Sigtuna CC 96/5 (10 ov)
Kista Cricket Club 84/9 (10 ov)
Sigtuna CC won by 12 runs.
And STCC storm to the final of the tournament with an emphatic performance. They came up with set plans and executed them beautifully, first in the batting, they managed an above-par score and with bowling they kept taking wickets at regular intervals. Adnan was the pick of the bowlers as he took 4 wickets by giving away only 17 runs in his stipulated two overs. It was an all-round performance from STCC who outplayed the table-toppers KCC. Mind you KCC had beaten STCC comprehensively in the league stage, so a redemption story from STCC's side too.
That was an excellent game of cricket and we wish good luck to STCC for the final. The commentary action continues on sportskeeda but that's it from our side. Until next time my partner Dwijesh Reddy and I Abhinav SIngh signing off. Stay Safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands. See you all very soon. Cheers lads!
9.6 A Raza to A Zaidi, FULL-TOSS AND ANOTHER WICKET! Zaidi has a go at it and ends up giving an easy catch to the fielder on the leg-side. Raza ends up with four wickets after two overs as Sigtuna advances to the final of the ECS T10 Stockholm League 2020!
9.6 A Raza to A Zaidi, WIDE! Won't hurt the STCC side one bit
9.5 A Raza to P Kaul, another full-toss but only a single towards on long-on! That's a lost-cause now!
9.4 A Raza to P Kaul, HUGE HIT! A juicy full toss at a comfortable height for Kaul, who smashes it for a six! Hold On, few wides and few sixes? KCC will fancy this proposition
9.3 A Raza to P Kaul, dot ball! Misses a full ball there, Kaul! That was an excellent yorker from the experienced Adnan
9.2 A Raza to P Kaul, Kaul plays it towards deep midwicket but only gets two this time! Adnan mixing his pace on the ocassion
9.1 A Raza to P Kaul, FOUR! Brilliant shot by Kaul, who sweeps it away for a handsome boundary! Is there some more twist left in the match?
Final 6 legal deliveries remaining and KCC need 27 runs to reach the final! Adnan coming for the hat-trick delivery.
8.6 A Singh to P Kaul, another single, this time played towards the covers region!
8.5 A Singh to A Zaidi, full ball on off-stump, Zaidi drives it for a single. Not helping KCC's cause! No sir! that won't do at all
8.4 A Singh to A Zaidi, doesn't connect again but scampers across for leg-byes! It's expecting too much from the tail-enders now
8.3 A Singh to A Zaidi, DOT BALL! Singh really pitched it full. took batsmen by surprise
8.2 A Singh to Kaul, short and angled into the batsman, Azam pulls it to the leg-side for a single!
That's a team HAT-TRICK fellas, it is going bad-to-worse for KCC
8.1 A Singh to Azam, WICKET! A TEAM HATTRICK! A full ball on middle stump and Azam plays it in the air towards extra cover! An easy catch for Faisal and the eighth wicket goes down!
Fourth wicket of that over, Adnan singlehandedly wreaking havoc. KCC 65/7, requiring 32 off 12 deliveries with 3 wickets in the bag
7.6 A Raza to M Badar, WICKET! Short on middle stump this time and Badar mistimes a pull straight to the midwicket fielder! WHAT AN OVER this has been by Raza!
7.5 A Raza to N Khan, WICKET! Slower ball on leg and Khan looks to slog it over midwicket! Only manages to hit it to fielder, who takes an easy catch! Adnan using his experience really well, KCC batsmen falling like a pack of cards
7.4 A Raza to M Badar, full on leg stump, Badar gets it to long-on for a single! Good fielding there! That was a Jadeja-esqe throw from the deep
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