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213/3 (20)
117/10 (18.2)
Interglobe Marine won by 96 runs.
Interglobe Marine beat Savannah Lions by 96 runs!

A very one-sided affair comes to an end as a supposedly second-string Interglobe Marine side dismantle the Lions batting unit with spin. The innings started with some accurate bowling from Riyasat and Gopakumar, who was the standout bowler in the powerplay phase. None of the Lions batters could really get him away with Ariff briefly showing intent with his attacking strokeplay. 

However, it was all about spin in the middle overs with the duo of Harshit Seth and Harry Bharwal picking a few wickets in tandem as captain Juandre Kruger held fort at one end. Kruger took the attack to Seth and CP Rizwan, who ultimately had the last laugh in their little mini-battle.

In the end, IGM's spinners extinguished any little hope that the Lions had of chasing this down. The Lions are reeling at the bottom of the table with this win while IGM continue to sustain their momentum in this tournament, thanks to brilliant performances from the likes of CP Rizwan and Yasir Hameed, who is undoubtedly the player of the match for his sensational ton.

That's it from this game. We've had a great time bringing live coverage over the last few hours. Until next time, this is Dwijesh, along with my colleague Pranav signing off!
18.2 Harshit Seth to Shaun Fabe, WICKET! IGM beat the Lions by 96 runs! A quicker delivery bowled on middle and off, Fabe is beaten for pace as he is struck on the pads right in front of middle stump. The umpire gives that one out and brings this match to a close!
18.1 Harshit Seth to Khalid Maharoof, BOWLED! A length ball bowled on middle and off, Maharoof has a big swing at it and misses but the bowler doesn't. The stumps are in tatters as the Lions are on the verge of being bowled out!
Rizwan has the last laugh as he gets rid of the Lions captain Kruger, who showed why he is highly-rated within the Lions set-up. Only a matter of time now before the Lions are bundled out!
117 /8 score
cricket bat icon Juandre Kruger *
43 (25)
cricket bat icon Khalid Maharoof
5 (5)
cricket ball icon CP Rizwan
2 /15
17.6 CP Rizwan to Juandre Kruger, WICKET! A length ball bowled on middle and off, Kruger tries to make room and cut it but ends up missing it altogether
17.5 CP Rizwan to Juandre Kruger, FOUR MORE! A loopy delivery on middle and leg, Kruger smacks it towards the long-on fielder, who overruns it again and allows another boundary
17.4 CP Rizwan to Juandre Kruger, FOUR! SHOT! The match might be over but Kruger is playing brilliantly. A googly on off, Kruger rocks back and punches it to extra cover for a boundary!
17.3 CP Rizwan to Juandre Kruger, a full ball bowled outside off, Kruger plays it to covers for what seemed like a single but an overthrow costs an extra run
17.2 CP Rizwan to Khalid Maharoof, a slightly shorter ball bowled just outside off, Maharoof crunches it to sweeper cover for a single
17.1 CP Rizwan to Juandre Kruger, a length ball bowled outside off, Kruger cuts it to sweeper cover for a single
Two wickets in the over for Bharwal, who has been brilliant with the ball today. He could have easily had three in the over itself but he should be happy with his performance. 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Harry Bharwal
16.6 Harry Bharwal to Khalid Maharoof, a quicker one bowled outside off, Maharoof tries to cut but misses
16.5 Harry Bharwal to Khalid Maharoof, DROPPED! FOUR! A tossed-up delivery on off-stump, Khalid heaves it towards mid-on, where the fielder gets a hand on it but not enough to stop it from going to the boundary
16.4 Harry Bharwal to Khalid Maharoof, a length ball bowled on the top of off, Khalid guides it to backward point for no runs
16.3 Harry Bharwal to Khalid Maharoof, a length ball bowled outside off, Khalid pushes it without any fuss to covers for no runs
Khalid Maharoof, RHB, is the next batter!
16.2 Harry Bharwal to Rodwell Chigome, WICKET! An action-replay of the previous ball as Chigome is struck in front of middle and off. The umpire, once again, has an easy decision to make as Chigome departs first ball! Bharwal is on a hattrick!
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