Janjua Brescia Cricket Club won by 5 wickets
Janjua Brescia Cricket Club chase this total down with 5 wickets in hand and 19 balls to spare!

What an interesting match this was as the Roma Capanelle Cricket Club needed early wickets to have a chance of winning this match and they did manage to do so as in the second over Vikram Sharda got 3 wickets and put the Janjua Brescia Cricket Club on the back foot as they were on 13 runs for the loss of 3 wickets, Janjua Brescia lost a couple more wickets in the next 2 overs and had lost half their side while the job was not finished for them.

The runs per over was never an issue for Janjua Brescia and thus Roma Capannelle needed to get wickets regularly to win this which they, unfortunately, failed to do so as Hasnat Ahmed and Waseem Ahmad settled themselves in and steadied the ship and guided their side through to the finish line as Waseem Ahmad scored 31 runs in 12 balls and Hasnat Ahmed scored 26 runs in just 8 balls.

The top bowler for Roma Capannelle Cricket Club was Vikram Sharda who managed to get 4 wickets!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Janjua Brescia Cricket Club and Roma Capannelle Cricket Club. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Pradeep Somashekar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
6.5 Reddy Vajrala to Waseem Ahmad, FOUR! Waseem hoicks the full length delivery by going across the crease and gets a good edge that races away towards deep backward point for another boundary! That's it, this game is DONE AND DUSTED! Hasnat and Waseem played a blitzkrieg of an innings and they chased this total down with 19 deliveries to spare! That was some breathtaking hitting from both!
6.4 Reddy Vajrala to Waseem Ahmad, SIX! CLOBBERED! Full delivery in the arc and Waseem wants to waste no time here and powers this one down to long on for a maximum! Goes all the way! This is some hitting from both the batsman! Only 4 runs needed now!
6.3 Reddy Vajrala to Waseem Ahmad, FOUR! Terrible bowling, spraying on the leg stumps and Waseem helps this one on its away towards fine leg, another boundary! This is getting out of RCCC's hands here! Just 10 runs needed now!
6.2 Reddy Vajrala to Waseem Ahmad, short this time and Waseem pulls this one hard and it lands safely as the fielder from deep square leg runs across to collect it, 2 runs taken!
6.1 Reddy Vajrala to Waseem Ahmad, FOUR! Good shot, Waseem just helps that full-length delivery towards long leg, it was played fine and the ball races away to the boundary! The required runs down to 16 with that hit!
At the end of the 6th over JJB are 68/5. It was good for JJB as in the latter half of the over Hasnat managed to hit a couple of sixes and a boundary! JJB now need 20 runs in 24 balls at 5 RPO! RCCC needs to get these two batters out as soon as possible as they are now taking the game away from them!
5.6 Kevin Kekulawala to Hasnat Ahmed, SIX! Another SIX, Kevin has been taken for cleaners here, Hasnat SMOKED this one towards deep square leg boundary and it goes all the way again! Exactly the over  JJB were looking to make a come back into the match!
5.5 Kevin Kekulawala to Hasnat Ahmed, SIX! Tossed up, it was in the arc and Hasnat powers this one towards long on for a maximum, goes all the way!
5.4 Kevin Kekulawala to Hasnat Ahmed, FOUR! Half tracker, it was touch short, Hasnat goes back in his crease and smacks this back past the bowler for a boundary!
5.3 Kevin Kekulawala to Waseem Ahmad, fired it in this time and Waseem goes for a swat at it and just another single!
5.2 Kevin Kekulawala to Waseem Ahmad, tossed up, it was full on Waseem, just pushes it to the fielder towards covers, no run!
5.1 Kevin Kekulawala to Hasnat Ahmed, tossed up, it was short and cuts it hard towards covers for a quick single!
At halfway through their innings, JJB are 50/5. They now need 38 runs in 30 balls at 7.6 RPO! A good over this for JJB as they manage to get 12 runs in this over and more importantly do not lose a wicket in this over.
4.6 Sumair Ali to Waseem Ahmad, good finish from Sumair as he bowled that one good length, touch short and Waseem lets that one go!
4.5 Sumair Ali to Waseem Ahmad, FOUR! Full length delivery again and Waseem swung at that and he swung it hard, gets a good amount of edge to it and flies to the boundary as the keeper tries to catch that one, races away to the boundary!
4.5 Sumair Ali to Waseem Ahmad, WIDE! It was short and bowled way outside of off stump, umpire calls that a wide!
4.4 Sumair Ali to Waseem Ahmad, SIX! Full delivery, in the arc and Waseem says "THANK YOU" and CLOBBERS this one towards deep mid wicket boundary, it was there for the taking and that sails all the way!
4.3 Sumair Ali to Waseem Ahmad, back of a length delivery, it was on the middle and off, not much room for Waseem to cut, but ends up hitting it to the point fielder, no run!
4.2 Sumair Ali to Waseem Ahmad, swung away beautifully, it was pitched on the middle and off, Waseem went for a big hoick and is beaten by some swing!
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