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Guyana Amazon Warriors 55/10 (13.4 ov)
St Lucia Zouks 56/0 (4.3 ov)
St Lucia Zouks won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Mark Deyal
St. Lucia Zouks beat the Guyana Amazon Warriors by 10 wickets with 93 balls to spare which happens to be the biggest winning margin in balls left.

Unlike the Amazon Warriors who started off their innings wobbly, Zouks started their chas eoff in style scoring 13 runs off the very first over in a paltry chase of 56 runs. Rakheem Cornwall (32 runs in 17 balls) and Mark Deyal(19 runs in 10 balls) fired all cylinders possible as they powered the Zouks to win the match by a staggering 10 wickets with 93 balls to spare, the highest margin in balls left in the CPL.

Guyana Amazon Warriors were subdued by the opening pair as all their bowlers used in the 5.3 overs failed to even produce a chance to pick a wicket. They were absolutely abysmal with the bat and so with the ball as they were taken to cleaners and had no chances left for them.

Mark Deyal is awarded the man of the match for his match winning contributions of 2/2 in one over and 17 runs in 10 balls.

That's all we have from the live coverage of this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay, sign off. Do join us on 10th September for a cracking final between TKR and SLZ at 7:30 pm IST. Also check Sportskeeda for the live commentaries of the league and all sports related articles. Until next match, GOODBYE!!
4.3 Chris Green to Rakheem Cornwall, good length loopy delivery and Cornwal does for the Zouks as he hits the winning runs for the Zouks who beat the Guyana Amazon Warriors by 10 wickets. Cornwall has been clinical on the night Zouks wanted him to be. Extraordinary stuff from Cornwall who does no wrong and helps the Zouks reach their first ever final
4.2 Chris Green to Mark Deyal, gets the ball on the middle stump line on good length to work it towards square leg for a single. SCORES LEVEL for the Zouks
4.1 Chris Green to Rakheem Cornwall, fuller length ball outside off and the big man tucks it toward extra cover for a single to bring down the required amount to 2 runs 
St Lucia Zouks are 53/0 at the end of 4 overs.
Mere formalities remain now as the Zouks are just three runs away from cementing a spot in the finals. Another big over as Cornwall smokes one into the stands coupled with a brilliant pull by Deyal that fetches the team four runs. 
3.6 Imran Tahir to Mark Deyal, FOUR!! short and flat on the pads, Deyal dispatches the freebie to the square leg boundary! They move onto 53 with that one and just 3 more runs are required to win now!
3.5 Imran Tahir to Mark Deyal, no run. Another dot ball piling on Deyal as he takes every ball the way it comes.
3.4 Imran Tahir to Mark Deyal, no run. Plays a defensive shot to the covers who fields the ball well for stopping a single
3.3 Imran Tahir to Mark Deyal, no run. Bowled on the off stump line there Tahir on good length as Deyal just knocks it back to the bowler  
3.2 Imran Tahir to Rakheem Cornwall, one run, fullish ball outside off, Corwall gets the inside edge towards fine leg for a single. 
3.1 Imran Tahir to Rakheem Cornwall, SIX!! What a way to start the over. Tahir as clincal as he was as he bowled the top spinner on good length but Cornwall absolutely tonks that one over the ropes for a maximum
St Lucia Zouks are 42/0 at the end of 3 overs.

The Warriors' horror run continues in their bowling too as there is absolutely no intent being shown by the bowlers. A bouncer that trickles away for a boundary. This along with Cornwall's boundary and a mammoth maximum by Deyal sees them collect 16 runs off that over. Just 14 more runs required now. Will the Zouks finish it in the next over itself? Let's find out!
2.6 Naveen Ul Haq to Mark Deyal, SIX!! Picks the slower length ball early and Deyal just stands as cool as possible to dispatch the ball over the deep mid wicket for a humongous maximum. SIX runs. That is a pull shot executed to perfection!
2.5 Naveen Ul Haq to Mark Deyal, gets the length ball on the pads and it goes down the legside as far as the fielder. No run
2.4 Naveen Ul Haq to Mark Deyal, keeps the length ball wide outside off and Deyal looks to have a tickle there. No run
2.3 Naveen Ul Haq to Rakheem Cornwall, one run, miscues a lower delivery towards deep cover, the cover fielder chase after it looking to catch it but the ball lands just beyond their reach. 
2.2 Naveen Ul Haq to Rakheem Cornwall, FOUR!! Absolutely creams the half on the extra mid on region and the ball gets all the legs in the world to run away to the ropes for a boundary! Top shot by the big-man! He is not holding back and has been tracking the bowler's right from the word 'Go'
2.2 Naveen Ul Haq to Rakheem Cornwall, FOUR!! Naveen bounces this ball really high that even Pooran can't reach this one and lets it run away to the ropes for a four. Wide signalled by the umpire
2.1 Naveen Ul Haq to Rakheem Cornwall, pitches this one short and Cornwall just looks to play it fine over third man but it is a leg-cutter and the change of pace does the trick. No run!
St Lucia Zouks are 26/0 at the end of 2 overs.

Mark Deyal joins in on the action, smacking Tahir for twin boundaries towards the end of the over. 13 runs off that over and the Zouks are cruising in this run-chase.
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