Alby Zalmi CC 83/4 (10 ov)
Kista Cricket Club 84/3 (9.1 ov)
Kista Cricket Club won by 7 wickets
KCC in the end winning the match comfortably with 5 balls remaining in the kitty. AZC will feel their fielding let them down in the middle as they dropped three chances and gave away extras on the overthrows and misfields. Meanwhile for KCC, Chandan Katri and Siddiqui playing the role of saviour. After the five over mark, KCC looked down and out but Khatri with his 14 ball 24 laced with 2 humongous sixes and Siddiqui with 7 off 13 saw their team over the line. Sensible and intelligent partnership from both.
And that's it from the first match of the day. The action continues but until next time, my partner Kartik Iyer and I Abhinav Singh Signing off. Stay Safe, keep washing your hands and see you soon fellas, Cheers!
9.1 Z Alozai to A Siddiqi, played to extra cover for a single. That seals the match.
ONE run to WIN!
9.1 Z Alozai to A Siddiqi, wide down the leg side.
2 runs required off the last 6 deliveries, Chandan coming to the party with some lusty blows. He is 24 off 14 balls
8.6 A Khalil to C Khatri, played straight down the ground for a couple.
8.5 A Khalil to C Khatri, that's hit for a maximum over long-on. CHANDAN KHATRI you BEAUTY! Closing the match all on his own
8.4 A Khalil to C Khatri, lofted over covers for a couple. Dances down and hits it over the 30 yard circle for a brace
8.3 A Khalil to C Khatri, beaten as he went for a big hit. He needs to keep his hape, not over hit
8.2 A Khalil to A Siddiqi, played to extra cover for a single. Siddiqui wanted to come back but denied by his partner
8.1 A Khalil to A Siddiqi, lofted to deep midwicket for a single. Overthrow gives another run. Siddiqui smashed it and an overthrow allows an extra run, AZC will be furious
A huge over for the KCC and they have come back in the match superlatively. KCC needing 15 off 12 balls. Khatri and Siddiqui turning up the heat. Skipper back with the penultimate over
7.6 M Zeeshan to C Khatri, lofted to long-on and it goes for a six.
7.5 M Zeeshan to C Khatri, tries to go for a big shot. Misses it completely. Chandan losing his shape completely
7.4 M Zeeshan to A Siddiqi, played to midwicket for a single. Sensible from the batsmen, dabs it around and rotates the strike
7.3 M Zeeshan to A Siddiqi, smashed for a six over wide long-on. The batsmen has thrown the kitchen sink at the ball and boy! it has gone miles!!
7.2 M Zeeshan to C Khatri, lofted straight up, bowler runs back but couldn't get to it. Single taken. The bowler runs backward to catch the ball but never really looked like taking that skyer
7.1 M Zeeshan to C Khatri, beaten but survives the stumping. Makes a meal of the shot but saves himself from getting stumped
KCC 54/3 after 7 overs, 29 required off 18 deliveries
6.6 S Khalil to C Khatri, bye as keeper misses it.
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