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Hobart Hurricanes 164/5 (20 ov)
Melbourne Stars 143/9 (20 ov)
Hurricanes won by 21 runs
This is me (Rishab) and my partner Pratyush taking your leave! Stay tuned as our team brings you the action from the other game of the day from the BBL 2020-21! 
What a turnaround this has been! The Stars were cruising at one point when Maxwell was completely taking control of things! Scott Boland got Pooran first to break the partnership and soon after, Botha came on to get the big wicket of Maxwell, which was clearly the turning point of the game! It just went down from there on and the Stars lost their way in the chase! Maxwell delivered some mighty blows with a brilliant knock but the Hurricanes came back quite well. Lamichhane got a couple, Boland finished with three and Nathan Ellis was simply exceptional at the death! A complete all-round effort with the ball and in the end a great victory for the Hurricanes! 

The Stars got off to a shaky start. Lost both the openers in quick succession and the responsibility was on Maxwell to steady the ship. He did pretty well but it wasn't enough. Andre Fletcher, Marcus Stoinis, Nicholas Pooran all big names but they all failed and the dependency on Maxwell wax exposed! He was the only one fighting it out and once he was gone, it all fell apart! It's funny how just one moment can change the game on its head, that's how T20 cricket is! 

Although, the Melbourne Stars did manage to get the Boost Point, therefore taking away at least something away from the game. They have some thinking to do going forward as they now slip down to the fifth place after their third loss. On the other hand, Hobart Hurricanes climb their way up to the second spot with their fifth win of the season! We did mention these kind of targets can get tricky and that's what happened for the Stars! Time to put it away and regroup as soon as they can. That's all we have from this game, a convincing victory for the Hurricanes in the end. 
A brilliant finish from Ellis! He's bowled exceptionally well tonight and keeping it tight again here. Too much to ask from the tailenders anyway! A completely dejected dugout of the Stars! They should have won this! Good slower balls back of the hand! This has simply been a great turnaround! Excellent final over! The Hurricanes have wrapped it up and win this game by 21 runs! It's been a brilliant win and this will give them mighty confidence. 
Over: 20 | Summary: 0 1lb 1 1 0 0 Bowler: Nathan Ellis Score: 143/9
19.6 Nathan Ellis to Billy Stanlake, good length, angling away from Stanlake who tries to throw his bat at it again but misses. 

That's it! The Hobart Hurricanes win by 21 runs.
19.5 Nathan Ellis to Billy Stanlake, HOW DID THAT MISS THE STUMPS?? A good length slower delivery completely caught out the batsman as he tried to slog one but missed. 
19.4 Nathan Ellis to Zahir Khan, full and straight, Zahir Khan heaves it towards mid-wicket for a single.
19.3 Nathan Ellis to Billy Stanlake, YORKER! Stanlake does well to dig it out and calls for a very risky single.
19.2 Nathan Ellis to Zahir Khan, Ellis does well to follow the batsmen this time,with an angling in delivery, hitting the batsman on his pads but they get a single.
19.1 Nathan Ellis to Zahir Khan, full delivery, makes room for the slog but drags it off the inside half of his bat towards mid-wicket.
Right on the money from Meredith this! Full and on the line of the stumps. Charging in and bowling into the batsmen. No width at all whatsoever. Another brilliant over this at the death! Good execution and he's done his job right here. This has been a magnificent comeback of sorts! Down to the last over and Stars need 25! 

Ellis will bowl the final over 
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 1 1 Bowler: Riley Meredith Score: 140/9
18.6 Riley Meredith to Zahir Khan, makes room and drives this towards sweeper cover on a full delivery and gets a single.
18.5 Riley Meredith to Billy Stanlake, full length, plays a drive that almost carries to extra cover and they scamper through for a run.
18.4 Riley Meredith to Billy Stanlake, tucks up Stanlake with a shortish length ball, tapped onto the pitch and he goes searching for a run that's not there
18.3 Riley Meredith to Billy Stanlake, tries to slog a delivery outside off stump nut plays it straight to the fielder at point.
18.2 Riley Meredith to Billy Stanlake, very full and straight, dug out back by Stanlake towards Meredith who deflects it onto the stumps at the bowler's end but Zahir Khan is well in.
18.1 Riley Meredith to Billy Stanlake, full and angling across Stanlake who is late on the drive and is beaten on the outside edge.
Gets away with the full toss, attempted yorker there. Comes back well with a slower one back of the hand. He's bowled brilliantly tonight and gets a wicket deservingly enough! One false shot from Maxwell and it's been a terrific turnaround this! Nails the yorker and that's two wickets in the over! The Hurricanes are closing this out nicely now. Excellent over this!

It's 27 off 12 now. Meredith back into the attack. Zahir Khan joins Stanlake 
Over: 18 | Summary: 0 0 1 W 0 W Bowler: Nathan Ellis Score: 138/9
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