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Hyderabad (India) 139/8 (20 ov)
Jharkhand 139/9 (20 ov)
Jharkhand Won by one over Eliminator
So Jharkhand wins this match by winning the super over!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Hyderabad and Jharkhand. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Lavil Saldanha signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
In the super over batting first Jharkhand skipper Ishant Kishan and Aunukul Roy came out to the middle and blew away Rakshan who was bowling for Hyderabad in the super over. Kishan hammered a couple and Aunukal hammered one maximum and helped Jharkhand post 23 runs from those 6 balls.

Hyderabad had a big task as they needed to chase down 24 runs in the Super Over. Rahul Buddi and Bavanaka Sandeep could not find the middle of the bat in the first half of that over. A maximum came but it was not good enough to win this game and in the end, Jharkhand was able to pick up those crucial 4 points for themselves.
Milind bowled well after being hit for a six on the first ball of the final over. Error in the middle by Jharkhand batters and the match was tied thus forcing it to go the super over by Hyderabad!
This situation started to turn from bad to worse for Jharkhand as they lost their experienced batsman Saurabh as well. And the pressure just kept rising on Jharkhand as 36 balls went by without a boundary for them. Towards the back end, Kaushal started to use his blade and started to hit the big shots.

In trying to continue to keep mustering the ball, Kaushal perished on 24 runs. Anukul Roy then stepped up to the occasion and started to find the fence and brought the equation came down to 13 runs needed from 6 balls. 

Hyderabad skipper then rolled the dice and brought on the expensive bowler for the day Chama Milind to bowl the final over.
Utkarsh who was flouring kept the scoreboard moving nicely, Virat Singh who was the new batsman in was kept quiet at the other end by Hyderabad bowlers. The twist in the match came when Virat and Utkarsh both lost their wicket in the 11th over.

Suraj who was playing his first match did not last long as well and suddenly Hyderbad had a shy to win to get back into this contest. Jharkhand batters did not look confident with their stroke play as the boundaries started to dry up for them in the middle overs.
What a dramatic low scoring thriller this turned out to be!!

Coming in to chase 140 runs, Jharkhand skipper Ishan Kishan and Utkarsh Sigh came on to open the batting for them. Ishan took the charge and scored the boundaries straight away. Ishan however was not getting the ball on the middle of the bat but was able to score the runs.

Utkarsh on the other hand took his time to get himself in but soon started to play great strokes and upped the ante as well. The duo started to race along with the scoring rate in the powerplay overs. Kishan however mistimed one and lost his wicket.
So Hyderabad could manage to score just 14 runs from that powerplay and Jharkhand with that hang on to the win in for this match by winning the super over!
Over: 1 | Summary: 1 0 1lb 4 1 1 Bowler: Rakshann Readdi Score: 8/0
0.6 Shahbaz Nadeem to Rahul Buddhi, SINGLE AND JHARKHAND CLINCH THE SUPER OVER! Full-length delivery at the off stump, Buddhi drills the ball to the legside and gets a single. With that Jharkhand win the super over and end the SMAT 2021 with 12 points next to their name 
0.5 Shahbaz Nadeem to Rahul Buddhi, SIX! Full length ball on the middle stump, Buddhi stands tall and smashes the ball clearing his feet all the way in the stands for a maximum. A maximum but a bit too late for Hyderbad now unless Shahbaz bowls a no-ball!
Ravi Teja is the new batsman in for Hyderbad!
0.4 Shahbaz Nadeem to Bavanaka Sandeep, CAUGHT! JHARKHAND HAVE THEIR MAN! Full toss at the stumps from Nadeem on that occasion, Sandeep looked to hit the ball down the ground. Mistimes and gets a top edge handing long-on an easy catch
0.3 Shahbaz Nadeem to Bavanaka Sandeep, FOUR! Full length delivery outside off, Sandeep clears his front foot and thumps the ball down the ground for a cracking boundary. Down to 17 runs needed from 3 balls, BIG ASK, NEED 3 SIXES HERE!
0.2 Shahbaz Nadeem to Bavanaka Sandeep, full-length delivery outside off, Sandeep pushes all his power in the willow and thumps it down the ground for a brace
0.1 Shahbaz Nadeem to Rahul Buddhi, full length delivery in the blockhole, tapped away down the ground for a single. A single won't cut it out for them!
Right then, to open the batting for Hyderabad in this Super Over Rahul Buddi and Bavanaka Sandeep
On the other hand for Jharkhand, Shahbaz Nadeem will bowl the Super Over!
A very great super over with the bat for Jharkhand as Ishan and Anukul hit 3 sixes combined in that over. They run the ones and twos as well and scored 23 runs in total. The inexperience of Rakshan showed off with the ball and they have quite a stiff challenge for Hyderabad to chase down 24 runs from 6 balls now!
Over: 1 | Summary: 1 0 1lb 4 1 1 Bowler: Rakshann Readdi Score: 8/0
0.6 CTL Rakshan to Ishan Kishan, yorker length delivery on the fourth stump line, Kishan drills the ball downtown and gets a brace after the bowler fails to collect it cleanly. Hyderabad now need 24 runs in the super over to win
0.5 CTL Rakshan to Ishan Kishan, SIX! Full toss above the waist of Kishan who went on his knee, he swiveled the ball really hard and the ball again goes deep back into the empty stands. HUGE! from Kishan there as Jharkhand cross the 20 run mark with that hit!
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