Laborie Bay Royals 103/4 (10 ov)
Gros Islet Cannon Blasters won by 16 runs.
GICB have comprehensively won this game by 16 runs! A real thumping performance, registering a massive total on the board for starters and bowling extremely intelligently to keep the Royals at bay. 

The Blasters' bowlers were all over LBR right from the word go, chipping away with crucial wickets and not letting the batsmen settle. It was, however, the pair of spinners, Dornan Edward and Larry Edwards who bowled brilliantly in tandem during the middle overs and really tightened the noose on the Royals' innings just when they were looking to accelerate and get on a flurry. 

Denlee Anthony and Murlan Sammy were the pick of the batsmen for their 43 and 30* respectively. The Royals, though, were long out of the game and the lusty blows of these two players barely meant anything except to make up for some consolation runs. That's that from the live coverage of this St Lucia T10 Blast game between GICB and LBR. On behalf of me, Momin, and my co-commentator, Shashwat, ciao ciao!
9.6 Tarryck Gabriel to Murlan Sammy, SIX! Sammy finishes the innings with a maximum! Rank long hop outside off and Sammy absolutely carts it over mid-wicket for six.
9.5 Tarryck Gabriel to Nick Andrew, full delivery and driven down the ground for a single.
9.4 Tarryck Gabriel to Nick Andrews, SIX! Length outside off and Andrews bludgeons that one way over the long on fence for the second six of the over.
9.3 Tarryck Gabriel to Denlee Anthony, OUT! Anthony shows his hand too early as he marches down the track. The bowler sees him step out of his crease and pushes it wide. Anthony fails to make contact and the keeper does the rest by whipping off the bails swiftly.
9.2 Tarryck Gabriel to Murlan Sammy, comes down the track and powers it to long on for a single.
9.1 Tarryck Gabriel to Murlan Sammy, SIX! Full outside off and Sammy deposits it over the mid-wicket fence for six. Pasted that one! Here's the first one for starters.
LBR are 83/3 after the end of 9 overs and need 37 off the last over. Six consecutive sixes will tie the game for them at best.
8.6 Dalton Polius to Murlan Sammy, length outside off and Sammy gets an inside edge off an almighty hoick over the leg side. Gets a single for his troubles.
8.6 Dalton Polius to Murlan Sammy, down the leg side and called a wide.
8.5 Dalton Polius to Murlan Sammy, SIX! In the slot and Sammy absolutely laces it over the fielder at long off for a gigantic maximum! He has totally butchered that one.
8.4 Dalton Polius to Murlan Sammy, quicker delivery outside off stump and Sammy fails to connect with his cut shot.
8.3 Dalton Polius to Denlee Anthony, darted into the batsman and Anthony swings it away to fine leg for a single.
8.3 Dalton Polius to Denlee Anthony, down the leg side and the keeper has also let it go! Five Wides!
8.2 Dalton Polius to Denlee Anthony, angled into the pads and the ball raps Anthony on the pads. Dot ball.
8.1 Dalton Polius to Murlan Sammy, length and Sammy hits it to the fielder at mid-wicket for one.
Two humongous sixes in that over that yielded 16 runs but it's all mere solitary runs now. They need an impossible-looking 53 runs from the last two overs.
7.6 Simeon Gerson to Denlee Anthony, length delivery at the stumps and via the all-season French cut, the Royals skipper fetches himself another couple.
7.5 Simeon Gerson to Denlee Anthony, flatter outside off and Anthony is beaten by the pace of it. He looks for the cut but can't make contact.
7.4 Simeon Gerson to Murlan Sammy, full outside off and dragged to long on for one.
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