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IPL Live Score: Gujarat Lions vs Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab 188/7 (20.0 ov)
Gujarat Lions 162/7 (20.0 ov) Run rate 8.1
Refresh Kings XI Punjab win by 26 runs
Gujarat Lions won the toss and elected to bowl.
Batsmen R B 4s 6s SR
Basil Thampi 11 10 1 0 110
Dinesh Karthik 58 44 6 0 131.82
Bowler O M R W Econ
Mohit Sharma 4 0 25 1 6.25
Sandeep Sharma 4 0 40 2 10

Updated: Nov 25, 2017 02:03 | Published: Apr 23, 2017 19:29

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That doesn't stop our coverage today. There is KKR v RCB at Eden Gardens. But it is raining in Kolkata right now, so the start has been delayed. Keep track of our updates over here. That is it from this game. 
Maxwell also said he was uncertain of Amla's fitness. Amla is also the Man of the Match. He was not at the presentation, so no interview with him. 
Glenn Maxwell: "Very good toss to lose. The wicket got slower and the bowlers bowled really well. We got wickets in the Poweplay and we were clinical. Amla and Marsh were brilliant. Cariappa and Axar held them up in the middle and ensured that the run rate went up. Pleased about the character we showed."
Suresh Raina: "You cannot always chase 190, our bowlers need to step up. We haven't won a 4pm game yet, which means our spinners need to do better. Nathu cramped up. The wicket slowed down in the second innings, and Sandeep and Mohit bowled good slower balls. We'll go to Bangalore and regroup."
Kings XI Punjab win by 26 runs.

This is a brilliant win, inspired by the spin of KC Cariappa and Axar Patel.

KKR v RCB from Eden Gardens is not far away from starting. Do join us for that one, over here. 
19.6 Sandeep to Karthik, no run, an apt way to end proceedings, full ball wide on off, Karthik looks to squeeze it out, nope he does not connect. Kings XI win!
19.5 Sandeep to Thampi, 1 run, brilliant ball on off, right up to the bat, squeezed out to long off
19.4 Sandeep to Karthik, 1 run, length ball, Karthik waits for it and pulls it away to deep fine leg
19.3 Sandeep to Thampi, 1 run, fullish ball on off, Thampi swings and gets it to mid-wicket
19.2 Sandeep to Thampi, 2 runs, down the track and smacks away a length ball to deep square leg. Miller rushes across and dives to save a boundary
19.1 Sandeep to Thampi, FOUR, low full toss angled in, Thampi gets the inside edge and the ball zips past short fine leg

153/7 after 19 overs. Gujarat need 36 off 6 balls. Gujarat need a Yuvraj Singh. Punjab don't want a Stuart Broad. It's as simple as that. 
18.6 Mohit to Karthik, no run, and now fast length ball on off, Karthik was waiting for the slower ball but is beaten by the pacy ball
18.5 Mohit to Thampi, 1 BYE, Thampi sets himself up to swing at it but misses the slow length ball. Karthik wants the strike and he gets it
18.4 Mohit to Karthik, 1 run, length ball, Karthik swishes at it, but nothing doing. Only a single accrues
18.3 Mohit to Karthik, 2 runs, fullish wide ball on off, Karthik drives it on the up towards deep extra cover
18.2 Mohit to Karthik, no run, and now the slower ball, Karthik swings at the ball but misses it. Yes, this is terrific
18.1 Mohit to Karthik, no run, excellent bowling, down the track but cannot get under the full ball and can only bunt it back to the bowler
18.1 Mohit to Karthik, WIDE, Karthik shuffles well outside off, Mohit fires it well wide and DK leaves it, Marais Erasmus says it is WIDE. Mohit is disgusted with that decision. 
148/7 after 18 overs. Natarajan may well have sealed the game for the Kings XI with that over. High class death bowling. Only six runs off it. Lions need 41 off 2 overs. Crucially, DK will be on strike for the start of the 19th over. 
17.6 Natarajan to Thampi, no run, superb over from the young man, he has persisted with the same ploy right through the over which is to fire the ball full and wide and Thampi misses it
17.6 Natarajan to Thampi, WIDE, full ball and again outside off
17.5 Natarajan to Karthik, 1 run, another full and wide ball, Karthik just about reaches it and gets it to sweeper cover
17.4 Natarajan to Thampi, 1 run, full ball on off, Thampi gets the outside edge and Saha dives to save a boundary. Excellent bowling!
17.3 Natarajan to Karthik, 1 run, Karthik moved away to the off stump but Natarajan still follows him and he can only bunt it to short cover
17.3 Natarajan to Thampi, 1 run, full ball, this time he stays put and blasts it away to deep mid-wicket
17.2 Natarajan to Thampi, WIDE, another attempt at the wide yorker, but this time he has pushed it too wide. That is poor awareness from Thampi again, as he looks to swing it away. He needs to give DK the strike. 
17.1 Natarajan to Thampi, no run, full and wide angled well away from the reach of Thampi who backed away a tad too much
Venue: Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot
Match Start Time: Sunday, April 23, 2017, 04:00 PM IST