the revised target here!
4.2 Alvinaus Simon to Larry Edwards, drives a pitched up delivery along the ground towards long on for a single
4.1 Alvinaus Simon to Lee Solomon, shortish in length, slapped square of the wicket on the off-side and they run really hard; there is a lot of commotion and some poor fielding allows them to pinch a third run!
Alvinus Simon will continue as Cannon Blasters are 54/4 after 4 overs. They need another 24 runs in 2 overs.
Over: 4 | Summary: 4 0 3w 1 1 6 4 Bowler: Vince Smith Score: 0/0
3.5 Vince Smith to Larry Edwards, FOUR! NOW A BOUNDARY! In the arc again on a length and Edwards smothers a heave into the gap along the wide long on region! Smith has taken a pasting here!
3.4 Vince Smith to Larry Edwards, SIX! ALL THE WAY! On a length and in the arc around off, Edwards swings high and long over mid-on to clear the fence! This will put the bowler under enormous pressure!
3.3 Vince Smith to Lee Solomon, on a length outside off, guides it through point for a single
3.4 Vince Smith to Lee Solomon, WIDE! Angling well down leg; the batters will run a brace as the keeper fails to get across to the ball
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