GYM Helsinki Gymkhana won by 9 runs.
In the end GHG win by 9 runs as FPC made a mess of the chase. Looked in the game for the majority of the innings but lost plot in the last 5 overs. The wicket of Wasim Qureshi proving the turning pount. Ghawas being man of the match with both bat and ball. He and Shazad made sure GHG breach the 100 runs barrier and post a respectable total. The bowlers chipped in together and made the life of FPC batsmen difficult after Bilal and Qureshi went on a rampage in the initial two overs.
It was a game of fluctuating fortunes and in the end it was GHG that kept their head on the shoulders. Gripping end to the match.
That's it from our side. Until next time, I Abhinav Singh and my partner Habil Ahmed signing off! Stay safe fellas, keep washing your hands. See you soon. Cheers!
19.6 J Jan to R Ahmed, LBW appeal turned down to end the game.
Flex yo arms umpire!
19.6 J Jan to R Ahmed, bowled down the leg side for a wide.
19.5 J Jan to A Khan, top edge and it goes miles up in the air. Keeper gets under it easily and he catches it with ease. Game over! Bad cricket from FPC!
19.4 J Jan to R Ahmed, pulled away to the man at deep midwicket for one. 11 off 2
19.3 J Jan to R Ahmed, drags it towards long on with that big swing. They get two. 13 in 3, some firecrackers now at least
19.2 J Jan to A Khan, short and he tries to pull it away. Just the single. Not a game of singles here fellas!
19.1 J Jan to A Khan, big swing and it goes to long on and they get two. 15 of 5 now!

LAST OVER! 17 needed! Will FPC pull off a heist here? Javed Jan to take up the duties of final over
18.6 J Ahmed to R Ahmed, drags it towards long on for two. Too much to do now surely?
18.5 J Ahmed to R Ahmed, clipped into the leg side and they get two easily. Leaving it too much for the end
18.4 J Ahmed to A Khan, goes outside off and he swings at it. Man at long off spills it. That was a dolly!
18.3 J Ahmed to R Ahmed, swings away into the leg side. He gets one. Not enough!
18.2 J Ahmed to R Ahmed, big swing and miss. Phew! Some deep sighs in FPC camp
18.1 J Ahmed to R Ahmed, dot ball. Every dot ball here is in the weight of gold!
12 balls remaining, 23 required! Tricky from here now!
Ghawas take another cherry! Finishes with 3 for 14 in his four overs. 
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