Indiska CC 65/7 (10 ov)
Kista Cricket Club 66/6 (9.5 ov)
Kista Cricket Club won by 4 wickets
What a game of cricket!. KCC was cruising with Chandan and Siddiqi playing sensibly before both deciding to clear boundaries in the 8th over. Losing both of them in the same over put pressure on KCC. Needing 11 of the last 6 deliveries, Fashahid Shah smashed a huge six off the first ball which helped KCC to chase this target down. KCC will have to go back and assess their batting again which has been put under severe tests in the last two matches.

It's heartbreak for INDCC. Batsmen struggled to score today. Bowlers bought them back in the game with some controlled bowling but it was not going to be easy against a mighty KCC batting line up.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. Tune in tomorrow for all-important semi-finals. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Dwijesh Reddy signing off.
9.5 R Yadav to M Asif, THAT'S IT! Kista CC wins a nail-biting encounter. A loose delivery on off stump, Asif rocks back and punches it to covers for a fairly easy two. HEARTBREAK for Indiska, who miss out on the semi-final!
2 runs in 2 balls needed
9.4 R Yadav to M Badar, full on off stump, driven straight to the fielder for two. KCC needs 2 in 2..
9.3 R Yadav to F Shah, WICKET! Rahul Yadav picks his third and how crucial can this be? Good length ball outside off, gets the edge and the keeper makes no mistake. KCC needs 3 in 3 now.
9.2 R Yadav to F Shah, driven to the off-side and Shah takes a two! Advantage KCC! 
9.1 R Yadav to F Shah, WHAT A SHOT UNDER PRESSURE! A full ball on middle, Shah smashes it out of the park for a huge six! Sigtuna CC should be loving this!
Last over of the match coming up. KCC has made a mess of this easy chase. KCC needs 11 runs in 6 balls
KCC - 55/5 from 5 overs.
8.6 S Kumar-Sareen to F Shah, another run taken! The game is going to the final over!
8.5 S Kumar-Sareen to M Asif, Asif managed to get an inside edge and they scurry for a single!
8.4 S Kumar-Sareen to M Asif, an appeal for LBW but turned down!
8.3 S Kumar-Sareen to M Asif, full on off stump, Asif cuts to the vacant point region for two!
8.2 S Kumar-Sareen to F Shah, single taken!
8.1 S Kumar-Sareen to P Kaul, BOWLED! Wickets tumbling for KCC now! Kaul tries to plays across the stumps towards leg but ends up missing a straight one altogether! This is getting interesting now!
KCC need 16 runs in 12 balls to win. KCC - 50/4 from 8 overs.
Two big wickets in that over of Chandan and Aleem. Both looking to clear boundaries. KCC needs to bat sensibly here, no need to rush. They need to just rotate the strike and hit in the gaps. 
7.6 R Yadav to M Asif, another dot ball! End of a game-changing over from Rahul Yadav!
7.5 R Yadav to P Kaul, single taken!
7.4 R Yadav to A Siddiqi, WICKET! RAHUL YADAV IS TURNING THE GAME ON ITS HEAD! Another full ball and Kaul goes for the big shot. Doesnt get the elevation and ends up holing out at long off! GAME ON NOW!
7.3 R Yadav to A Siddiqi, quicker one outside off, batsman was beaten for pace there!
7.2 R Yadav to C Khatri, WICKET! IS THERE A TWIST IN THIS TALE! Khatri goes for one shot too many and lifts it straight to the long-on fielder. Much needed wicket this for Indiska CC!
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