India Legends 218/3 (20 ov)
West Indies Legends 206/6 (20 ov)
India Legends won by 12 runs.
Player of the match: Yuvraj Singh
Does it look like it's the Legends playing out there? Indeed if you look at it this way - the reason we have had such a high voltage encounter and some mesmerizing cricket from either side. On most days, you'd say 218 is surely enough to win you the game but not if you are against this West Indies Legends unit! What an incredible run-chase this has been from them, almost getting there, which it did look like as well until the very end. Dwayne Smith and Narsingh Deonarine carrying their form and playing two brilliant innings for their side. Dwayne Smith got them off to flying start and he was looking as dangerous as ever out there. To top it all, it was a magnificent innings from Brian Lara, who looked like taking them past the line! What a game this has been. Sachin, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Lara - all of them giving us yet another game to cherish and remember.

West Indies got off to a blazing start and were cruising until Irfan got that big wicket of Smith. Deonarine and Lara were still going good and that penultimate over from Vinay Kumar turned the game around for India Legends. That cushion of extra runs via the carnage from Yuvraj early on saved the day for India Legends as they now march ahead into the finals. A brave and thrilling chase nonetheless and it's been a wonderful game of cricket. 

The first semi-final done and dusted then and we have our first finalists of the tournament. Whom will India face in the final then, will it be the South Africans, if they can break their record of faltering in knock-out games, or will it be a repeat final between India and Sri Lanka? Only time will tell and for the moment, we all can just sink in this amazing contest that we have witnessed tonight! 
Yuvraj Singh (India Legends, Player of the Match): I think I was lucky again that I got dropped. If I go into these tournaments I see a lot of guys getting dropped but I never get dropped so I think God answered my prayers. I knew that Tino Best had bowled his overs and they had to bowl spinners so I was ready for them. It was hard to get used to the pace of the wicket, I was trying to attack too early and Yusuf told me to not try and hit too hard. I just focused on keeping my head still and hitting the ball straight. I knew if it's in my arc I will hit it out of the park. I'm happy that it went my way today. Yusuf's been batting really well. He's been exceptional. We had a big total on the board and that's the reason we could stretch the game in the end and win it. I think the way we are playing at the moment, if we play to the best of our ability, we should win it whoever comes our way. We should focus on our cricket. Times are tough and people still come out and support us. It's incredible and the noise keeps you going. That's the reason why you play cricket. 
Sachin Tendulkar (India Legends Captain): Simply terrific! The way the West Indies approached the target was little scary at times because they looked in control and that's when the opposition is dangerous. But it was wonderful that we held our nerves till the end. Credit to Gony, Irfan and Vinay. Pragyan Ojha got us an important wicket so all in all it was very good. West Indies batted magnificently. It was special hitting by Yuvraj and Yusuf and eventually after 200 plus every run is as good as scoring two runs. Those last few sixes changed the momentum and then 218 was a very big total. West Indies almost got there but eventually every run matters. In this format, there is no right or wrong. Eventually what you put on board matters, the way you score doesn't matter. It's all about your game plan. Both sides (South Africa and Sri Lanka) are good sides and all teams have played competitive cricket. Players have not backed off and they have pressed the peddle hard. They want to go out there and give their best. That's the beauty of this tournament. Everyone is going out there and trying their best. 
Brian Lara (West Indies Legends Captain): Amazing! I think the crowd must be very happy and to get 200-plus from both teams, both teams must be congratulated for such a performance. It was tough coming right back 24 hours later but I think the guys gave a great start upfront and Deonarine again as well. We tried to put some partnerships together. If we had batsmen there in the end we could get the total. It's a very good batting track but Yuvraj Singh just put it out of our reach in those last few overs. It's been tremendous and the guys enjoyed themselves. All the best to India in the finals. 

What a dramatic turnaround we have had! Looked all the way that the West Indies Legends were chasing this down and India Legends coming back at just about the right time to seal their spot in the finals! Indeed a Legendary game of cricket between the Legends and India have come out on top from the jaws of defeat. A remarkable chase from the West Indies Legends that made this game so interesting taking it right down to the wire! 
202 /6 score
cricket ball icon Irfan Pathan
19.6 Irfan Pathan to Sulieman Benn, Full-length delivery fired wide of off-stumps. Benn comes out of his crease to play a big shot to off-side but misses. India Legends win and go through to the final! But spare a thought for West Indies Legends as they made India Legends toil hard for the win. 
19.5 Irfan Pathan to Sulieman Benn, Good-length delivery and Benn smacks the ball to deep square-leg as Benn takes a couple of runs. 13 off 1
19.4 Irfan Pathan to Sulieman Benn, Good-length delivery on middle and leg stump. Benn looks for a big shot but misses. 15 off 2
Vinay Kumar once again with the throw! This man has turned this game on it's head for India Legends. Wickets going down in a flurry now and what a twist we've had in this game! 
19.3 Irfan Pathan to Narsingh Deonarine, Full-length delivery on middle stump. Deonarine hits the ball down the ground to long-on. He takes the first run run quickly and turns back for the second. The throw from Vinay Kumar from deep is sharp and at the striker's end. Naman Ojha collects the ball and runs Deonarine OUT! 15 off 3
19.2 Irfan Pathan to Mahendra Nagamootoo, Full-length delivery and Nagamootoo plays the ball in the air. The ball falls short of the man at long-on as the batsman completes a single. 16 off 4
19.1 Irfan Pathan to Mahendra Nagamootoo, Swing and a miss. Full-length delivery wide of off-stump. Nagamootoo goes for a wild swing but misses. GOLD! DOT BALL!! 17 off 5
Irfan Pathan with the final over!
Mahendra Nagamootoo is the new man in.
A great comeback from Vinay Kumar under pressure to take the massive wicket of Lara. Another catch going down and we've seen quite a few being dropped tonight. Every run counts at the moment and India Legends need to be tight with this. He'll get the wicket eventually and what a terrific over from Vinay under pressure. A twist in the tale here and this one is going down the wire!! 

17 needed off the final over. 
198 /5 score
cricket ball icon Vinay Kumar
18.6 Vinay Kumar to Tino Best, OUT CAUGHT! Slow fuller delivery. Best goes for a glory shot. The ball takes the toe end of the bat and goes miles high in the air. Naman Ojha settles under the ball and completes an easy catch. 
18.5 Vinay Kumar to Tino Best, DROPPED! It is all happening out there. Slow fuller delivery on middle stump. Best comes out of his crease and smacks the ball down to deep midwicket. Gony at deep drops, a difficult chance as Best runs two. 
18.4 Vinay Kumar to Tino Best, Slow delivery on good-length. The pace of the ball surprises Best as he goes for a pull shot. he misses and the ball goes to the keeper. 
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