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KKR vs DD Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 13
Kolkata Knight Riders 200/9 (20.0 ov)
Delhi Daredevils 129/10 (14.2 ov)
Kolkata Knight Riders win by 71 runs
Current Run Rate 9
Kuldeep Yadav
Sunil Narine
It was a one-sided affair at the gardens but we will back tomorrow for another face-off. Take care and sleep tight!
Nitish Rana: I've got out unluckily a few times. But I felt like I was  in good form. This knock was important to me. I have a bit of an idea 
when I see the field and I get more options as a result. I think the other team planned not to bowl outside off to me so today I decided if 
they bowl straight, I would hit through the leg side.
Dimesh Karthik: (About the Iyer wicket) We do a bit of planning and 
the most important thing was the catch from Rana. At the end of the way,
 a win keeps you happy. Feels good. Touch wood. This is the kind of day 
you make the moves and they work out. I think the wristspinners are 
picked in the IPL for a purpose. They're doing a good job for us, 
they're top quality spinners. Days you don't win you sleep and wake up 
with a lot of thoughts. It's something I'm getting used to. You've got 
to try and separate your batting and captaincy and do the job.
KKR are now second with this win at Eden Gardens.
DD captain Gambhir: We have got to give it to KKR. At one stage, we thought they wouldn't get 170-175. We tried our level best but it's going to be tough against three quality spinners like theirs. We bowled a lot of balls in Russell's radar. We had plans for him, but when he gets going, it's tough for the bowlers to execute the plans. We still have ten more games to go and a lot of work to do.
Purple cap for Sunil Narine.
KKR win by 71 runs. Gautam Gambhir's return to Eden Gardens will not be memorable for him, but the KKR fans have been treated with fantastic cricket. Andre Russell and Nitish Rana destroyed the DD bowling at will, creaming sixes consistently. That pushed KKR to 200, and DD lost virtually all hopes once Glenn Maxwell departed. All credit to the hosts, who saw Narine and Kuldeep bag three wickets each, as only Maxwell and Rishabh Pant entered double figures for the visitors.

14.2 Kuldeep to Boult, OUT.. GAME OVER, convincing, the visitors have been swatted away, full ball, Boult looks to whip it away, leading edge and easy catch to Kuldeep
14.1 Kuldeep to Nadeem, 1 run, full ball on off, Nadeem drives it uppishly over covers
Over 14 DD: 128/9(RR 9.14) Bowler: S Narine Sum..: . 1 1 1 W .
13.6 Narine to Boult, no run, defends it carefully
Trent Boult the last man in
13.5 Narine to Shami, OUT, down the track, slogs again, that ball went up miles in the air and Dre Russ swallows that one at mid-wicket. KKR getting slower to a win with every delivery.
13.4 Narine to Nadeem, 1 run, full ball spinning back in, flicked it away to deep square leg
13.3 Narine to Shami, 1 run, length ball, punched away to covers
13.2 Narine to Nadeem, 1 run, driven away to covers
13.1 Narine to Nadeem, no run, full ball spinning in, Nadeem hit on the pads
Over 13 DD: 125/8(RR 9.62) Bowler: K Yadav Sum..: 1 1 . 1 . 4
12.6 Kuldeep to Shami, FOUR, full ball spinning away, Shami goes for the slog across the line, outside edge flies over Lynn at first slip, and Tom Curran will see the ball cross the boundary
12.5 Kuldeep to Shami, no run, goes back for the cut, misses it
12.4 Kuldeep to Nadeem, 1 run, short ball, chopped the cut to point
12.3 Kuldeep to Nadeem, no run, drives it cleanly to covers
12.2 Kuldeep to Shami, 1 run, full ball, Shami went for the slog, miscued and the ball drops in no man's land with long on running in
12.1 Kuldeep to Nadeem, 1 run, full toss, Nadeem miscues that slog, gets it to long on
Over 12 DD: 118/8(RR 9.83) Bowler: S Narine Sum..: 1 1 W 1 W 1
11.6 Narine to Nadeem, 1 run, full ball on off, Nadeem drives it away to sweeper point
Shahbaz Nadeem is out to bat
11.5 Narine to Shankar, OUT, goes on the backfoot and misses the ball spinning back in. REFERRED. Pitched outside off, spinning back in, Shankar on the backfoot and misses the ball. Hitting the stumps! Two wickets in the over for Narine.

11.4 Narine to Shami, 1 run, length ball, Shami taps it away to square leg
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
Start Time
Monday, April 16, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 13
Delhi Daredevils won the toss and elected to bowl.
Ammanabrole Kishore, Anil Chaudhary
Reserve Umpire
Ulhas Gandhe
Match Refree
Richard Richardson
Kolkata Knight Riders's PLAYING XI
Robin Uthappa,
Chris Lynn,
Nitish Rana,
Sunil Narine,
Dinesh Karthik,
Andre Russell,
Shubman Gill,
Shivam Mavi,
Tom Curran,
Piyush Chawla,
Kuldeep Yadav
Delhi Daredevils's PLAYING XI
Jason Roy,
Gautam Gambhir,
Rishabh Pant,
Glenn Maxwell,
Shreyas Iyer,
Vijay Shankar,
Chris Morris,
Rahul Tewatia,
Shahbaz Nadeem,
Mohammed Shami,
Trent Boult