Alby Zalmi CC 97/3 (10 ov)
Kista Cricket Club 85/6 (10 ov)
Alby Zalmi CC won by 12 runs.
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Alby Zalmi finish with the bronze medal!
Alby Zalmi put up a good total on the board and seemed intent on going hammer and tongs from the start, with them ransacking 55 runs in the first five overs. Though they lost a bit of momentum through the middle, they ensured they finished strongly to post 97 on the board. 

In reply, KCC also started well and seemed to have the target under their grasp for large stretches of their chase. However, when push came to shove, their star batsman, Aleem Siddiqi got stuck at the crease and that led to the required run rate spiraling upwards. Ultimately, despite Nawaz's efforts, KCC fell 12 runs short of their target and they would be kicking themselves for having thrown away this encounter. 
9.6 Q Mir Afzal to S Nawaz, lofted high in the air and an excellent catch by Z Alozai running backwards.
9.5 Q Mir Afzal to M Asif, played to covers for a single.
9.4 Q Mir Afzal to M Asif, 2 runs to long-off. In the slot but Asif can't get enough bat on it for a boundary. H Iqbal was clean bowled off the previous delivery.
9.2 Q Mir Afzal to C Khatri, caught behind while going for a hoick. Goes across the line off a length delivery and gets a top edge that is pouched by the keeper.
9.1 Q Mir Afzal to S Nawaz, wild slog and edged to thirdman and only 1 run taken. Poor cricket by the batsmen. There could have at least been a couple in there. 
KCC need 17 runs off the final over. But, thankfully for them, Nawaz is going to be on strike. Still, you would want to be in the bowling side's camp going into the last over.
8.6 Z Alozai to S Nawaz, ugly hoick and gets a single to keep strike. There was a chance for a second but Nawaz decides to take responsibility to keep strike for the final over.
8.5 Z Alozai to S Nawaz, flicked to fine leg for a couple.
8.4 Z Alozai to S Nawaz, short ball and misses the pull shot. Too late on that shot and he misses it altogether.
8.3 Z Alozai to S Nawaz, pitched up and lofted straight down the ground for a six. Just about clears the man in the deep and that should keep KCC in the game.
8.2 Z Alozai to C Khatri, played softly to point for a single. At least, Khatri doesn't waste a delivery and gets the set batsman on strike.
8.1 Z Alozai to A Muhammad Siddiqi, gives room and is clean bowled. Siddiqi continues swinging for the hills and it seems he might have to take a bit of a sabbatical in one of those serene environments. Finally, a delivery thuds into his stumps and he has to depart. Not the most inspiring innings you will ever see.
Only two runs come off the 8th over and KCC still require 27 runs in two overs. The scales seem to have tilted in the previous over but with Siddiqi at the crease, anything can happen!
7.6 Azam Khalil to A Muhammad Siddiqi, cut to cover for a single.
7.5 Azam Khalil to A Muhammad Siddiqi, struck on the pads again.
7.4 Azam Khalil to A Muhammad Siddiqi, 3 dot balls in a row, wild slog and misses the ball. Siddiqi is swinging like a rusty gate here and has brought some pressure upon himself.
7.3 Azam Khalil to A Muhammad Siddiqi, struck on the pad, another dot ball.
7.2 Azam Khalil to A Muhammad Siddiqi, missed outside off. Goes for an ugly hoick and only ends up swiping at thin air.
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