Indian CC Vienna 72/3 (6 ov)
Pakistan CC 57/7 (6 ov)
Indian CC Vienna won by 24 runs (D/L method)
Indian CC Vienna manages to win this match by 24 runs (D/L method)

And thus towards the end, it was a comfortable victory for Indian CC Vienna in this 6 overs fixture as towards the end there was too much left to score for Pakistan CC and they just crumble through in the process of trying to hit the big boundaries!!!

The top performer for Indian CC Vienna with the ball was Kumud Jha who took 4 wickets in his 2 overs and the top scorer for Pakistan CC were Arsalan Arif who scored 14 runs in 7 balls and followed by Bilal Zalmai who scored 13 runs in 7 balls he faced!!! 

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the game between the Indian CC Vienna and Pakistan CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
5.6 Daud Zadran to S Hayat, Zadran fires one in and raps the batsman on the pads. He appeals for a wicket but it doesn't matter as Indian CC Vienna beat Pakistan CC in his rain-effected game!
5.5 Daud Zadran to I Deedar, back of a length delivery outside off, Deedar smashes it to the off-side but straight to the fielder
5.4 Daud Zadran to S Hayat, length ball on middle and off, Hayat comes down the track and pulls it to the leg-side for a single
5.3 Daud Zadran to I Deedar, Deedar plays a full ball along the ground for a single
5.2 Daud Zadran to S Hayat, another harmless single taken by Hayat! The game surely now in ICV's grasp if they bowl legal deliveries from here!!
5.1 Daud Zadran to J Sadran, RUN-OUT! Another mix-up! Sadran gets down on one knee and smashes it straight to the man at deep midwicket. Sadran calls for the double but his partner has nothing to do with it and is run out!
At the end of the 5th over PAKCC is 52/6. They now need 30 runs in the last 6 balls based on the D/L method!! ICV now just needs to bowl legal delivery to win this one!!
4.6 Kumud Jha to J Sadran, DROPPED! Sadran gets down on one knee and skies one towards midwicket fielder, who fails to hold on to it. Single taken!
4.5 Kumud Jha to S Hayat, IN THE AIR BUT JUST SHORT OFF THE FIELDER! Hayat lofts one towards the long-off fielder and gets away with a single
4.4 Kumud Jha to S Hayat, length ball on middle off, Hayat swings at it and gets it in the gap between the deep fielders on the leg-side for a boundary and the equation now down to 32 runs 8 balls!!
4.3 Kumud Jha to Z Arif, Zeshan, like his brother, connects with a heave towards the leg-side but holes out in the leg-side albeit at deep midwicket! The pressure of the run rate creeping in as they lose another wicket and Kumud is now on a hattrick!!! 36 runs needed in 9 balls now!!
4.2 Kumud Jha to Arsalan Arif, similar ball once again and Arif makes contact with a slog sweep but hits it straight to the fielder at deep square-leg who takes a decent catch!
4.1 Kumud Jha to Arsalan Arif, full ball outside off, Arif goes for another wild slog and misses!
At the end of the 4th over PAKCC is 46/4. PAKCC got the 2 sixes in this over but the keeper pulling off an MS Dhoni here as he manages to stump another batter at the end of this over!! PAKCC now needs 36 runs in 12 balls at 18 RPO based on the D/L method!!
3.6 Mani Singh to Naveed Hassan, WICKET! Flighted ball outside off, Hassan's eyes lit up but he misses it with a slog sweep. The keeper collects and takes the bails off quickly as Hassan falls!
3.5 Mani Singh to Arsalan Arif, similar ball but a tad straighter this time, Arif sweeps it to deep midwicket for a single
3.4 Mani Singh to Arsalan Arif, SIX! JUST! Another overpitched delivery from Mani Singh and Arif gets down on one knee and smashes it dead straight for a maximum!
3.3 Mani Singh to Naveed Hassan, flighted ball outside off, Naveed drags a pull shot to the leg-side for a single
3.3 Mani Singh to Arsalan Arif, WIDE! Poor ball bowled outside off and the fails to collect, allowing an extra run to be taken, the last thing ICV needs to do is give away extra as they will also have to bowl this ball again!!!
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