Cividate 105/4 (10 ov)
Janjua Brescia Cricket Club won by 2 wickets
Player of the match: Dara Shikoh
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What a thriller we have been treated to! The match went all the way down to the last three balls and the result could have swung either way. In the end thanks to a huge shot from the bat of Mohammad Afzal, Janjua Brescia clinch the match by just 2 wickets and only 2 balls remaining in the match. The opening pair of Naeem Ahmad and Nasir Ramzan combined and contributed a total of just a run to the team's total in the chase. It took a steady knock of Abdul Rehman who scored 36 from 12 balls to bring the team back in the chase. The lower batsmen, Zahid Ali, Suleman Ali and Muhammad Shouab played important cameos. But Janjua Brescia kept losing wickets which meant the match went all the way down to the last over. Cividate's Dara Shiko who had a good outing picked two wickets in the last over to keeps things exciting but in the end, Mohammad Afzal blasted a huge six to win the match for his side. 

Early in the day, Cividate ended with a total of 105/4 of from 10 overs. There were not many fireworks from the batting side. The inning was a one-man show as Dara Shikoh played a steady knock of 74 from 38 balls hitting four fours and six sixes. Such was Shikoh's dominance in the inning that the next high score was 11 which came from the bat of Bilal Ahmad. Suleman Ali was the stand-out bowler for Janjua Brescia as he finished with the figures of 2/22.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 W 1W 6 Bowler: Dara Shikoh Score: 0/0
9.4 Dara Shikoh to Mohammad Afzal, SIX! Full-length delivery outside the off stump, Afzal gets on his knee and slogs the ball all the way over the deep midwicket region for a maximum to end the over. A thrilling end to the contest as Januja Brescia win the match by 2 wickets
Mohammad Afzal walks out to bat. 
9.3 Dara Shikoh to Mohammad Shouab, RUN OUT! SINGLE TAKEN! Full length delivery wide outside the off stump, Shouab walks across to hit the ball to deep midwicket. Takes a single, but fails to make it back in time and finds himself short
Raeem Qureshi walks out to bat. 
9.2 Dara Shikoh to Ahmadullah Safi, CAUGHT! Full length delivery wide outside the off stump, Safi hits the long ball, gets it from the meat of the bat and the fielder times his jump really well and takes a good catch
5 from 5. 
9.1 Dara Shikoh to Mohammad Shouab, back of a length delivery on the line of the off stump, Shouab gets on the backfoot and plays the it to fine leg for a single 
Dara Shikoh to bowl the last over. 
With 10 runs from the over. We are down to the last over. 6 runs in 6 balls needed. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 6 1 0 1lb Bowler: Muhammad Arslan Score: 0/0
8.6 Muhammad Arsalan to Mohammad Shouab, slower yorker going down the legside, the ball takes a bit of pad behind to the keeper and the pair run a leg bye to end the over
8.5 Muhammad Arsalan to Mohammad Shouab, slower yorker outside the off stump, the batsman is deceived for pace and has a play and a miss, no run
7 runs in 8 balls!
8.4 Muhammad Arsalan to Ahmadullah Safi, length delivery on the off stump, Safi clears his from foot and clubs the ball down the ground for a single 
8 runs in 9 balls needed now!
8.3 Muhammad Arsalan to Ahmadullah Safi, SIX! Full toss on the off stump on that occasion, Arsalan misses the yorker and Safi smashes the ball all the way over the ropes for a maximum
14 runs in 10 balls needed. 
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