MU Dons 100/2 (10 ov)
Indo-Bulgarian CC 106/3 (9.2 ov)
Indo-Bulgarian CC won by 7 wickets
Indo Bulgarian CC beat MU Dons by 7 wickets.

They started off their chase by losing their 2 wickets in first over itself. They prodded along slowly, trying to recover from their early wounds. Bakhtiar Tahiri (52 runs off 30 balls) and Agagyul Ahamdel (28 runs in 15 balls) strung a lovely partnership of 79 runs between them as they continued scoring runs with minor ebbs and flows coming their way.

The MU Dons bowling contingent will be disheartened with their bowling efforts as they had only Asad Ali Rehmatulla (3/16 in 2 overs) snapping all the fallen wickets as no other bowler could register a wicket for their side. Also, a shabby display of fielding put down the MU Dons side as they dropped close to 4 catches today vital to their chances. In the end, IBCC beat the MU Dons by 7 wickets.

That's all we have from the live coverage of this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague,Maanas Upadhyay sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for the live commentaries of the league and all sports related articles. Until next match, GOODBYE!!
9.2 T Suresh to A Ahmadhel, SIX! Ahmadhel finishes off in style! Loopy length ball outside off spinning away, the batsman dances down the track and sends that packing over the long off fielder! That will wrap things up here as Indo-Bulgarian CC closely edge past the MU Dons by 7 wickets!
9.1 T Suresh to B Tahiri, full loopy ball outside off, the batsman heaves it towards long on for a single. Scores Level now! only a run required off the last 5 deliveries!
Indo-Bulgarian CC are 99/3 at the end of 9 overs. Another massive over for them as they amass 13 runs of it. Mere formalities remain as only 2 runs are needed of the final over!
Indo-Bulgarian CC are 86/3 at the end of 8 overs. Just 15 runs required of the 2 remaining overs. A huge over for the Indo-Bulgarian CC as they took the opposition's skipper to the cleaners with a huge maximum and a cheeky boundary. An absolute under by the fielder allows them to collect another four runs.
7.4 K. Dasan to B. Tahiri, tapped the length ball back to the bowler. No run
7.3 K. Dasan to A. Ahmadel, hit the length ball on the pad and the batsman run a quick single between the wickets 
7.2 K. Dasan to A. Ahmadel, SIX!! Hits the ball hard and sends the loosener over the head for a lovely maximum from the young man! Full ball on the off stump, the batsman's eyes lit up and he was successful in dispatching that over the ropes.
7.1 K. Dasan to A. Ahmadel, no run
Indo-Bulgarian CC are cruising at 68/3 at the end of 7 overs. They require 33 runs from the last three overs. Ahmadhel and Tahiri are putting up a match-winning partnership here and the MU Dons are in desperate need of a wicket here! 
6.6 T.Suresh to A. Ahmadel, Full length ball coming outside off stump and he swats the ball down the ground where the long on collects it cleanly
6.5 T.Suresh to A. Ahmadel, hits back the full ball back to the bowler and will stay back in the crease. No run
6.4 T.Suresh to A. Ahmadel, full length ball looked to sweep but gets a bit of an edge on that one. No run
6.3 T.Suresh to A. Ahmadel, SIX!! Sits back to play he good length ball and hits it fine way over the ropes for a magnificent six. Good strike from Ahmadhel, waited for the delivery and smoked that for a huge maximum!
6.2 T.Suresh to A. Ahmadel, Ahmadel prod ahead to play the shot but defends the full length ball back to the keeper
6.1 T.Suresh to B. Tahiri, goes on the backfoot to play the good length ball and hits it to short third man for a quick single
Indo-Bulgarian CC have raced to 57/3 at the end of 6 overs. They now need another 44 runs from 4 overs at a quite gettable required run-rate of 11 RPO. The game still hangs in balance and is anybody's match from here on!
UPDATE: Indo-Bulgarian CC are 48/3 at the end of half their innings.
UPDATE: Indo-Bulgarian CC are 35/3 at the end of 4 overs.
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