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Kings XI Punjab 198/4 (20.0 ov)
Mumbai Indians 199/2 (15.3 ov) Run rate 13.01
Refresh Mumbai Indians win by 8 wickets
Mumbai Indians won the toss and elected to bowl.
Batsmen R B 4s 6s SR
Nitish Rana 62 34 0 7 182.35
Hardik Pandya 15 4 2 1 375
Bowler O M R W Econ
Mohit Sharma 2.3 0 29 1 11.6
Ishant Sharma 4 0 58 0 14.5

Updated: Mar 19, 2018 12:41 | Published: Apr 20, 2017 23:05

Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians Live Score and Commentary

So that is all from us for today. The IPL party is just about getting heated up and things promise to get only spicier in the coming days. We will be there with you before, during and after the game. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for everything cricket. Till then, sleep tight. CIAO. Signing off, Manish Pathak. We can always connect at @manishpathak187
Jos Buttler is Man of the Match for his 77 off 37 balls: "Found really good touch in the tournament, been desperate to kick on, nice to put in a contribution. Striking the ball well, it's a small ground and a fantastic wicket. Luckily we won the toss, you'd think 200 was a really good score. [360 degree batsman?] I think today, chasing that kind of total was great for me because I could go from ball one without thinking. I've put a lot of pressure on myself, trying too hard to score the runs. Today, when you're chasing a big score, you can relax and play your shots. Keep a still base and do the rest"
Rohit Sharma: "Incredible game to be a part of. Something reminded me of the game in 2014 when we chased down 195. To be able to go and chase a target in 15 overs was fantastcic. Not to forget Hashim Amla played one of the finest knocks we've seen. The talk in the dressing room was the ground is small and we backed our batsmen to play their shots. The way Jos and Parthiv started off was amazing. We all know Jos' capability with the bat and Parthiv was brilliant with his cameo. He is coming off a good First Class season and is carrying it on here. The bowling is something we need to look into. They are proven match winners not just for Mumbai Indians but for their respective countries as well. It is always challenging for them, the batsmen come after them and they need to always keep thinking. But the management and me are constantly backing them. You need to be on the money and you shouldn't lose the momentum which is something that we know very well. We have focussed only on one opponent at a time and we need to stay focussed."
Glenn Maxwell: "They were pretty favourable to batting. In saying that I thought 198 was a good score. Thought we'd be able to defend it. Especially here. Unfortunately, we let our chances slip. Positives, Hashim's hundred. And Marsh's start. He hit the ball beautifully. Amla's all class. Plenty of positives on the batting side, but the bowlers had a tough night. We have to make sure we take every catch that comes to us. Buttler was outstanding. Any time a batsman takes you on in the Powerplay like that, on a pitch that has no sideways movement or even purchase for slower balls, it's hard. Now onto Rajkot, another flat pitch. No respite to our bowlers." 
MUMBAI WIN BY 8 WICKETS: When Punjab got 198/4, it was assumed that maybe, just maybe, they'd scored too much for Mumbai. However, Buttler had other plans, as he made up for all the matches so far in the IPL, in which he hadn't lived up to his murderous expectations by stroking the bones out of the Kings XI attack. Nitish Rana continued his consistent run and scored yet another fifty for his side. Such was the assault by the Mumbai batsmen that the required rate, that was close to 10 runs per over was reduced to 4 runs per over at a point of time. The match has the record for the most runs in boundaries - 269 runs - amongst all games in the history of the IPL. 

Punjab have lost four in a row now and need a strategic vacation to rethink and introspect. Mumbai, all of a sudden have become the side to beat in the IPL.
15.3 Mohit to Rana, SIX, and that is the end of this carnage, short and slow, Rana stands up and then hoicks it over deep square leg. He is a star, this young man. Mumbai move to the top of the table. 
15.2 Mohit to Rana, 2 runs, full ball angled away, driven away to wide of long off for a quick brace
15.1 Mohit to Rana, no run, full ball angled away to Amla at point, Hardik wants a single but is sent back, Rightly so
This has gone pear shaped for Punjab. A game they would want to forget in a hurry. Have no clue what will be discussed in that huddle in the timeout. 
14.6 Ishant to Hardik, FOUR! Two in two! Attempted  yorker converted into a low full toss on middle and leg, and Hardik drives that straight down the ground with fierce power. Now this is a good ball, but such has been this day for Punjab that even this is smoked down the ground and the short boundaries do the rest. Ishant is done for the day.
14.5 Ishant to Hardik, FOUR! Full toss outside off stump, Hardik remains rooted inside his crease and creams that over mid-off. He is an experienced bowler, but is dishing out a meek full toss outside off when the mid-off is up in the circle.
14.4 Ishant to Hardik, SIX! Another run-of-the-mill six here, as a slower back of a length ball by Ishant gets launched over long-on. Pandya is smiling to glory here, he just smashed it over and then admired the stroke.
14.3 Ishant to Rana, 1 run, a good yorker, albeit too late, as Rana squeezes that out towards the off side.
14.2 Ishant to Rana, no run, full length this time  outside off, punched to mid-off.
14.1 Ishant to Rana, SIX! 50 for Rana! Slower short ball there, Rana looks to pull that over the on-side, gets a top edge and the ball flies over the third man region for a maximum. He gets back the Orange Cap. This young man has been a real star
So finally, KXIP put a bandage to stop the bleeding. However, there's nothing left to live with here.
13.6 Mohit to Rana, 1 run, slower length ball angled away, driven to long off
13.5 Mohit to Hardik, 1 run, length ball on off, Hardik looks to drive, gets the outside edge to third man
13.4 Mohit to Rana, 1 run, full ball angled away, leans forward and drives it to sweeper point
13.3 Mohit to Rana, slower full ball, Rana carefully nudges it to point
13.3 Mohit to Rana, WIDE, another bumper and short, but over Rana
13.2 Mohit to Rana, no run, another slower length ball on the pads, hit on the pads through to Saha
13.1 Mohit to Buttler, OUT, slower ball on the stumps, Buttler looks to go downtown and for a change mistimed it, it goes up miles up high in the air and the Kings' skipper Maxwell gobbles it up. He has served up an absolute delicious meal today, has the Buttler

This has been some display of brutal hitting from Mumbai and Kings XI have been plundered today. 
12.6 Sandeep to Rana, no run, length ball on the stumps, defended back. Dot ball, yes, it exists!
12.5 Sandeep to Buttler, 1 run another attempt at a full ball outside off, biffed away to long off
12.4 Sandeep to Buttler, SIX, short and slow, Buttler has smoked it over deep square leg. The Buttler is putting on a show and everyone is lapping it up. 

He is eating away all the stuff and has left absolutely nothing to be served to his teammates.
12.3 Sandeep to Buttler, SIX, wide full ball, Buttler sets himself up and launches a missile flat over covers. That skimmed the surface, brilliant use of the bottom hand

12.2 Sandeep to Rana, 1 run slower length ball on off, tapped to the off side and rushes across
12.1 Sandeep to Buttler, 1 run, another full ball outside off, Buttler somehow reaches and then gets it to covers
Venue: Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore
Match Start Time: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 08:00 PM IST