Indian Royals 60/9 (10 ov)
Oeiras 61/5 (8 ov)
Oeiras won by 5 wickets
That's all we've got for you from this match as Karthik Raj and I, Sudheer, are signing off at the moment but do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates and matches from all over the world. Cheers and have fun.
Oeiras win back to back matches against Indian Royals and they are currently placed 3rd in the table with 2 wins under their belt. Indian Royals need to pull their socks up and play the next few games based on their strengths minimizing their weaknesses against the other opposition. 
Oeiras managed to chase the total in the end which looked like they may struggle while they lost few wickets in cluster after a perfect start to their innings. The light might have played a factor which made it difficult for the batsmen to sight the ball properly. Krut Patel who started off well, couldn't maintain the same tempo and went into a shell before throwing his wicket away. Kuldeep also had a similar dismissal and thanks to their bowlers who restricted the opposition for a low total which made it easy from them to cross the line at the end of it all.

Indian Royals tried everything they could to push Oeiras batsmen on the back off and at one stage they really looked like they will spring in a surprise with the result but the score on the board wasn't enough for them to make it happen. Manjeet Singh and Ishwar Singh started off well with the ball but couple of big overs in the middle eased the pressure off Oeiras. They again came back into the game when they managed to pick 4 quick wickets including Krut Patel and Kuldeep Gholiya, but the lower middle order toughened it out and take their team home without further loss.
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 1 0 1 0 1 Bowler: Amandeep Singh Score: 61/5
7.6 Amandeep Singh to Amandeep, full delivery outside-off, Amandeep drives it to long-off for a single.
7.5 Amandeep Singh to Amandeep, short of a length delivery outside-off, Amandeep pokes and misses it. 
7.4 Amandeep Singh to Mohon Hussain, quick delivery on the leg-stump, Mohon turns it around the corner for a single.
7.3 Amandeep Singh to Mohon Hussain, full and quick on the stumps, Mohon blocks it to the off-side.
7.2 Amandeep Singh to Amandeep, full delivery with a lot of width, Amandeep drives it to the sweeper for a single.
7.1 Amandeep Singh to Amandeep, wide yorker from Singh and Amandeep digs it to covers. No run. 
What has suddenly happened to Oeiras, they are not able to score runs and losing wickets now. They are 5 wickets down and lost the last 4 wickets for 3 runs.
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 W W 0 1w 1W 1w 1 Bowler: Sukhwinder Singh Score: 58/5
6.6 Sukhwinder Singh to Amandeep, full on the stumps, Amandeep flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
6.6 Sukhwinder Singh to Mohon Hussain, full outside-off, Mohon drills it to long-off for a single.
6.6 Sukhwinder Singh to Mohon Hussain, length delivery outside-off and Mohon lets it go to the keeper. Wide called.
6.5 Sukhwinder Singh to Amandeep, harakiri from Oeiras CC now! Full outside-off, Amandeep drives it to point but the fielder does superbly to stop the ball. Meanwhile, the Oeiras CC indulge in a yes and no before the fielder comes up with a fantastic direct hit. 
6.5 Sukhwinder Singh to Amandeep, full angling across the right-hander. Amandeep looks to drive and misses it. Wide called!
6.4 Sukhwinder Singh to Amandeep, full outside-off, Amandeep pushes it to the off-side. No run.
6.3 Sukhwinder Singh to Jiteshkumar Balkrishna, stumped and this is the fourth wicket! Full and angling away, Balkrishna looks to drive but he misses and also loses his balance. The keeper quickly whips off the bails. Sukhwinder is on a hat-trick now.
6.2 Sukhwinder Singh to Krut Patel, full outside-off, Krut miscues the lofted drive and the catch is taken at extra cover.
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