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Kings XI Cricket Club 166/2 (10 ov)
Cricket Stars 52/7 (10 ov)
Kings XI Cricket Club won by 114 runs.
Player of the match: Simranjit Singh
So, that is from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator, Pratyush Rohra. Do join Sportskeeda's live coverage of the match between Royal Parma and Bologna which will start at 8.30 PM IST. Until then, it is a warm good-bye
A dot ball to end the innings and the match too. Just sums up Cricket Stars' effort as they have only managed 52/7 to lose by a 114-run margin which is unbelievable in T10 cricket. Cricket Stars were never in the chase after conceding 166/2 and their batting didn't off to a great start too. Vikas Kumar dismissed Sultan Hassan in the very first over while Jaswinder Singh also joined the party in the next over by getting the better of Suraj Prakash. All of a sudden, Cricket Stars were reduced to 14/4 by the end of the Powerplay.

The malaise continued as Gurpreet Singh and Manpreet Singh got out to see Cricket Stars reduced to 21/6 after the fifth over. Thereafter, Adnan Saleem and Navdeep Singh combined to form a 31-run partnership but it came at a very slow pace. Adnan did bring some cheer to his team by finishing on 21 off 19 balls which included one six and one boundary. However, Momi Taran got his first ECS Bologna wicket by dismissing Navdeep in the final over.

This has been a forgettable ECS debut as they go back with five losses. This result eliminates them from the competition while the unbeaten Kings XI side have directly qualified to the semi-final. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 1w 5w 6 1 W 0 0 Bowler: Momi Taran Score: 52/7
9.6 Momi Taran to Narinder Singh, good length delivery on fifth stump line, Narinder opts to play the fancy scoop but fails to get bat on it. Sums up the Cricket Stars innings.. Kings XI go into the playoffs unbeaten!

Kings XI beat Cricket Stars by 114 runs.
9.5 Momi Taran to Narinder Singh, full delivery outside off-stump, Narinder swings and misses
9.4 Momi Taran to Navdeep Singh, BOWLED HIM! Good length delivery, straightened a bit after pitching to beat Navdeep all ends up and rattle his middle stump!
9.3 Momi Taran to Adnan Saleem, good length delivery on middle stump, Saleem walks across and top edges his sweep towards backward square leg. That went miles in the air before the fielder put down a tough effort, single taken
Solid strike from Adnan Saleem. He has smashed this over-pitched delivery down the ground. Going down with a fight at least
9.2 Momi Taran to Adnan Saleem, SIX! Full delivery on off-stump, Saleem gets underneath that one alright, finally, and clobbers it over long-off, for a maximum!
9.1 Momi Taran to Adnan Saleem, FOUR WIDES! Full and wide, the keeper can't do anything about that as the ball races away to the fence
Five wides from Momi Taran. Seems like he wants to add some excitement to this dull chase.
9.1 Momi Taran to Adnan Saleem, short but a bit too wide. Umpire signals.
9.1 Momi Taran to Navdeep Singh, full delivery angling into the batsman, Navdeep chips his drive towards long-on, for a single
Three runs off the over. The Cricket Stars batsmen gave some chances but Simranjit couldn't take the catch
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 0 0 1 1 1 Bowler: Noman Ali Score: 38/6
8.6 Nouman Ali to Navdeep Singh, full toss on off-stump, Navdeep drives it down to long-off, to end the over with a single.
8.5 Nouman Ali to Adnan Saleem, full delivery outside off-stump, Saleem slices his heave towards mid-on and the fielder at long-on couldn't make enough ground to take that one
8.4 Nouman Ali to Navdeep Singh, full delivery on off-stump, Navdeep slices it to point and takes the single
8.3 Nouman Ali to Navdeep Singh, CRACKERJACK! Full delivery angling into the pads, Navdeep got in an awkward position and missed it all ends up
8.2 Nouman Ali to Navdeep Singh, good length delivery outside off-stump, Navdeep swings and misses
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