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Hawks CC 98/7 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 100/4 (9.1 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC won by 6 wickets
BDS win the match by 6 wickets.

They never looked like they were going to easy on the opposition bowlers as they hit them all around the park, scoring 37 runs in the 3 overs of the powerplay. They looked to in total control of their batting, until Bilawal Khan fell soon after the powerplay and none of he batsmen stood to the occasion. Babar Khan looked committed to fight back for his side as he hit a half century but fell soon, trying to bring his side home. Sajawal Khan and Dilawar Khan then brought out the lusty blows and helped their side cross the line with 6 wickets in hand and 5 balls to spare.

HCC bowlers huffed and puffed to get early wickets in the powerplay, but failed to dent the opening partnership. Soon after the powerplay, Umar Latif struck for them and he was accompanied by Inzamam Gulfam and Muhammad Bilal, who triggered a mini collapse. They tried to bring their side home with the ball, but in vain as they let the matter slip out of their hands in the final few overs.

That's all we have for this match's live coverage as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Gaurav Kadam sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for latest match commentaries and sports related news pieces. Until next time, it's goodbye from our side. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!
9.1 M. Sanaullah to D. Khan, FOUR! And that's the match for Badalona Shaheen! Khan sweeps the good length delivery past the fine leg boundary to score the winning runs! A good end to the chase by the team in light blue!

BDS beat HCC by 6 wickets
8.6 M. Bilal to S. Khan, dot ball to end the over by Bilal as BDS need just 3 runs in the final over.
8.5 M. Bilal to S. Khan, SIX! Second in the over! Khan gets on top of the ball in the slot and hits it over the mid wicket region for a maximum!
8.4 M. Bilal to D. Khan, single to follow that up as Khan plays it towards the mid off fielder and scrambles for a quick one
8.3 M. Bilal to D. Khan, SIX! What a hit! Dilawar Khan comes in and starts off with a maximum to get off the mark smashing that one over the cow corner!
8.2 M. Bilal to B. Khan, OUT! BOWLED HIM! Bilal gets the big man as Khan played the ball onto his stumps! Crucial wicket for the Hawks! Gets the ball full and straight and Khan in a pursuit of getting a boundary perishes after crashing one onto his stumps. He departs for a 30 ball 56
8.1 M. Bilal to S. Khan, outside off as Khan comes out and slashes at it. The fielder has the sun in his eye and misses the catch allowing the pair to take a single.
Really good over from Sanullah there. Keeps the dangerous Babar Khan in check and gives away on 6 singles in the over. BDS are on 82/3 after 8 overs and need 17 runs in 12 balls 
7.6 M. Sanaullah to B. Khan, a bit back of the length and Khan plays it down to mid wicket for a single.
7.5 M. Sanaullah to S. Khan, pitched up and Khan plays it through the covers for an easy single.
7.4 M. Sanaullah to B. Khan, way outside off as the umpire is quick to signal a wide ball!
7.3 M. Sanaullah to B. Khan, pitched up by the new bowler and Khan plays it back to him but a misfield allows them a single.
7.2 M. Sanaullah to B. Khan, swing and a miss from Khan as he misses the short one and the keeper collects!
7.1 M. Sanaullah to S. Khan, pitched short and outside off Khan gets it down to the point region for a single.
A wicket and three towering maximums in the over. B. Khan has a change of partners yet again in the over before he decides to take matter in his hands and smashes the bowlers for 3 huge sixes. BDS are on 76/3 after 7 overs needing 23 runs in 18 balls.
6.6 M. Sohail to B. Khan, full toss as Khan gets on top of it and smacks that over the bowler's head for another maximum! That's the third one this over! 
6.5 M. Sohail to B. Khan, outside off this time and Khan drives it to the cover region as a misfield allows them to steal two runs.
6.4 M. Sohail to B. Khan, SIX! AGAIN! Sohail pitches it in the same area and Khan is happy to oblige smacking that over the cow corner for the second six in a row! two in two for the big man there and he his on song here. Towers this one over the ropes for second maximum in the over.
6.3 M. Sohail to B. Khan, SIX! pitched up by Sohail but Babar Khan is ready and smacks it over the long on boundary for a maximum! Awesome shot from Khan there who just hits it hard enough for a huge maximum. Brings back the momentum in the teams favour now.
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