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Kings XI Cricket Club 134/6 (10 ov)
Royal Parma Cricket Club 116/6 (10 ov)
Kings XI Cricket Club won by 18 runs.
Player of the match: Malkeet Singh
So, it's the Kings XI Cricket Club who are the champions of Bologna as they win by 18 runs to take the title! A terrific performance from them to defend what was speculated to be a total that might just not be enough but they have done it and will be mighty pleased of this achievement. They never allowed the batsmen to get ahead of the chase right from the first over, kept picking wickets all through and comfortably defended what they had on the board. Wickets for almost everyone who bowled in what has been an all-round effort for them. 

Royal Parma needed to start well in the powerplay to set the momentum which they failed to do and quite clearly they could never really pick up just enough to get them past the line. They did keep the big hits coming but not consistently enough and hence they ended up falling short. Deependra Singh looked like the only hope for them as they kept losing wickets at regular intervals. His 38 off just 16 deliveries looked to bring them back but this effort alone was never going to be enough. A brilliant cameo from Jaspal in the end but it was too late by then. 

Kings XI being the champions of Bologna will be delighted with this victory and they deserve it as well for the way they have played throughout the this part of the tournament to come out on on top. We've seen some wonderful action wherever this league has happened and although this is all we have for the moment, we will be coming back soon as the action is set to resume. You surely do not want to miss out so do join us. Until next time, it's a goodbye and goodnight!
Bit of a scare towards the end for the Kings? Too little too late for Royal Parma with too much left to do in the end and it's Kings XI Cricket Club who have successfully defended this total to win the game and ECS Bologna! They are the champions and deservingly so as well. It's been a brilliant performance from them in the final!!
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 0 6 0 0 0 Bowler: Jaswinder Singh Score: 114/6
9.6 Jaswinder Singh to Ram Jaspal, KINGS XI ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF ECS-BOLOGNA! overpitched ball bowled on the wide outside off line. Jaspal looking to finish off on a high tries to squirt the ball over third man but cannot get any significant contact as the ball whizzes past his bat and lands in the keeper's gloves. The KINGS XI bench storms to the turf and boy! they are on cloud nine!
9.5 Jaswinder Singh to Ram Jaspal, fuller length ball angling across from the batsman. Jaspal tries to slog across the line but can only connect with fresh Bologna air
9.4 Jaswinder Singh to Ram Jaspal, That is that then! faster, length delivery darted on the legstump. Jaspal trying to charge down the pitch yorks himself and can only mange to squirt the ball to mid on fielder. That is curtains for Royal Parma
9.3 Jaswinder Singh to Ram Jaspal, SIX! SECOND OF THE OVER!  back of length delivery dug outside off. Jaspal camped deep in the crease, swings straight and pummels the ball powerfully over deep long off fence for another MAXIMUM!
9.2 Jaswinder Singh to Ram Jaspal, short of length delivery bowled wide outside off. the ball keeps a tad low as the batsman and the keeper both fail to read it 
9.1 Jaswinder Singh to Ram Jaspal, SIX! HAMMERED! FETCH THAT FROM THE JURASSIC PARK! fuller length ball on the offstump. Jaspal shuffles across the stumps and heaves the ball high and mighty over midwicket for a MAXIMUM to provide some late entertainment. Surely he cannot change the result of the match now, or can he?
A brilliant over from Awais at the death this. He's bowled the slower one's well, mixing it up and not allowing the batsmen to score as many as they needed to. Again, the big shots just not enough for them and we might have the winners clear now!

31 off 6 needed
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 0 1 0 6 1 Bowler: Muhammad Awais Score: 102/6
8.6 Muhammad Awais to Ram Jaspal, length delivery darted on middle and leg. Jaspal cannot get any timing on this one as the pull is miscued to short point for a single
8.5 Muhammad Awais to Ram Jaspal, SIX! SPANKED! back of length delivery drifting down the leg. Jaspal gets inside the line of ball and smokes it over fine leg for a MAXIMUM!
8.4 Muhammad Awais to Ram Jaspal, slow yorker length delivery bowled on the fourth stump line. Jaspal tries to squeeze the ball behind square but cannot get his timing right 
8.3 Muhammad Awais to Sukhpal Singh, back of length delivery dug into the pitch on the offstump. Singh rises with the ball and uncomfortably fends it off to short backward point for a single
8.2 Muhammad Awais to Sukhpal Singh, slow, loopy fulltoss on the offstump.The batsman is completely outfoxed as he completes the shot before the ball can even reach him 
8.1 Muhammad Awais to Sukhpal Singh, faster length ball angling into the blockhole. Singh tries to launch the ball towards onside nut is beaten by extra pace 
Royal Parma batsmen are trying hard but it just doesn't seem to be happening for them at the moment. Just the few big hits will not do them good as they continue loosing wickets. They're going to need plenty more of the sixes if they want to win this from here. This chase is getting all the more interesting now!
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1b 6 W 1 6 Bowler: Muhammed Maqsood Score: 94/6
7.6 Muhammad Maqsood to Ram Jaspal. SIX! WHOA! overpitched ball on the offstump. Ram immediately went deep in the crease, sat on one knee and tonked the ball over deep long on fence for a gargantuan MAXIMUM!
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