176/7 (20)
172/6 (20)
KAR won by 4 runs.
A final with some superstars on show. KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal and Manish Pandey putting up a ravishing show. Ravi Ashwin, Dinesh Karthik, Washington Sundar and Vijay Shankar involved in a high octane chse. Karnataka  defending the total of 180 on the final ball, with Gowtham handling the responsibility in the final over. A thrilling end to one of the best finals of all time in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy!

For those of you wondering, it was the finals of 2019, where Karnataka took on Tamil Nadu, and emerged victorious by 1 run! It was one of the best finishes ever, and we have with us on Monday, a repeat of this showdown! Few stars this time out might be different, but the intensity, the rivalry, the hunger for the win is still the same. On Monday, 1:00 pm IST, Karnataka lock horns yet again with Tamil Nadu for the finals! 

Do join us then, for it promises to be a thriller! We cannot wait for it, and we hope to see you there! That's all from this game. Along with my expert co commentator, Shashwat Kumar, I have been Ankit Sharma, bidding you farewell! Take care and stay safe! 
Karnataka win the game by 4 runs

What a nail biter this game has turned out to be! Just what semi finals should be like! We had a one sided affair earlier in the day, which Tamil Nadu won effortlessly, but this game had its ups and downs, had all the moments a thriller should. It was hard to predict a winner, as both teams were ahead at some point, but Karnataka show their character, show their class, and have edged past Vidarbha to book another date in the finals. 

Karnataka put up a show with the bat, with their skipper opening alongside Rohan Kadam, and putting up a stellar show. A 132 run partnership to cement the start and then the middle order tearing it up, or so was thought to be the script. But, after a fantastic opening stand, and a flamboyant short innings of 27 runs from Manohar, things went down. 

Vidarbha came strong, and came with all their might. Nalkande was unplayable in the final over, and picked up four wickets in four deliveries at the death. Karnataka surely would have been looking at 190-200 at one stage, but Nalkande ensured 176 is all that was possible. He gave away just a single in the final over, and gave his batters much needed momentum to go out for the chase. 

Atharva Taide did justice to the momentum, and started smacking the bowlers left right and center. Satish who was his deputy, took his time, and picked up a few late boundaries. But, neither of them could dig it out for long. Taide was the first to go for 32, followed soon by Satish, for 31. Wadkar and Dubey came out, looked strong, took a few deliveries to settle in, and started finding their rhythm. 

Thanks to Taide's explosives, Vidarbha had a healthy run rate, and the middle order could help maintain it if nothing. Just when a small partnership had started to form, Wadkar was dismissed, followed soon by Dubey, who had started to look dangerous. Vidarbha were in control of the game for major part of the first half, but Karnataka struck at crucial moments, and took the game away. 

Wankhede and Karnewar were the last pawns of the piece that Karnataka needed eliminated, or kept quiet. Neither of which, were going down without a fight and brought the equation to 14 off 6! Vidyadhar Patil was handled the responsibility of defending the total, and after the game he had with a couple of simple catches being dropped, it his moment to clinch. 

And clinch it, he did. Sent Karnewar back on the very first ball, and conceded 4 runs till the final ball. The game was won, and only a legal delivery was needed. Nalkande smacked the last the ball for a boundary, but Vidarbha were still short by 5 runs. Karnataka yet again have found a way to win. They forced a super over last game, and this time too, they've managed to hold on and triumph over the unbeaten Vidarbha team. 

Karnataka go through to the finals, for the second time in three years, and will face Tamil Nadu, who have made it into the finals, three years in a row! 
A boundary off the final ball, but it won't be enough! They needed one more in the final over, but they could not manage it. Nalkande tries his best, but even a six on the final ball would not have been enough. Vidyadhar Patil have repaid the faith of his skipper. He dropped two catches earlier, but comes back to finish strongly, defending 14 runs off the final over, and pushing his team through! Karnataka make into the finals, and will face Tamil Nadu! 
172 /6 score
cricket bat icon Apoorv Wankhade
27 (22)
cricket bat icon Darshan Nalkande *
5 (3)
cricket ball icon Vidyadhar Patil
1 /29
19.6 Vidyadhar Patil to Darshan Nalkande, FOUR TO FINISH! Full toss outside off stump. Darshan goes deep into his crease and plunders that one past deep extra cover for four. Karnataka go through though!
Just a single taken, as Patil's full toss is not dealt with in a boundary! 9 needed off 1! One legal delivery is all Patil needs to bowl! 
19.5 Vidyadhar Patil to Apoorv Wankhade, low full toss outside off stump. Wankhade gives it everything he has and laces it towards deep extra cover for just another single
Excellent delivery from Patil, who has got the ball to skid away from the bat! 10 runs needed from 2 now! Super Over maybe? 
19.4 Vidyadhar Patil to Darshan Nalkande, back of a length delivery way outside off stump. Darshan has a hack across the line and misses. Wankhade gets across for the bye and the bowler misses the run out at the other end
Patil escapes there, as his full toss is just below the waist. It's debatable yes, but the umpire seems to have got it right. 11 runs needed off 3 deliveries! 
19.3 Vidyadhar Patil to Apoorv Wankhade, waist height full toss on middle and off stump. Wankhade is taken aback by the length and heaves it towards deep mid wicket for just a single. Could have been a No Ball!
Looking for the wider line, but going overboard! 12 runs from 4 balls! 
19.3 Vidyadhar Patil to Apoorv Wankhade, full delivery angled across the batter way outside off stump. Wankhade leaves that one alone and then sees the umpire signal a wide!
Nalkande does the right thing, even though he intended to go for the big one. Crosses over for a single, and gets the set batter on strike! 13 needed off 4 now! Patil switches to around the wicket now! 
19.2 Vidyadhar Patil to Darshan Nalkande, full toss outside off stump. Darshan walks across his stumps and swings for the hills. Only manages to slice it towards extra cover for a single
Darshan Nalkande, RHB, comes to the crease 
Patil strikes! Gives some width to the batter, who slices it straight to cover. Manohar isn't dropping them, and Patil has a chance to avenge himself! A wicket off the first ball. 14 runs needed off 5 deliveries! A new batter walks in! 
19.1 Vidyadhar Patil to Akshay Karnewar, OUT! WHAT A CATCH! Length delivery outside off stump and Karnewar throws his bat at it. He absolutely belts it towards extra cover, where the fielder leaps into the air, parries it close enough to him and then completes the catch! Huge moment in the game! This could be the catch that wins Karnataka the match!

Akshay Karnewar c A Manohar b V Patil 22 (12b, 1x4, 2x6)
Vidyadhar Patil (3.0-0-21-0) comes back for the all important final over 
A very interesting over this one! It's evenly poised, with the brute power of the batters! 13 runs from the over, and Vyshak will not be happy. Misses the yorker on the final ball, and his over is ruined. A six to start the over, and a four to end the over. Vidarbha need 14 runs from 6 deliveries. Pressure on the bowler!