Kharian 86/5 (10 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC 89/3 (8.3 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Sofiqul Islam
That was it from today folks! It was an interesting day of cricket. A lot more interesting days coming. Thank you for joining us. This was Vasudev and Bala. Signing off. Goodnight!
The match was pretty balanced till the end but Sofiqul just took it away from Kharians with his amazing knock. 
Kharians were pretty decent with the ball but a lot more was required for defending a below par total of 86. Jahanzhaib Asghar was outstanding with the ball, he got 2 wickets and gave away just 13 runs with an economy rate pf 6.5. Junaid Ali also created some pressure with his spell, he gave away just 10 runs in his 2 overs. Apart from them, no one bowled with an economy lower than 12. Misfields also led the team down and took the game farther away from them. They were 10-15 runs short with the bat in the first innings. Some lessons to learn from this game and some positives to take away too. 
It's done. Bangladesh Kings have won with 9 balls to spare and it's Tahed Ahmed to hit the winning runs. Sofiqul and the entire team is happy as Tahed whips the ball to the square leg boundary for a six. Bangladesh Kings get their 4th win of the tournament and Kharians are still on 3. Kharians did have their moments in this match but they just weren't enough, be it with the bat or the ball. For the Bangladesh Kings. it was a team effort but Sofiqul Islam shined with the bat. He scored 31 runs off just 14 deliveries, a strike rate of 221.4. Hitting 2 sixes and 3 boundaries he made sure that the game doesn't slip away. At the top, Muhammad MAsood played a mature knock, scoring 25 runs off 15 balls. Shakil and Saqib hit a boundary each but then fell. Kings were under pressure in the starting and middle overs but Sofiqul handled the pressure well enough.

8.3 MD Umar Waqas to Tahed Ahmed, SIX! Low juicy full toss on the pads, whips it away over the square leg boundary for a maximum and closes the match out in style
8.2 MD Umar Waqas to Sofiqul Islam, slightly short of a length this time, pulls it away to deep mid-wicket for a single
8.1 MD Umar Waqas to Sofiqul Islam, FOUR! A rank long hop to start with, Islam waits deep in the crease and pulls it away. Poor bit of fielding in the deep lets the ball through to the boundary
Well now we can call it a done deal. Just 9 off 12 required. With Sofiqul Rehman on the crease and in his dream form, it is Bangladesh Kings' game to lose. Kharians are still not out of this game. Tahed Ahmed is struggling and if Kharian manage to take Islam's wicket, they still have a chance.
Over: 8 | Summary: 6 1 4b 0 0 0 Bowler: Junaid Ali Score: 78/3
7.6 Junaid Ali to Tahed Ahmed, good length ball marginally outside the off-stump, he is tentative to come forward and ends up getting beaten on the late cut
7.5 Junaid Ali to Tahed Ahmed, slower ball on a length outside the off-stump, guides it late to short thirdman
7.4 Junaid Ali to Tahed Ahmed, length ball wide of off-stump, swings his bat at that one but makes no connection
7.3 Junaid Ali to Tahed Ahmed, Oh, well! Short of a length outside the off-stump, he tries to cut but the ball takes off the length. The keeper fails to pouch that as well and the ball ricochets off his gloves and races away
7.2 Junaid Ali to Sofiqul Islam, short ball angling at the body, tucks it away to short fineleg for a single
7.1 Junaid Ali to Sofiqul Islam, SIX! Right in the slot for the batsman, he takes the front leg away and slogs it over the cow corner fence for a maximum
This game is like an hourglass and someone is rotating the hourglass in regular intervals. 7 overs are done with and Bangladesh Kings still require 20 runs. Kharians need 3 more good overs, tight bowling and fielding necessary. Sofiqul Islam's wicket would be the target.
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 0 6 W 1 1 Bowler: Jashanzaib Asghar Score: 67/3
6.6 Jahanzaib Asghar to Sofiqul Islam, length ball on the off-stump, plays it with an open-faced bat to the right of point
6.5 Jahanzaib Asghar to Tahed Ahmed, length ball angling into the leg-stump, clips it away off his pads to deep mid-wicket
6.4 Jahanzaib Asghar to Saqib Muhammad, OUT! Deceives the batsman with the pace, he is a bit early on the shot and hits it straight back to the bowler
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