146/5 (20)
148/4 (16.5)
IND won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Shreyas Iyer
Well well, that's all from Sportskeeda's coverage for the India vs Sri Lanka T20 series. It has been a clean sweep as Rohit Sharma's unbeaten record remains intact. That's some form to head into the World Cup. But don't go anywhere as you can switch tabs to follow the PSL 2022 final, which is happening simultaneously.

Till then, here is Abhishek and Bala signing off! Do join us tomorrow as we have the South Africa vs New Zealand Test match alongside the Bangladesh vs Afghanistan ODI match happening to keep you entertained. 
Rohit Sharma (India captain): It's a factor of everything that comes and helps in the win. A lot of positives came out from the series and I am happy where I stand in the series. (Try out people in different situations) That is something we had in mind. It was good to give opportunities to some new guys. I wouldn't completely agree with that (playing conservative cricket). It is important to tell the guys that do not think about your position in the team. If someone tells you to just bowl two overs in the middle, that's job done for the team. Even if you score 20-25 in 7-8 runs, that's job for your team. It is going to be a big challenge (Shreyas Iyer vs SKY). But, it is important to have players in form rather than out of form. It is a good problem to have. 
Shreyas Iyer (Man of the Match and Man of the Series): Obviously, all three was special for me. But, the last one was better because it feels special to win the series. You only require one win to get in the form. And when you time the ball pretty well, you are in the form and need to maximize the opportunities. The wicket was a bit split from the earlier one. If you time it well, the ball was going for a boundary because the outfield was quick. The comeback is pretty hard to be honest. My rehab was good. I am glad I got through that phase and it is heartening that I overcame it. 
Dasun Shanaka (Sri Lanka captain): I would like to congratulate the Indian team. Coming to my hand, it is little bit open but it should recover. It is tough without our senior players. But, we should adapt to the conditions. Even today, we didn't play the first six overs nicely. The pace attack was outstanding. The thing is it is not about the pace, it is about the control. I am just happy with my own form and hope to continue with the same. We have to adapt to the conditions in international cricket. 
Ravindra Jadeja: In the IPL happened, it has happened three or four times (not getting to bowl). Ravi and Kuldeep were playing and we thought it would be good to give them some match practise. I was doing well in the NCA. I was there for 2-2.5 months. I knew I would be playing these T20s and Tests right after. So I was preparing well.

Avesh Khan: It felt good. The pitch was supporting the bowlers. I was just trying to bowl in the right areas. That day (against West Indies), the popping crease was a bit wet. Hence the landing was a problem for me. But this was a good wicket to bowl on.
India wins the match by 6 wickets!

Unbeaten throughout the series, it is only fitting that Shreyas Iyer scored the winning runs. In the first match, he scored a quickfire 57 off 28 deliveries to take the team close to the 200-run mark. In the next game, he played a patient 74 off 44 to make the chase of 184 look easy. 

And tonight, in the final game of the series, he played an exquisite 73 off 45 deliveries to help the Men in Blue clean sweep the Lankans. Elegant in the leg side, he showed no mercy to the deliveries that were sprayed on the legs. 

And, he picked the gaps at the covers nicely to keep the scoreboard ticking. They say, you place the best batsman on the No.3 spot and today Shreyas Iyer proved everyone why. 

Coming to the rest of the batters, Rohit Sharma got out unconventionally in single digits while Sanju Samson nicked an edge and never got really going. Deepak Hooda and Venkatesh Iyer couldn't stay in the middle till the end as Ravindra Jadeja held Shreyas Iyer's hand to get India past the finish line. 

Nothing much to praise for the Sri Lankan bowlers as all of them leaked runs for fun and rarely troubled the Indian batters. India were the better side both with the bat, ball, and on the field. 

With that win, India are now unbeaten for 12 successive matches, equaling Afghanistan's record for the longest unbeaten streak in international T20 matches among the Test playing nations. 
16.5 Lahiru Kumara to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR! That's it! Shreyas Iyer signs it off for India. What a series it has been for him! Full ball on the pads. Flicks it away nonchalantly through the mid-wicket region. India win the series 3-0
16.4 Lahiru Kumara to Ravindra Jadeja, full ball on middle and leg. Flicks it off his pads to deep square leg
16.3 Lahiru Kumara to Shreyas Iyer, full delivery angling in. Drives the ball down to long-on for one. And that's 200 runs in the series for Shreyas Iyer!
16.2 Lahiru Kumara to Ravindra Jadeja, full and straight on the stumps. Drives the ball down to long-on for a single
Just six runs needed! Jadeja knows India are just one hit away from victory don't be surprised if he finishes it in this ball itself. 
16.1 Lahiru Kumara to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR! Well, it's just getting far to easy! Slower short ball well down the leg-side. All Jadeja has to do is to just help it on its way. He does that with ease
16.1 Lahiru Kumara to Ravindra Jadeja, down the leg-side to start with. The umpire extends his arms, meaning he has to reload this one
It looks like there is going to be some competition between Jadeja and Shreyas as to who will hit the winning runs. It has to be Shreyas to do the honors as this series has been all about him. 
136 /4 score
cricket bat icon Shreyas Iyer
68 (43)
cricket bat icon Ravindra Jadeja *
16 (12)
cricket ball icon Binura Fernando
0 /35
15.6 Binura Fernando to Ravindra Jadeja, good length ball angling into the left-hander. Gets inside the line and clips it away to deep square leg
15.5 Binura Fernando to Shreyas Iyer, pulls the slower short delivery to deep mid-wicket and gets through for one
Too much width as Binura errs in his yorker and Shreyas Iyer has no trouble in jamming it for a boundary.