Brescia Cricket Club 131/5 (10 ov)
Janjua Brescia Cricket Club won by 5 wickets
It wasn't an easy total to get to in the first place for JJB. Naeem Ahmad's stellar opening act set the right platform for the batsmen coming in to go big and keep up with the required run-rate! Naeem's knock of 39 runs off 14 balls included 2 fours and 4 sixes! Even though JJB lost two early wickets, Hasnat Ahmed (36 off 19) and Zain Abdeen Ul (40 off 14) decided to take the bowlers to the cleaners!

Their partnership was worth 68 runs off just 28 balls! By the time the duo got out, the match was firmly tilted towards JJB. Shadnan tried to follow up his century with a wicket and an excellent catch on the ropes but still ended up on the losing side. It was an entertaining game and the better side won!

That's it from the game as I, Sameer Deodhar and my colleague Abhinav Singh sign-off! Stay tuned for the next game that starts anytime soon! Goodbye and Take care!
9.3 Shadnan Khan to Waseem Ahmad, slow good length delivery on the fifth stump line, Waseem waited an eternity to dab it to point where the fielder picked the ball quickly and threw it to non-strikers end for a run-out! But with no back-up, the ball went away for an overthrow and the batsmen came back for the second to seal the match for JBCC! Shadnan the bowler will be disappointed as his hundred goes in vain!
9.2 Shadnan Khan to Muhammad Saqib, short ball on the body yet again and hit firmly to deep midwicket for a single. The fielder decided to take a step back and wait for the ball rather than run in and attempt the catch! 2 required off 4!
9.1 Shadnan Khan to Hasnat Ahmed, WICKET! what an anti-climax! a short delivery on the ribcage and the set batsman miscued the pull straight to short square leg where the fielder stationed takes an easy catch! Shadnan Khan, you beauty! Are we in for some late drama? 3 REUIRED OFF 5!
Just 6 runs and a wicket in that over from Imran Naveed. BRCC will be happy to take this till the last over. Shadnan Khan, the man with a century in the first innings, is going to try to win it with the ball here!

I won't be surprised if he pulls this off! 3 REQUIRED OFF 6!
8.6 Imran Naveed to Waseem Ahmad, full length ball on pads, flicked to short square leg for no run! 3 needed of the final 6 deliveries 
8.5 Imran Naveed to Waseem Ahmad, FOUR! yorker-length ball on the middle and leg stump and turned away beautifully to deep midwicket for a boundary! Wristy from Ahmad!
8.4 Imran Naveed to Waseem Ahmad, short ball outside off, is too quick for the new batsman who plays down the wrong line
8.3 Imran Naveed to Hasnat Ahmed, short ball on the body and hooked behind square for a single 
8.2 Imran Naveed to Zain Abdeen Ul, WICKET! high fulltoss, Zain tried to go over deep midwicket for another six but ended up finding the fielder stationed there who takes an easy catch by hopping a little in the end! Shadnan Khan makes his presence felt with an excellent catch on the ropes!
8.1 Imran Naveed to Hasnat Ahmed, low full toss and drilled down the ground ferociously for a single. Good fielding there!
20 runs off that over has sealed the game here. Just formalities ahead!

JJB 123/3 (8.0) need 9 runs off 12 balls!
7.6 Qulb Sajjad to Zain Abdeen Ul, SIX! another low fulltoss and Zain doesn't miss out on this one as he deposits it way over the square leg fielder for a massive SIX! He rocked onto the backfoot and put all his power into the bat swing!
7.5 Qulb Sajjad to Zain Abdeen Ul, low fulltoss on the pads and the southpaw misses a scoring chance 
7.4 Qulb Sajjad to Zain Abdeen Ul, sSIX! short ball on the pads and hoicked over deep midwicket for a monstrous hit! This is poor bowling just asking to be hit and Abdeen obliges!
7.3 Qulb Sajjad to Zain Abdeen Ul, SIX! flighted delivery outside off and Zain hits through the line and clears the rope easily over covers for a huge SIX! Abdeel Ul put a long stride outside off and that helped him get enough power behind the shot!
7.2 Qulb Sajjad to Hasnat Ahmed, short of length delivery, dragged across to cow corner for a quick single
7.1 Qulb Sajjad to Zain Abdeen Ul, flighted delivery outside off and swept gently to wide long on for a single 
16 runs off that over. Shadnan Khan got a bit of his own medicine in this over and it has taken JJB closer to victory. BRCC fielders' body language telling a story here!

JJB 103/3 (7.0) need 29 runs off 18 balls!
6.6 Shadnan Khan to Hasnat Ahmed, SIX! short ball on the body and Ahmed takes the revenge by slapping the ball out of the park for a HUGE maximum! Short ball without enough pace has to land outside the ropes. No surprises here!
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