Hasselt CC 72/3 (6 ov)
Liege CC 0/0 ( ov)
No result
9:00 PM IST:  The rain has continued to pour and unfortunately this match has been abandoned. HCC will be disappointed that they didn't get a chance to bowl and have a crack at their first victory of the tournament.

We have an all-important final between Beveren CC and Mechelen Eagles CC starting soon. Hope the rain stays away and we will have a full game. Don't forget to tune it to our finals coverage.

This is Nikhil Kulkarni, along with my colleague, Sarthak Karkhanis signing off. Stay Safe and Take Care!.
8:36 PM IST: Looks like it has started raining again. Stay tuned for more updates.

HCC will be disappointed as they had posted a huge total for the first time in the tournament. They will be desperate to get back and bowl. 
We are facing technical difficulties with the streaming again!. We will be back with updates soon. Stay tuned.
Liege CC need 73 runs to win.

Harjot Singh started off well by scoring 4 boundaries in the first over. He perished the next over scoring a quickfire 17 runs off 6 balls. HCC lost the momentum for a couple of overs. Zaki Shah walked in at No 4 to bat and changed the momentum again. He smashed 33 runs off 15 balls and took the score to 72 runs. It's a huge total and it will be interesting to see how HCC bowler's hold up. Stay tuned we will be back for the chase shortly.
HCC is 58/3 after the 5th over. HCC is scoring at a good run rate. It will now all depend on Zaki Shah to finish it off well. Last over coming up of the HCC innings.
HCC is 44/2 after the 4th over. 17 runs coming off the last over, Zaki Shah has smashed two sixes and a boundary. He moves to 20 runs off 7 balls.
HCC is 27/2 after the 3rd over. The scoring has come down and they have lost the momentum after Harjot Singh's wicket.
We are facing technical issues!. We will be back with the live coverage soon. Stay Tuned!.
2.4 U Butt to H Singh, full delivery on the leg stump, gets a top-edge and this time the fine leg fielder holds on to it
2.3 U Butt to I Shinwari, 1 run, Butt banged in short, Shinwari gets a top edge behind keeper.
2.2 U Butt to H Singh, another single as he pushes it to off side
2.1 U Butt to I Shinwari, 1 run
HCC is 21/1 after the 2nd over. Harjot Singh is back in the pavilion after that entertaining cameo. Just 3 runs coming off the last over.
1.6 S Deepu to I Shinwari, length ball on the middle stump, pulled towards square leg for a single
1.5 S Deepu to H Singh, length ball wide outside off, missed by the batsman
1.4 S Deepu to I Shinwari, full delivery outside off, sweep attempted but it went straight up in the air but its dropped
1.3 S Deepu to I Shinwari, full delivery outside off, pushed back to the bowler
1.2 S Deepu to H Singh, full delivery on the middle stump, tries to clear the long-on boundary but it ends in the hands of the fielder. Good innings from Harjot, he has given an excellent start.
1.1 S Deepu to I Shinwari, short ball outside off, pulls it but edged behind the keeper for a single
HCC is 18/0 after the 1st over. Harjot Singh has smashed four boundaries in the first over. Brilliant start for HCC who needs a huge score on the board since their bowling has been struggling.
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