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Raval Sporting CC 125/5 (10 ov)
Kharian 75/10 (8.5 ov)
Raval Sporting CC won by 50 runs.
Player of the match: Sonu Jangra
What a commanding performance this has been from RavaL CC, first with the ball and then with the bat to post a handsome win and start the day in grand fashion! Skittling Kharian out for 75, who failed to bat through their ten overs as well in the end. A dominating win by a huge margin of 50 runs and Raval are up and running! Kharian started well in the first two overs and it looked like we were certainly in for a close chase. Wasn't to be so as Gaurang Mahyavanshi and Sonu Jangra had other plans! A double wicket maiden for Mahyavanshi that started the collapse for Kharian, followed by three wickets in the very next over by Jangra as the duo ran through the batting with no mercy and they fell like a pack of cards! Exceptional effort with the ball as Raval were completely on top of their game leaving no way whatsoever for Kharian to even try and make a comeback as they kept chipping away with the flurry of wickets.

Zufiqar started well for Kharian but got no support from the other end. They needed someone to stand there and play a long and impact innings, like what Gurwinder did, but unfortunately, none of the batsmen could stand the fantastic bowling that was on display. Kharian quite clearly being outplayed in every department of the game. A game to forget for them and the least they can do now is, put it behind as soon as they can and regroup. 

Raval CC will be delighted with this performance. It was an absolutely magnificent show, first from Gurwinder with the bat and then Mahyavanshi and Jangra repaying the good work with the ball to complete a comprehensive win for them! Just the kind of a game that completely lifts you up as a side and they well certainly look to forward the momentum in the remaining of their games for today and the tournament as a whole as well. This has been myself (Rishab) and Navjeevan as we take your leave. Lots more of action lined up for the day. Stay tuned!
That's the end of the misery for Kharian then, bundled out for 75 in under nine overs and Raval starting the day with a handsome win! A huge margin of 50 runs and it's been a complete all-around show from them
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1nb 1 1 0 W Bowler: Irfan Muhammad-II Score: 0/0
8.5 Irfan Muhammad to Abdul Wadood Awan, STUMPED!! Full and outside off, the batsman decided to come down the track and hoick the ball downtown but misses it completely. The keeper once again whips off the bails in a flash and ends this game. RAS won this match by 50 runs!
8.4 Irfan Muhammad to Abdul Wadood Awan, full and outside off, the batsman goes for the big swing and misses it, a dot ball
8.3 Irfan Muhammad to Junaid Ali, bowled full and hit along the ground for a single
8.2 Irfan Muhammad to Abdul Wadood Awan, A bit cheeky from the batsman as he decides to go for the scoop shot to a full-length ball. The ball was caught by the short fine but it was free to hit ball
8.2 Irfan Muhammad to Abdul Wadood Awan, NO BALL bowled by the bowler, FREE HIT coming up next
8.1 Irfan Muhammad to Abdul Wadood Awan, bowled full and outside off, the batsman tries to offer the shot but misses it
Danish Abdullah was putting up a sole fight but it was never going to enough, perishing eventually as he had no option but to go for the big one's. Kharian now on the verge of being bowled out before even completing their quota of overs with just a wicket left. It's been a top performance from Raval this! 54 off 12 needed
Over: 8 | Summary: 1w 0 6 0 0 W 1w 1 Bowler: Dawood Masood Score: 72/9
7.6 Dawood Masood to Abdul Wadood Awan, full and outside off, the batsman just pushes that ball towards covers for a single
7.6 Dawood Masood to Abdul Wadood Awan, bowled WIDE down the leg, the bowler will have to rebowl that one
7.5 Dawood Masood to Danish Abdullah, CHOPPED ON!! Short length again, the batsman gets the inside part of the bat on the pull and drags that ball back on to his stumps
7.4 Dawood Masood to Danish Abdullah, short again, the batsman shuffles across and he misses this one, another dot ball
7.3 Dawood Masood to Danish Abdullah, short, the batsman tries to pull that once again but gets the inside part of the bat which rolls on the pitch
7.2 Dawood Masood to Danish Abdullah, SIX RUNS!! Back of a length, the batsman rocks back and pulls that ball on the up towards square leg region for a maximum
7.1 Dawood Masood to Danish Abdullah, full and straight, the batsman just blocks that one, no run
7.1 Dawood Masood to Danish Abdullah, WIDE signed by the umpire as it was bowled way outside off
Wickets wickets and all wickets for Raval at the moment! Every bowler joining the party and the misery piling on for Kharian. Nice and straight from Mnawani and that was a lot better than how he started the over. Good comeback from him Kharian have fallen and fallen real bad. Just a couple of wickets away from a thumping victory now, are Raval! 63 off 18 needed
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