Sigtuna CC 99/2 (10 ov)
Indiska CC 91/6 (10 ov)
Sigtuna CC won by 8 runs.
So that's the end and INDCC lose by 9 runs. To be honest, they never looked comfortable in the match after D Dey perished at the end of second over. Imran Khan and Suhas Murali showed some fighting spirit but that couldn't last either. In the end, the target of 100 proved too much for the INDCC side who would rue their bowling performance that gave far too many runs on this deck. Rehman was the standout batsmen who clobbered the INDCC bowlers to all parts of the ground.
Nevertheless, another exciting contest in the end. Until next time, my partner Habil Ahmed and I Abhinav Singh signing off. Hope you all had fun tuning in to the commentary. Join us next time as we take you to the proceedings of another match, till then, stay safe and keep washing your hands. Cheers!
9.6 M Rehman to K Patel, edged down to third man for a single and that's curtains for the INDCC side.
9.6 M Rehman to K Patel, down the leg side and it is called wide
9.5 M Rehman to K Patel, played through the onside for one
9.4 M Rehman to K Patel, swung through the offside for a couple
19 in 3 required. A miracle only can save INDCC
9.3 M Rehman to R Kumar, big swing and even bigger miss. Ball goes right through him and takes the stumps too. BOWLED! Was coming, batsmen had to take a crack at it
9.2 M Rehman to R Yadav, come down the track and plays that past the bowler for a single. Singles won't help the INDCC cause
9.1 M Rehman to R Kumar, played down the ground for a double. The fielders allow the batsmen to come back for a brace
Alright, so 6 deliveries remaining and INDCC require 22 runs to win the match. Tough Task but indeed doable. Will Yadav finish it off?
12 deliveries remaining and INDCC are in troubled waters. Need 27 more runs to seal the game. Onus on these two batsmen to play a coming of age innings. Arshpreet is in the attack now
INDCC in a spot of bother here, two wickets in quick succession and the target looks a mountain now. 65/4 after 7 overs, 35 required off 18 deliveries. Sachin and Rajesh are in the middle
Some technical glitches but an update, INDCC have lost their third wicket, Imran Khan is castled 
24 deliveries remaining and INDCC need 40 runs, pretty much on track here. Need to find more boundaries as a wicket or two might disturb the equilibrium
5.6 Z Kiyani to S Murali, on the off stump and smashed through the extra cover region for FOUR more runs!
5.5 Z Kiyani to I Khan, smacks that towards long on for a single
5.5 Z Kiyani to I Khan, straighter and he hits it through the midwicket for four.  Beautifully put away by Murali, Free hit also as it was a no ball
5.5 Z Kiyani to I Khan, too far outside off again and wide called. A very economical over
5.4 Z Kiyani to I Khan, another big swing and a miss
5.3 Z Kiyani to I Khan, big swing and a miss from the batsman. Khan should have learnt from Rehman to plant his leg and hit it solidly
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