Cividate 39/10 (8.4 ov)
Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club won by 82 runs.
Player of the match: Muhammad Imran
What a bowling display this has been from Jinnah Brescia to storm into the finals. They will be up against Janjua Brescia and the way Jinnah have come out on top in this game, it certainly promises to be a thriller of a final. Batting first and putting up a decent effort to get to 121 which was always going to be a tough chase. However, Cividate looked nowhere in it as what followed was a complete nightmare for them. 

Skittled out for a mere 39 runs in under 9 overs in a semi-final, not something that you would expect and they will be highly disappointed with this effort. None of the batsmen could get going as they lost early wickets at the top and matters only continued to get worse for them as they kept loosing wickets in heaps all the way through. Not a lot really to talk about their batting performance in what turned out to be a one-sided game in the end. 

On the other hand though, this was a terrific bowling show from Jinnah, maintaining the discipline, keeping it tight and building on the pressure constantly as they did not allow Cividate a single chance to stage a comeback. Domination at it's best so to say and this will come as a perfect confidence booster for them going into the all important final. It was Janaka Wass who set it up for them with a wonderful spell at the top, with figures of 3/5 from his two overs doing the early damage. It was backed up well by the rest as well with Imran picking 3 as well, followed by 2 for Sajjad and a wicket for Sukhwinder towards the end. A complete bowling performance to say the least. 

Final day of ECS Italy, Brescia, 2021 and some final action coming your way from here. Stay tuned as this is Rishab and my partner Ankit as we take your leave for the moment!
Game over then as Cividate are bundled out for a paltry 39, nowhere close whatsoever to the target and a massive victory for Jinnah Brescia this, winning by a huge margin of 82 runs to confirm their spot in the finals. Thoroughly exceptional show with the ball as they blew Cividate away, making it a one-sided affair and going into the finals on the back of such a win will certainly boost their confidence up by large!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 0 1 W Bowler: Muhammad Sajjad Score: 0/0
8.4 Muhammad Sajjad to Ramzan Shabbir, OUT! CAUGHT! There's the final wicket for the win. Good length delivery on middle and off. Shabbir tried to slice this over the cover fielder, but ends up chipping it straight into the fielders hand. Jinnah Brescia win this and will go through to the finals. 
8.3 Muhammad Sajjad to Abdul Rehman, fullish delivery on the middle stump, worked away to the on side for a single. 
8.2 Muhammad Sajjad to Abdul Rehman, good length wide outside off stump, left alone for the keeper to pick it up. 
8.1 Muhammad Sajjad to Ramzan Shabbir, full on the stumps, pushed towards long on for an easy run. One wicket left. 
What can be a better sight for a fast bowler than the stumps cartwheeling! Absolutely charging in was Sukhwinder knocking it down as another one bites the dust for Cividate. Jinnah closing this out in some style and this has been a fantastic bowling performance. Just a wicket away now are Jinnah! 
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 4 W 0 1 0 Bowler: Sukhwinder Singh-I Score: 37/9
7.6 Sukhwinder Singh to Abdul Rehman, short pitched delivery, angling into the right hander who has no clue how to play it, and lets it go to the keeper. 
7.5 Sukhwinder Singh to Ramzan Shabbir, good length delivery, on the off stump, chipped over the bowler for an easy run. Catch was called but the ball drops safely in no man's land. 
7.4 Sukhwinder Singh to Ramzan Shabbir, full and straight on the stumps, but the number 11 batsman does well to defend this. 
7.3 Sukhwinder Singh to Arslan Sabir, OUT! BOWLED! Straight and full on the off stump. As expected Sabir swings his bat, only to lose his off stump, after failing to connect bat to ball. 
7.2 Sukhwinder Singh to Arslan Sabir, FOUR! Overpitched delivery, slapped back straight over the bowler, and has enough to run away to the fence. Some consolidatory runs here for the batting unit. 
7.1 Sukhwinder Singh to Abdul Rehman, full length delivery punched towards cover for a run. 
Another terrific over, another wicket going down and Jinnah are now just two wickets away. Cividate will be highly disappointed with how things have gone and Jinnah continue to dominate this contest!
Over: 7 | Summary: 1w 0 0 1 1 W 0 Bowler: Muhammad Sajjad Score: 31/8
6.6 Muhammad Sajjad to Arslan Sabir, good length delivery, nipped away to the off side for nothing. 
6.5 Muhammad Sajjad to Waleem Sikandar , OUT! CAUGHT! Eight down now. Good length outside off. Waleem takes a swing at it with nothing to loose. Gets a top edge that is caught comfortably at point. 
6.4 Muhammad Sajjad to Arslan Sabir, full and wide for the batsman who blindly swings his bat, gets an edge and will pick up a single. 
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