Islamabad United 152/7 (20 ov)
Lahore Qalandars 124/10 (18.2 ov)
Islamabad United won by 28 runs.
Player of the match: Asif Ali
Islamabad United win by 28 runs!

This brings us to the end of Match no. 20 from the Pakistan Super League between Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandars, which has seen Islamabad United win by 28 runs! This isn't it from the PSL today, as the Multan Sultans are about to take on the Peshawar Zalmi in the game which is about to start, for which Navjeevan Rajput and Rishab will be keeping you company! Meanwhile, this is me, Abhinav Kumar and alongside me, my friend and fellow textpert Prashanth Satish signing off! Thank you for joining us & goodbye!
Post-match Presentation Quotes: -

Sohail Akhtar, Lahore Qalandars Captain: - Credit to the Islamabad United bowlers, especially Shadab Khan and Fawad Ahmed. Our middle order really failed to take charge and assume responsibility to steer the team through. We need to improve our death bowling, especially as we gave away 10-15 runs too many. We had a good opening partnership, but the middle order completely collapsed. Hopefully, we will do much better in the next few games and not be complacent when the game is under control.

Asif Ali, Player of the Match: - Our team was under pressure when we were 20/5, but I had an aggressive mindset to dominate and counterattack the bowling. Iftikhar and I kept talking to each other that we need to bat to the end and try to get a good total for the team.

Shadab Khan, Islamabad United Captain: - Not for one moment do we blame the decision we took at the toss for the collapse at the start, but the team showed great resolve to fight back from adversity and it'll help the team going forward. Cricket is a funny game and it was on display today.
WHAT A STUNNING COMEBACK! What a crazy win for Islamabad United, who have risen from the dead and managed to beat the Lahore Qalandars by 28 runs, by derailing the Qalandars at 124 all-out in 18.2 overs.

The Lahore Qalandars had started brilliantly, with the skipper Sohail Akhtar and his opening partner, the Pakistan limited-overs opener Fakhar Zaman getting their side off to a superb 55-run stand in the powerplay overs, with Akhtar getting a 19-ball 34 and Fakhar Zaman scored a patient 44 from 37 balls, but after them, the entire batting order collapsed like a pack of cards and several batsmen played some really irresponsible strokes to throw away their wickets, with the story of their collapse being from a position of 86/2 after 10 overs to being 100/9 after 15 overs.

The Islamabad United bowlers really put their hands up to get their side back in the game, with Muhammad Musa striking in the middle overs with a superb 3/18 in 3 overs, with the leg-spinning duo of skipper Shadab Khan and Fawad Ahmed getting a couple of wickets each and Ali Khan took a wicket right at the end, with a couple of run-outs not helping the cause either.

The Lahore Qalandars really need to think long and hard about how they let this game slip away from their grasp, while Islamabad United will be rejoicing the manner in which they came back. Stay tuned as we bring you updates from the Presentation Ceremony!
18.2 Ali Khan to Haris Rauf, OUT! CAUGHT! That is that, top catch to finish. Full length ball at the stumps, Rauf clears his front leg and heaves this one away to the deep mid wicket boundary, the fielder holds his composure to take this one cleanly.
18.1 Ali Khan to Ahmed Daniyal, full and angling, Daniyal misses out on the flick and is hit on the pads. They sneak in a leg bye.
A pretty decent over for the Lahore Qalandars, with 14 runs from it. With 30 runs needed from 2 overs, they will try to make a match of it now.

The penultimate over of the match and Ali Khan has been summoned to try and wrap up the game for Islamabad, with Ahmed Daniyal on strike.
123 /9 score
cricket bat icon Ahmed Daniyal *
6 (8)
cricket bat icon Haris Rauf
17 (10)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Wasim
0 /38
17.6 Mohammad Wasim to Ahmed Daniyal, full and angling in, Daniyal digs this one out and plays this one back past the bowler for a single
17.5 Mohammad Wasim to Haris Rauf, length ball, slows it up. Rauf does not get the timing right on this one and plays it to the leg side, gets a single
17.4 Mohammad Wasim to Haris Rauf, SIX MORE! Full and in the slot, Rauf clears his front leg and sends this one down the ground, it goes all the way for a maximum. Is there a twist in the tale?
17.3 Mohammad Wasim to Haris Rauf, SIX! WHAT A SHOT! Good length ball outside the off stump, Rauf punches this one away clean over deep extra cover for a maximum. Top strike!
17.2 Mohammad Wasim to Haris Rauf, BEATEN! Swing and a miss, length ball outside the off stump. Rauf tries to slap this one away to the leg side gets beaten completely.
17.1 Mohammad Wasim to Haris Rauf, short of a length outside the off stump, Rauf tries to run this one down to third man by upper cutting it but fails to make contact
A top spell from Fawad Ahmed comes to an end, with just 5 runs from his final over. Lahore Qalandars are still trying to fight through and need another 44 runs from 3 overs to script an unlikely win.

Mohammad Wasim returns to the attack, with Haris Rauf on strike.
109 /9 score
cricket bat icon Ahmed Daniyal
5 (7)
cricket bat icon Haris Rauf *
4 (5)
cricket ball icon Fawad Ahmed
2 /27
16.6 Fawad Ahmed to Haris Rauf, falls safely, tossed up on stump line and Rauf chips it to the long on region for a single to end the over
16.5 Fawad Ahmed to Ahmed Daniyal, slow and tossed up outside the off stump, Daniyal drives it all one the ground to long on for a single
16.4 Fawad Ahmed to Haris Rauf, EDGED! Tossed up on off stump, Rauf gets an outside edge on the slog sweep and they pick up three runs here
16.3 Fawad Ahmed to Haris Rauf, comes down the track, length ball on stump line and Rauf turns this one away to the leg side, no runs
16.2 Fawad Ahmed to Haris Rauf, tries for the sweep, does not get contact and is hit on the pads to this full length delivery on the leg stump
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