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KXIP vs RR Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 38
Rajasthan Royals 152/9 (20.0 ov)
Kings XI Punjab 155/4 (18.4 ov)
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Kings XI Punjab win by 6 wickets
Current Run Rate 8.3
Lokesh Rahul
Marcus Stoinis
Jofra Archer
Jaydev Unadkat
And that's it from us folks, join us again tomorrow as SRH look to confirm their playoff spot and RCB look to remain in the hunt for a spot in the playoffs.
For his figures of 3/27, Mujeeb walks away with the Man of the Match. 
Ravichandran Ashwin: "We didn't play for some time and we hadn't got any points over the last two weeks. There was a bit of nervousness and it's glad to get two points. This win is good because we were tested in our batting. One of our batsmen batted deep and that's what we've been asking for. Most of our wins have been set up the bowlers, 12 points have been set up by the bowlers. Good to know that one department is firing on all cylinders. 

"Many of the batters are inexperienced and as the tournament goes on, I expect them to do better. Didn't come with any expectations to be honest, just came here to gauge the situation and do my best. The most important thing for a captain is to rotate the bowlers well and to get the batting order right. The guys who let me down will win me games tomorrow, that's the perspective I came here with."
KL Rahul: "For me personally I think this is the first knock I am really satisfied with because I won the game for the team and stayed till the end. I have been hitting the ball really well so can't complain about that. I always try to back my cricketing shots and don't try to slog much. Playing in this way is what will make me consistent. 

"I trust myself and trust my instincts to finish the game. I knew if I stay till the end I'll finish the game today. Karun played well and supported me. Stoinis played well and ran well too. I got lucky and that's what happens in this format."
Ajinkya Rahane: "Pretty disappointed. 170-175 on this pitch would have very good. We didn't bat very well, including me. Guys have to learn. Bowlers in IPL are bowling well. We lost crucial wickets, didn't get partnerships. We cannot give excuses all the time. We are all professional cricketers. 

"It's all about execution as I mentioned. As batsmen, we were in doubt about whether we should go for our shots or not. (Samson's one-handed effort against KL Rahul) was a clear catch but the umpires thought otherwise. We are still in the game. We can win five out of five now."
Rajasthan Royals did everything at the start. They got rid of Gayle early, they broke partnerships at crucial intervals and took things to the end with their death overs specialist in the bank. But they didn't plan for KL Rahul. KXIP's 11 crore man, who got through a sticky patch through his innings and then towards the end, showed just why he holds the record for the fastest IPL fifty. With that win, KXIP go up to third and move to within two points off top spot.
18.4 Archer to Rahul, FOUR! What a shot to finish it off! Low full toss and Rahul tastefully drives it to the cover boundary to take KXIP over the line
18.3 Archer to Rahul, 2 runs. Slower delivery and Rahul guides it down to midwicket and the pair again run well to pick up a couple. Just 2 more runs required to win
KXIP are just one hit away now. Will KL Rahul go for it?
18.2 Archer to Rahul, SIX!!! Shot of the match! Full delivery and in the slot, Rahul takes advantage and lofts it down the ground. And that ladies and gentleman is what 11 crores gets you in the IPL.
18.1 Archer to Rahul, 2 runs. Good yorker but Rahul squeezes it out to cover who gets a hand on it but that diverts it wide of mid-off and that gives the batsmen enough time to get two.
Unadkat was brilliant in his first three overs, going for just 11 overs but he went for 15 in that over and that should be that for the Royals. Kings XI need just 12 from the last two overs.
Over 18 KXIP: 141/4(RR 7.83) Bowler: J Unadkat Sum..: 2 2 6 4 1 .
17.6 Unadkat to Stoinis, no run. Slow delivery on middle and Stoinis has no choice but to defend it back to the bowler
17.5 Unadkat to Rahul, 1 run. Slow delivery and Rahul looks to get it awy on the on side but mistimes it to deep point
17.4 Unadkat to Rahul, FOUR! Slow delivery outside off, Rahul cuts it past point and short third man. Excellent placement! That should just that and Rahul converts a tricky target into a straightforward one in the space of a couple of balls.
17.3 Unadkat to Rahul, SIX. Goes around the wicket and delivers it short of a length. Was in the arc for Rahul who pulls it over the fine leg boundary. Rahul won't miss out on that and will that be the game?
17.2 Unadkat to Rahul, 2 runs. Slower delivery outside off, Rahul drives it past cover for a quick couple of runs. Stoinis does well to get back into the crease at the bowlers end after an accurate throw.
17.1 Unadkat to Rahul, 2 runs. Length ball outside off and Rahul cuts it past a diving point. But the sweeper in the deep gets around in time to keep it to just two.
27 needed off the last three overs. Still within reach for Kings XI. RR need wickets. Will this go down to the wire?
Over 17 KXIP: 126/4(RR 7.41) Bowler: J Archer Sum..: 2 4 1 6 1 2
16.6 Archer to Stoinis, 2 runs. In the blockhole once again and Stoinis squeezes it out to midwicket for a quick couple. Stokes races to the ball and gets rid of it but even he can't get it on target and they take two.
16.5 Archer to Rahul, 1 run. Gets his length right this time, A good yorker and Rahul manages to get it out to cover and just a single this time.
16.4 Archer to Rahul, SIX!! Short delivery and Rahul uppercuts it for a huge six over the third man boundary! Huge moment in this match as Rahul gets to his fifty.
16.3 Archer to Stoinis, 1 run. In the blockhole this time and Stoinis scuffs it out to long off
16.2 Archer to Stoinis, FOUR. Low full toss and Stoinis times it well to the cover boundary. Much-needed for KXIP!
16.1 Archer to Stoinis, 2 runs. Slightly slower and short of a length, Stoinis goes on the backfoot and flicks it to midwicket. They call two early and make it comfortably.
Over 16 KXIP: 110/4(RR 6.88) Bowler: B Stokes Sum..: 1 1 2 2 1 1
Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore
Start Time
Sunday, May 6, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 38
Kings XI Punjab won the toss and elected to bowl.
Chettithody Shamsuddin, Sundaram Ravi
Reserve Umpire
Husen Khalid
Match Refree
Manu Nayyar
Kings XI Punjab's PLAYING XI
Lokesh Rahul,
Chris Gayle,
Karun Nair,
Mayank Agarwal,
Marcus Stoinis,
Manoj Tiwary,
Ravichandran Ashwin,
Axar Patel,
Mujeeb Ur Rahman,
Ankit Rajpoot,
Andrew Tye
Rajasthan Royals's PLAYING XI
Jos Buttler,
D'Arcy Short,
Ajinkya Rahane,
Sanju Samson,
Ben Stokes,
Rahul Tripathi,
Krishnappa Gowtham,
Jofra Archer,
Shreyas Gopal,
Anureet Singh,
Jaydev Unadkat