World Giants
170/8 (20)
175/4 (18.4)
IM won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Pankaj Singh
That'll be all from us for this exhibition match. We return tomorrow with the main event starting at 7:30 in the evening, with the India Capitals taking on the Gujarat Giants at the Eden Gardens. For now, this is Rajarshi, along with Bidipto, signing off! Good night!
Harbhajan Singh, India Maharajas captain: (On him being chosen as captain ahead of Virender Sehwag) That's the reason they chose me as captain ahead of Viru. He was having a stiff neck at times, so he asked me to go for it. It's the Eden effect, whenever I come here I don't return empty-handed, I'm so glad I'm playing at the Eden again. Really happy to be back, playing cricket again, this is a great feeling. Also great to win this match, I believe we win the trophy as well! (On Sourav Ganguly) There would not be a more apt person for giving me this trophy, because without him, I wouldn't have been able to stand where I am currently standing.
Pankaj Singh, Legend Of The Match: I didn't have 5 wickets in T20, so I got the opportunity to get that here, really happy. Kind of memories you leave out here. It's a great opportunity for the players who have retired and come back to the cricket. It's a great feeling.
Jacques Kallis, captain, World Giants: First of all, congratulations to India on their 75 years of independence! Yes, we could have done better today, but I suppose we were outplayed by their batters a bit. But one thing is for sure, our players can still play, and this augers well for the rest of the tournament for sure, so looking forward to the rest of the tournament!
It is time now for the post-match presentation! 
Match summary:
World Giants won the toss and opted to bat

World Giants 170/8 (20 Overs)
Kevin O'Brien 52(31) | Pankaj Singh 5/26 (4)

India Maharajas 175/4 (18.4 Overs)
Tanmay Srivastava 54(39) | Tim Bresnan 3/21 (3)

India Maharajas win by 6 wickets with 8 balls to spare

The Pathan brothers finish a cricket match once again, and what a wonderful sight it was! Irfan Pathan provides the finishing touches having come in with the equation just about in the Maharajas' favour, and wasted no time in getting the job done! The crowd, who eagerly waited a total of 20 overs to witness some Sehwag smashes, were subjected to disappointment when they saw the former Indian opening great slash one down the throat at deep third man. Tanmay Srivastava steadied the ship along with Parthiv Patel, and the two kept picking the gaps and brought the equation down, bit by bit! Patel's dismissal brought Mohammad Kaif to the crease, who found a gap twice but was flummoxed by a change of pace and had to depart!

That was when Yusuf Pathan joined Srivastava in the middle. Srivastava got to take a back seat and play second fiddle as Yusuf Pathan butchered the World Giants spinners, sparing no big names at all! It wasn't all power hitting, Yusuf picked the gaps with ease as well, stitched a 100-run partnership with Srivastava, and together, brought the equation down to close to a run-a-ball! Srivastava's dismissal merely swiftened the proceedings, as Irfan Pathan joined his brother and completed the game in sumptuous fashion!
As cool as a cucumber! Irfan Pathan ends things off in some style! India Maharajas coast to victory with over an over to spare, and the Pathan brothers embrace!
18.4 Fidel Edwards to Irfan Pathan, round the wicket, but it does not matter, INDIA MAHARAJAS WIN! SIX RUNS! Full on middle-and-leg and magnificently picked up over square-leg, in the gap, over deep backward square-leg, for a an over-boundary! 
18.3 Fidel Edwards to Irfan Pathan, SHOT! FINE SHOT! Short outside off and CARTED well over deep mid-wicket off the back foot for a SIX! 
18.2 Fidel Edwards to Irfan Pathan, over the wicket, good length ball outside off, hit hard to cover off the back foot, but for no run. 
18.1 Fidel Edwards to Yusuf Pathan, over the wicket, FIFTY FOR YUSUF! Short on leg and pulled to fine-leg off the back foot for a single. 
Fidel Edwards (3-0-26-1) is back into the attack
The Pathan brothers have converged to end the game! Just 9 needed off the last two overs!
162 /4 score
cricket bat icon Yusuf Pathan
49 (34)
cricket bat icon Irfan Pathan *
8 (5)
cricket ball icon Tim Bresnan
3 /21
17.6 Tim Bresnan to Irfan Pathan, FREE HIT! Full on middle-and-leg and a big heave over deep mid-wicket off the front foot, for a MASSIVE SIX! 
17.6 Tim Bresnan to Irfan Pathan, short, slow and WIDE over the helmet of the batter and this is also a NO BALL for the second bouncer off the over! 
17.5 Tim Bresnan to Irfan Pathan, short outside off, Irfan goes for the upper cut and misses out! No run. 
17.4 Tim Bresnan to Irfan Pathan, short outside off and timed nicely off the back foot to the left of deep point, and a good stop at the deep by Taibu keeps it to two! 
17.3 Tim Bresnan to Irfan Pathan, short and wide outside off and Irfan misses out on the cut off the back foot! Dot ball. 
17.2 Tim Bresnan to Irfan Pathan, over the wicket, short outside off, pulled to the left of mid-on from the crease, for no run here.