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IND vs NZ Match Result 

- Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 18
Match abandoned without a ball bowled
England take on the West Indies tomorrow. There's rain predicted for that game as well but the forecast is a little better than today. Hopefully, we get in some play tomorrow. Do join in for our live coverage. We'll be up nice and early. Until then, it's a goodbye from us!
The moment is here. The rain has consumed another game and cricket has suffered once again. The match has been officially called off. The World Cup continues to get affected. However, it was always on the cards, given the forecast. Both teams get one point each. The rain was on and off throughout the day and in the end, a heavy spell of rain meant that the game had to be called off. It's the third washout in four days!  

And it's raining again.....
So the wait continues. The umpires have decided to have another inspection at 3 PM local time which is 7:30 PM IST. 
Nothing new to update. The rain had stopped for a bit but it's picked up pace once again. Covers are firmly in place. 
It's absolutely pelting down at the moment and we may have the official word soon. 
Live pictures aren't looking promising either. There's persistent and the possibility of play looking very slim. 
The rain had stopped for a bit but just before the inspection, the rain is back again. The square is covered once again. Things are looking pretty bleak at the moment. 
And the rain is back again. It's pretty heavy as well. The wait continues! 
The umpires are not happy with the outfield and hence, the next inspection is at 6:00 PM IST
The umpires are out for inspection and live pictures don't look promising. There are a few wet patches on the outfield. Meanwhile, the ground staff continue to work hard, as does the supper sopper. 
Update: The rain has stopped and the inspection which was scheduled to happen at 5 PM IST will take place. Meanwhile, the covers are slowly coming off. 
The cut-off time for a 20-over game to start is around 4:15 PM local time which is 8:45 PM IST. Fingers crossed. Let's hope the weather gets better and the ground conditions also improve. 
And the rain is back and so are the covers! The frustration continues! It's just been that sort of a day where the rain continues to play hide and seek and the ground continues to get affected.
The umpires have had a look and are not too happy with the way things stand. The problem is the outfield and they don't want to risk play. Hence, there is another inspection scheduled at 5 PM IST (12:30 Local Time). 
The umpires are out for inspection while the groundstaff and the super soppers continue to work hard. 
The rain seems to have stopped now and the covers are coming off. 
Uh-ho! The rain is back again and the entire square has been covered. 
Update: The rain has stopped. Inspection at 4:00 PM IST (11:30 Local Time). 
Oh no, the rain is back! Not heavy but it's started to drizzle. The inspection which was supposed to happen at 3 PM IST (10:30 AM Local Time) may not happen. The covers are back on
Another Update!
The hover cover which was over the pitch is also coming off! With that, all covers are off. 
A delayed start is confirmed. BCCI tweeted that if there is no more rain, an inspection will take place at 3:00 PM IST (10:30 Local Time). 
So, what will the teams look like? Shikhar Dhawan suffered a hairline fracture in the last game and he will be assessed again in 10-12 games which means he will miss at least the next two games. Hence, KL Rahul will open in place of him. Who will bat at No. 4 for India? Will it be Vijay Shankar or Dinesh Karthik? And will they tinker with the bowling and add an extra pacer? What will New Zealand do? They've played one spinner throughout this tournament. Will Southee feature today if he is fully fit?
NEWS: It was raining some time back in Nottingham but now it seems to have stopped. The covers are also coming off. 
Weather Update!
All eyes will be on the weather today. It's been raining all week in Nottingham. In fact, the city was on Yellow Warning as well. In the lead-up to the game, there were 90% chances of rain. However, the forecast has improved significantly, chances of rain reduce as the day progresses. Hence, we should definitely get some sort of play today. However, it is expected to remain cold and overcast throughout the day.