Vanuatu T10 League 2020 Match 3

Ifira Sharks 62/6 (8.5 ov)
MT Bulls 61/6 (10 ov)
Ifira Sharks won by 4 wickets
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda for this encounter! Do join me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal as we bring to you the second match of the day in a few minutes' time! Till then, this is us signing off! Goodbye!
Sharks post their first victory! 
The Sharks, led by Nalin Nipiko, held their nerve towards the end to stave off a potential wobble and emerge victorious. The captain was brilliant with both bat and ball and ensured that his team got over the line. As for the Bulls, they were probably guilty of going hammer and tongs at the start, only to leave themselves gasping for air towards the second half of their batting essay. Furthermore, in hindsight, they could've brought Matautaava back into the attack a little earlier to prize out Nipiko and throw the Sharks' chase into turmoil. 

Yet, nothing of the sort materialized, meaning that the Bulls have now lost two on the bounce. The Sharks, meanwhile, get a much-needed victory under their belt.
Four balls into the eighth over, Nipiko is stuck at the non-striker's end! Sharks need two more runs to win.
A boundary off the final delivery of the 8th over by Nipiko and the Sharks require just two runs off the final two overs.
Another Sharks batsman bites the dust as Eddie Mansale gets two in the 8th over. Sharks are now 56/5 after 7.5 overs. Nipiko is still at the crease though. And, that should be enough, one reckons
Eddie Mansale rips Stephen out to leave the Sharks at 54/4 after 7.2 overs. Is there a twist in the tale?
10 runs come off the 7th over and the Sharks now require only 10 runs off the final three overs. Surely it is the Sharks' game to lose now.
The Sharks now require only 20 runs off 24 deliveries, with Nipiko batting on 25. Moli has also accorded him good support so far.
I feel that the target could be within reach as long as the Sharks judiciously pick the bowlers they need to attack. Matautaava seems extremely difficult to get away and seeing him off could set the platform for victory. Reckon the Sharks are favourites here!
Yeah, for sure, I think Nipiko has applied himself really well here, mixing patience with aggression. I think getting 20-22 off the last four overs should be really easy for the Sharks. 

What do you reckon, Shashwat? 
Prasen, do you feel the Sharks can register their first victory of the tournament in this game? With Nipiko at the crease, I wouldn't put it past them. 
Unfortunately, we are again experiencing a few technical glitches with respect to the stream. Our sources at the ground tell us that the Sharks are now 34/2 after 5.1 overs and look primed to hunt down the total, with Nipiko in charge of proceedings.  

Do stay tuned as we will be back with the ball by ball commentary as soon as the stream is up and running!
22 runs have been scored by the Sharks in the first four overs, though they still have Nipiko at the crease. The Sharks' skipper holds the key today and he needs to bat through and guide his team past the finish line.
3.6 Godfrey Mangau to Nalin Nipiko, short and outside off, Nipiko swats it to mid-wicket for a single. 
3.5 Godfrey Mangau to Bethan Moli, slower ball outside off from Mangau, Moli mistimes a drive down to long on. If efforts directly translated to runs, the batsman would've collected a maximum. Yet, that's not how cricket is played and another agricultural hoick only fetches a single
3.5 Godfrey Mangau to Bethan Moli, No-ball! Mangau oversteps and Moli will now have a free-hit! Seems to be a front-foot no ball and Mansale would be absolutely livid with his bowler
3.4 Godfrey Mangau to Nalin Nipiko, Mangau continues to bowl short, Nipiko is happy to guide to square leg for yet another single.
3.3 Godfrey Mangau to Nalin Nipiko, short ball again, Nipiko stands his ground and pulls it to mid-wicket for a brace. Nipiko has looked a cut above the rest so far and seems to be the Sharks' best hope today
3.2 Godfrey Mangau to Jamal Vira, OUT! Mangau strikes! Short of length delivery outside off, Vira took a few steps down the track for a pull shot but only managed to sky it high up in the air, the wicketkeeper completes a safe catch.  
The Bulls are unnecessarily taking steps down the track and are putting themselves in all sorts of muddles courtesy that movement. Vira has paid the price and that could continue if other batsmen adopt the same modus operandi
3.1 Godfrey Mangau to Nalin Nipiko, short ball rising onto Nipiko who comes down the track and pulls it to square leg. Nipiko might be better off waiting in his crease before unfurling the extravagant shots
Another decent over by the Bulls. But, with the score they are defending, they need a few more wickets. Else, the Sharks would stroll their way to the target.
2.6 Darren Wotu to Jamal Vira, off pace delivery from Wotu, Vira dances down the tracks but fails to get to the pitch of the ball. 
2.5 Darren Wotu to Nalin Nipiko, short and outside off, Nipiko cuts it fiercely to the man at point. Nipiko got that one sweetly but he just couldn't get the requisite placement to fetch himself a boundary
2.4 Darren Wotu to Jamal Vira, slightly fuller this time from Wotu, Vira flicks it to square leg to get off the mark. That would give Vira a bit of confidence as he hopes to aid his captain and put up a partnership
2.3 Darren Wotu to Jamal Vira, back of length again, Vira defends it back to the bowler.
2.2 Darren Wotu to Jamal Vira, short of length delivery outside off, Vira looks to poke it to the off-side but the ball beats the outside edge. The ball is still sticking in the wicket slightly
2.1 Darren Wotu to Nalin Nipiko, aggression from Nipiko! Comes charging down the track but only manages to under edge it to fine leg for a single. 
A good comeback by the Bulls who concede only 2 runs off the second over. Can they build on this now?
1.6 Patrick Matautaava to William Yamak, OUT! Short ball works for Matautaava! Angling away from Yamak, batter looks to pull the ball away but only manages to glove it to the keeper. Poor choice of shot by the batsman. There was no way he was ever going to get anything but a glove at that and he still proceeded to carve his own downfall. Not the greatest delivery Matautaava would ever bowl but he wouldn't really mind
1.5 Patrick Matautaava to Nalin Nipiko, length ball on the stumps, Nipiko turns it to mid-wicket and the batsmen hare across for a single
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