188/5 (20)
192/3 (19)
India won by 7 wickets
So that was that as far as this contest was concerned. India have hit the ground running and while it wasn't a poor show by England by any means, they will take the learnings out of this ahead of the main fixtures starting Saturday. Before that of course, they will face off against New Zealand at the Tolerance Oval in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday while India return to the ICC Academy Ground here in Dubai to take on Australia with both these fixtures taking place in the afternoon. That should present a different challenge altogether for both these sides as they fine tune their preparations ahead of the Super Twelve stages. Do be back then while also returning tomorrow for our coverage of two crucial Group B matches taking place at Al Amerat in Oman tomorrow - Scotland lock horns with Papua New Guinea before Oman take on Bangladesh later in the evening. Thank you so much for tuning into our coverage of this contest as we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did bringing it to you. On behalf of my good friend and fellow textpert Shashwat Kumar, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha once again reminding you to mask up and get yourselves vaccinated in case you haven't already. Good night and take care!
It may have been a warm up contest but a win is a feeling that sends a different level of confidence altogether in the dressing room. And it is India who will experience that momentum and confidence as they hit the ground running in grand fashion ahead of the Super Twelve stage of the tournament.

Chasing 189, a quiet first three overs ensued as David Willey kept things tight with movement in the air. A dropped chance gave Ishan Kishan a life though - something that would come back to haunt them later on in the innings. Both KL Rahul and Kishan then cut loose in contrasting manners as they cut the English bowling attack to size. An array of boundaries and maximum saw India rack up a mammoth 59 in the Powerplay to send out a clear message to their compatriots in the competition.

Rahul looked a million dollars as he raised a sublime half-century off just 23 deliveries and even as he perished right after that, his lofted shots over extra cover and his trademark pick up strokes must have left a number of jaws dropping in front of the television sets back home. Virat Kohli nudged the ball around even as Kishan butchered the bowlers from his end en route to a half-century of his own. Kohli then fell looking to swing one across the line off Liam Livingstone but the wind never came off the sails for India with Rishabh Pant taking over and flaying the attack himself.

Both keeper-batters continued to blow away the opposition to smithereens and with a couple of chances put down in the field, it was a long outing for England. What made things worse was a blow to Livingstone's left wrist that saw him wincing in excruciating pain as he walked off the field to receive medical attention. On the batting front, Kishan retired from his innings to give Suryakumar Yadav a hit out in the middle but the latter could only muster 8 runs before Hardik Pandya joined forces with Pant. Willey stretched the contest into an exciting proposition but a shoddy penultimate over from Chris Jordan meant that the game never went into the last over as Pant sealed the innings with a big one over square leg.

It was a tough night for the England bowlers with David Willey the only one seemingly in some sort of control. Chris Woakes, Chris Jordan and Moeen Ali were carted to all corners of the park, Adil Rashid started well before Kishan took him to the cleaners and while Liam Livingstone chipped in with a good spell of bowling that saw him dismiss Virat Kohli, his injury has certainly sent the alarm bells ringing in the England camp, who will be hoping for the scans if any to come out clear.

That said, England had a number of positives to take out of this contest themselves on the batting front. Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali and Liam Livingstone got a solid hit out in the middle while Jos Buttler and Jason Roy started off in typically blazing fashion. If anything, they would want regular skipper Eoin Morgan to get amongst the runs in the second warm up fixture that the side is set to play in a couple of days' time while one could also see a certain Tymal Mills getting an opportunity through the course of that.
AND THERE YOU GO! What else did you expect? Pant has mowed a short of a length delivery over square leg to seal the deal for his side. A massive run chase has been made light weight of by the Indians and this will augur extremely well for them going forward. India beat England by 7 wickets with an over to spare!
192 /3 score
cricket bat icon Ishan Kishan
70 (46)
cricket bat icon Rishabh Pant *
29 (14)
cricket bat icon Hardik Pandya
12 (10)
cricket ball icon Chris Jordan
0 /39
18.6 Chris Jordan to Rishabh Pant, SIX! THAT WILL BE THAT! Slower delivery on a back of a length on leg stump. Pant sits back and absolutely clatters it over deep square leg for a maximum!
Another free hit coming up. Pant must be itching to close the game with a boundary here. Jordan continues to bowl around the wicket. Third man and backward point are inside the inner ring.
18.6 Chris Jordan to Hardik Pandya, ANOTHER NO BALL! Back of a length delivery on off stump. Pandya goes deep into his crease and slices the ball towards deep cover point for one
One hit away now are India - will Hardik seal it with a biggie?

18.5 Chris Jordan to Hardik Pandya, low full toss on middle and leg stump. Pandya goes deep into his crease and drills the ball past the fielder at mid wicket for a couple of runs
That should seal the contest surely? Hardik is throwing the kitchen sink at it with his eyes not even following the ball!
18.4 Chris Jordan to Hardik Pandya, FOUR MORE! In the slot outside off stump. Pandya has a massive mow at it and gets a thick outside edge that flies over short third man for four
The ball might have slipped out of Jordan's hands owing to the dew on offer but he will not be happy with that. Free hit loading!
18.4 Chris Jordan to Hardik Pandya, OH DEAR! FOUR AS WELL! Chest height full toss outside off stump. Pandya swings and misses. Buttler does not gather as well, meaning that India get five extras
18.3 Chris Jordan to Hardik Pandya, low full toss on leg stump. Pandya goes deep into his crease and pokes the ball into the on side towards the fielder in the ring at mid wicket
That was ever so close to be called a wide but the umpire rules in favor of the bowler.
18.2 Chris Jordan to Hardik Pandya, full delivery slanted across the batter outside off stump. Pandya throws the kitchen sink at it but only connects with the fresh Dubai air
Perfect start to the over for India!
18.1 Chris Jordan to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! SHOT! Right in the slot outside off stump. Pandya goes deep into his crease and crunches that one past extra cover for a boundary!
Chris Jordan is back into the attack. He will bowl around the wicket.
For a man who doesn't carry the reputation for being the most reliable bowler at the death, that was a top over from David Willey who had a clear plan of digging the ball into the surface without giving the batters pace to work with. England are making a match out of this and both teams are facing a scenario perfect to simulate ahead of the main fixtures.

India need 20 runs off 12 deliveries at 10.00 RPO.
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